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Top Online Video Background Changers: Transform Your Videos with Ease

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 20, 24, updated Apr 30, 24

Popular Trends in the creative space engendered the creation of several tools that have reduced the difficulties involved in content creation. A few years ago, executing simple post-production tricks was a huge task. Simple edits like changing video backgrounds needed an expensive light setup and a proper green/blue screen background. In simpler words, it was expensive.

Today, we can utilize a video background changer online without an expensive setup. It has brought out the hidden creativity in thousands of content creators worldwide. Check out TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms to verify this claim.

This article covers a list of tools that can edit video backgrounds online. Content creators and anyone who wants to explore creativity can use these tools. Before we jump into the substance of this article, you might be wondering;

In this article
  1. Part 1: What is a Video Background Changer?
  2. Part 2: 3 Video Background Changers Online
  3. Part 3: 3 Video Background Changers on Desktop
  4. Conclusion
Video Background Changer
Creating realistic video scenes at your will is easy to complete with Filmora green screen removal.
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: What is a Video Background Changer?

A video background changer is a tool that can swap the background of any video. These tools usually work in three simple steps.

  • Analyze the footage,
  • Separate the subject or “subjects” from the background,
  • Switch backgrounds.

The process starts when a user uploads a video clip. The tool analyzes the footage and separates the subjects from the background. The user can select other available pre-made backgrounds or upload a preferred one to the platform. After this process, users can share the finished video or save it to their devices. Other kinds of background changers only merge a transparent clip with a background.

Part 2: 3 Video Background Changers Online

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top 5 video background changers online 1

Veed is an online feature-packed video editing platform. It comes with an interface that is suitable for newbies and professionals alike. Like many other competitors, it offers a free and premium version that unlocks more tools for you to play around with.

This tool allows you to edit video background online, transcribe audio, add subtitles, etc. Since this tool is web-based, there is no need to download any storage-intensive application. You can quickly edit your content online and share your videos.


  • Recorder feature for recording tutorials and online meetings
  • Edit feature for creating catchy videos
  • Transcriptions and subtitle module
  • Color grading feature
  • Online video hosting and storage

Trial & Pricing

Veed allows you to try out the platform’s basics for free, with most features tagged as “premium.” With the free version, you get 2GB of storage, 30 minutes of subtitles monthly, and an upload limit of 1 GB.

Pricing starts at:

  • $18 monthly (Basic plan)
  • $30 monthly (Pro plan)
  • $70 monthly (Business)
  • Custom Pricing.


top 5 video background changers online - 2

BeeCut is a video editing software specifically created and designed for simplicity. Quick trims and edits for short videos are the primary focus of the BeeCut online application. A compilation of over 60+ reviews quickly exposes BeeCut as a beginner-friendly editing software. You can acquaint yourself with this platform in less than 24 hours.

You can change your background online for free using the BeeCut online editor. It allows you to Import a background and merge it with the clip that contains your subject. BeeCut has a familiar user interface that feels like it came from mobile editors. This simplicity makes it easy to understand.


  • Trim and cut your footage
  • Add custom video intros and overlays
  • Speech recognition for transcription and subtitling
  • Online and offline versions for different functions
  • Large community of over 1 million users

Trial & Pricing

BeeCut allows you to download its software for free with limited access. The online tools, such as speech recognition, crop & merge videos, etc., are free. To get premium access, these are the costs;

Pricing Starts at:

  • Personal Packages
    • Lifetime $59.95
    • Monthly $29.95
    • Annually $39.95
  • Business package
    • Lifetime $159.9
    • Annually $79.95


top 5 video background changers online - 3

If you’re searching for one of the fastest background removers, you’re in luck. Unscreen is the “sit tight and relax” version of background changers. You can change the video background online without clicking any buttons or learning how to use the software. You also don’t need to select pixels or use a color picker from an “ultra key” function. You only upload a video, and the platform does the rest.

In simple steps, you can quickly acquaint yourself with Unscreen. It also promises a risk-free money-back guarantee that lasts for 14 days only.


  • Other platforms can integrate it as a tool
  • No watermarks
  • Full HD video upload and download
  • Affordable and more realistic payment structure
  • Specialized background remover

Trail & Pricing

You can use the “upload clip” button without prior payments. You only get to pay after the tool has successfully removed the background from your video.

Pricing Starts at:

  • Pay as you go - $4.99 per video minute
  • Subscription plan
    • Hobby - 3 mins/month for $9
    • Artist - 15 mins/month for $39
    • Creator - 45 mins/month for $89
    • Maker - 2 hours/month for $189
    • Studio - 5:30 hours/month for $389
    • Custom

Part 3: 3 Video Background Changers on Desktop

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Final Cut Pro

top 3 video background changers on desktop -1

The video editors’ community refers to Final Cut Pro as one of the most professional applications for Mac users. It is a standard editing software that competes with DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and the rest. It uses the standard ground-to-top layering system to organize a timeline and is easy to learn.

Though it cannot edit background videos online, users can download it and use its chroma key effect. Like Premiere’s ultra-key effect, the chroma key function can select and remove a specific color. This is not the only way to remove backgrounds, but it is the most effective. If done correctly, no bleeding or distorted subject traces will be found.


  • Simple object motion tracking
  • Color grading and cinematic color LUTs
  • Supports 4k - 8k footage editing, rendering, and exporting
  • Text animations
  • Apple’s Neural Engine for speed edits

Trial & Pricing

Apple allows you to try the Final Cut Pro software for 90 days before requiring you to go premium. There are no feature restrictions in the trial version; however, after the 90-day period, you will have no access to the software until payment.

Pricing starts at:

  • $299.99 one-time fee

Adobe Premiere Pro

top 3 video background changers on desktop -2

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best-selling products from the Adobe franchise, apart from Acrobat Reader and Photoshop. Professionals worldwide trust Premiere Pro as their go-to editor. With features like cut & trim, animations (using keyframing), an in-built graphics panel, and a lumetri color grading panel. Most beginners start their creative video editing careers using Premiere Pro.

Online change video background features don’t come with this application. To change a video background, you have to use its “Ultra Key” effect, or mask out your subject frame-by-frame. The easiest way to achieve this is to use the color picker from the ultra key effect in your effects control panel. Premier Pro has a wide range of free tutorials on YouTube from various content creators. This makes the learning process a breeze.


  • AI-assisted transcription and subtitling
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Audio effects and dedicated audio editing interface
  • Work seamlessly between After Effects (for complex motion graphics and effects) and Audition (for dedicated audio effects and editing)
  • Large community support base

Trial & Pricing

Adobe allows you to try out their software in a suite for just 7 days only. Within this trial period, you can try out any of your preferred software with access to all the available features. Upon download, you are assigned an ID. you will need this to go premium.

Pricing starts at:

  • Individual package
    • $32.24 monthly for all Adobe CC apps
    • $22.56 monthly for Premiere Pro
  • Business package
    • $85.99 monthly for all Adobe CC apps
    • $36.54 monthly for single apps

Wondershare Filmora

Free Download
Free Download

If you’re searching for easy-to-use video editing software for beginners and professionals, Filmora might be your best choice. With AI-assisted creative features, you can easily add effects and style to your video. Its AI Text-based editing feature makes adding effects enjoyable.

As a perfect alternative to getting a video background changer online, Filmora can save you hours in editing time. With AI assistance, you can separate your subject from your background without needing to do the work. You can add creative texts and colors to your background with a few clicks.


  • AI-assisted editing
  • Hundreds of templates
  • Countless effect templates.

Trial & Pricing

You can download the Filmora app and enjoy 7 days free trial across all device platforms.

Pricing starts at:

  • Individuals
    • Cross-Platform Annual Plan - $49.99
    • Cross-Platform Quarterly Plan - $29.99
    • Perpetual Plan - $79.99 one-time payment
  • Teams & Businesses
    • For Team - 1 user $155.88 to 5 users $701.4
    • For Business - Custom
  • Education
    • Filmora Monthly Plan (1 PC) $19.99
    • Filmora Annual Plan (1 PC) $40.99
    • Filmora Perpetual Plan (1 PC) $49.99
  • Bundles
    • Switch between Mac and Windows - $81.58


In finding the right Video background changer online, knowing the description and the features offered is key. We’ve saved you the stress of having to try them all out. With this article, you should be able to pick what works best for you.

Out of these mentioned tools, no one stands out as a better money’s worth like Filmora. With AI assistance, you can save hours in editing time, and get better results. Users worldwide have reviewed this app, and recommend it for easy use, quality exports, and seamless AI-assisted editing. Grab up to 20% off with Filmora’s Easter's Offer now. There are only a few days left.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 30, 24
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