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Easy Steps to Create Intro Video with After Effects

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24
create intro video after effects

It's difficult to make an intro in After Effects. To start, you must have a natural beginning that will catch the

viewer's attention in the film you've made right away. Then, you can improve the caliber of your intros by using built-in filters, transition effects, overlays, animation, and more! Therefore, we're confident that this article will be helpful to you if you've been trying to learn how to create After Effects intros of the highest level. Continue reading to learn more.

Let's start off!

In this article
  1. 1. Create a new composition for your intro
  2. 2. Add the first transition layer
  3. 3. Add the second transition layer

1. Create a new composition for your intro

You must build up your video's composition based on the output. You can upload the previously recorded video after choosing the composition and the runtime. Right-click again and select "Pre-compose" from the menu that appears. To make it simpler to find later, you can also rename your movie here.

The composition can then include a solid layer. Follow *Layer > New > Solid* to get to this option. Additionally,

you can choose a hue based on the type of video you want to make. Additionally, you may use the Text option to build text layers, which will allow you to split the words at different points in the document. You can edit each word separately when you break it into layers. Finally, you can move the text around and change the color of the reader to make it more appropriate for your films.

After Effects makes it incredibly simple to edit the text composition and import it into the timeline of the film.

A panel appears on the right after importing a text composition. Here, you can alter the text's color, position,

and size.

2. Add the first transition layer

By include the transition layer, you may use After Effects' effects templates to apply a variety of effects to your

videos. You can experiment with a variety of transition layers in After Effects before selecting the ideal one (CC Light Wipe is a popular choice).

You can modify the transition after applying it to the layer. For instance, you may decide to apply the second

key transition at a later period in the timeline and configure the first key transition to occur immediately at the start of the timeline. Setting the completion value is crucial since it will influence how long the word will remain displayed in the video.

3. Add the second transition layer

The transition effect you introduced in the first stage can either be maintained here, or you can select an

entirely different one. According to how long you want the text to be displayed, add the layer and adjust

completion. The reader is invisible when the completion value is set to 100%, or the word is said when it is set

to 0%.

A memory sketch

If you want to make a black-and-white video that is more interesting, the memory sketch is a great template to use. You can make a visually beautiful video with its outstanding text captions, fluid transitions, and excellent animations.

Toolkit for Instagram

These days, Instagram is a very popular social media site. Instagram is a platform where reels and videos

flourish, therefore you must make every effort to differentiate your video from the millions of others available.

The Instagram Toolkit template meets the standards of the social media network by being brief, clear, and


Lighting sweep

A final transition effect, which can be found in the *Effects > Generate *section, must be added to the video in order to complete the effect. The final flourish can be added in the same way as the other keyframes. In this step, you can use the edge intensity, sweep intensity, and direction. This allows you to seamlessly combine the transition of words with lighting effects.

These are some quick and easy techniques to adding some intros to your videos that look professional. Let's

also take a look at some well-known templates you may utilize to make perfect video intros. Because the initial few seconds of any video are so important, After Effects has put together some incredible templates that have a variety of video clips, images, text, sound effects, and music tracks. To produce the video you want, you must obtain the ideal template.

The Bottom Line

Utilizing templates will hasten your workflow even though it takes some time to become familiar with After

Effects' various tools. To gain a feel for how After Effects functions, we advise playing around by adding some

clips and titles. When you do that, you will be well on your way to creating a fantastic intro for your upcoming

video project.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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