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10 best audio visualizers [Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & Online]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Best Audio Visualizer and Video Editor

Make your music video come alive with Filmora Audio Visualizer. The effect will intelligently match the sound in your video while also adding dynamic effects.


Music is one of the most popular video categories on YouTube, with millions of users using the site to find and discover new music. Unfortunately, making music videos that stand out in a sea of similar content is difficult. Still, suppose you are not a professional filmmaker and want to make a movie quickly. In that case, you may use a music visualizer to create music videos that you can share on social media. Most online music visualizers allow you to choose an audio spectrum template, style the visualization and even add logos or links to your social media profiles. Below are the top ten best video visualizers that can be used to edit music on Mac, Windows, iOs, Android, and online. Let's dive into details:

  • Motionbox Music Visualizer

Supported system: Online Introduction: Motionbox's Music Visualizer allows you to turn your music into an entertaining multimedia piece. Visualizers, which are essentially tangible waveform representations of your audio, are the main feature of this program. These visualizers are available in various forms and may be easily placed on top of a picture or video. The technology makes it simple to create audio material that is very engaging. You start by uploading your video to a drag-and-drop editor, where you can reduce your music as needed for the presentation and overlay the relevant visualizer on a photo or video. You can also include a call to action and other features to spice your multimedia masterpiece. Features:

  • Customize subtitles of the music to make visualization better
  • Overlay videos to create a mix of music and overlapping music
  • Collaborative video editing tools

Price: Free, but you can upgrade the application with in-app purchases. Cons:

  • It might run slow in some browsers.
  • Plane9

Supported system: Windows Introduction: Plane9 is a scene-based 3D music visualizer that works well in VR, on the Oculus Rift, and as a screensaver. With over 250 effect scenes to choose from, you'll never have to stick to one view for the duration of a song. Instead, plane9 lets you blend scenes with flawless transitions, giving you a continuous musical experience. Apart from responding to a voice taken through a microphone, it dances to any music you're listening to, whether Spotify, iTunes, or whatever. A music visualizer can also be added to OBS for hackers. Features:

  • A real-time audio stream is supported, and sound from up to 18 speakers can be analyzed.
  • Multi-monitor display support

Price: Free, but you can upgrade the application with in-app purchases. Cons:

  • Unprocessed digital audio, such as DTS, cannot be used.
  • There is a learning curve in setting everything up.
  • Videobolt Music Visualizer

Supported system: Online Introduction: Videobolt is a stock-template-based internet music visualizer. Trap, pop, chill, hip-hop, synthwave, and EDM music are among the visualizer themes available. Each template is fully customizable, allowing you to create stunning images that flow with your music. You can include the name and logo of the artist, which is helpful for YouTubers that have a dedicated music channel. Videobolt allows you to enhance the audio in addition to modifying waveform settings. Beat frequency and spectrum frequency can be adjusted to a specific Hertz range. Features:

  • Automatically save incomplete projects online, so you may continue working on music videos later.
  • Music visualization templates with a current design that is ready to use

Price: $7.99/month, but a free trial is available. Cons:

  • Videobolt will require access to the related YouTube account if you sign in using a Google account.
  • Trapp

Supported system: iOS Introduction: Trapp - Music Visualizer is an excellent choice for iPhone users who desire complete control over the visualization process. Change the background and color scheme, make bespoke particles by modifying their form, size, and color, and experiment with the Bass Effect to create spectacular audio visualizations. The coolest part is that the Trapp app allows users to listen to their works while using the built-in Music app on their iPhones. However, the worst part is that the free edition of this audio visualizer has minimal capabilities. Features:

  • You can visualize without any difficulty.
  • You can modify the circle and background.
  • You can use your iPhone or iPad to access it.

Price: Free to use, but premium account costs as low as $3.99/month. Cons:

  • The premium account does not allow music export.
  • Requires in-app purchase to make a new creation.
  • VSXu Audio Visualizer

Supported system: Windows Introduction: VSXu is a 3D OpenGL-based audio visualizer for Windows. It's open-source and free, and it has a lot of graphic effects for your music. This standalone application responds to the record channel on the soundcard and works with any media player. VSXu is a platform for running presets; it does not generate visualization on its own. Anyone can make their graphics and share them with those who are interested. VSXu thrives with unlimited possibilities because of its capacity to modify. VSXu isn't your typical graphic modeling application, even if it doesn't require you to write code. To generate images for the sound, you'll need to put in some time and work. Features:

  • Compatible with YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, and other streaming services.
  • The ability to alter the speed and intensity of each visual
  • Perfect for parties: connect your PC to your television and use this music visualizer.

Price: $0 Cons:

  • To create the graphics, you'll need basic programming skills.
  • Using VSXu in a theatrical show is difficult.
  • SongRender

Supported system: Online Introduction: SongRender is a music visualizer for artists and multimedia makers on the go. SongRender is the program to use if you want to rapidly create a music video with a static background and basic animated waveforms that dance with the song. You can select the output video size by clicking the social media icon. After uploading the backdrop image and audio file, you can add the waveform, which can be customized in terms of shape, color, thickness, and other factors. However, because there are no color templates, you'll have to look up color schemes to match the color of the shapes to the background. Features:

  • Simple to use with no learning curve
  • Size profiles for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter videos that are ready to use
  • High-quality 1080p HD music video export

Price: With $15 per month and $30 per month plans, you can try the free version for seven days. Cons:

  • Only MP3 and WMV files can be added.
  • Other than the bar and circle pattern, there are no other shapes.
  • Video outputs with a watermark
  • Sonic Visualizer

Supported system: Windows/Mac Introduction: Sonic Visualiser is a free and open-source audio visualizer that may be used to view and analyze music and audio files. This is not a music visualizer for enjoyment; instead, it is designed for folks who want to know what's inside an audio file. As a result, you'll need some basic knowledge of phonetics and phonology to figure out what the depicted images mean. The solid third-party plug-ins it supports, such as pitch estimation and onset detection, are a significant element of this audio visualizer. The official lessons on utilizing it for musicological reasons may be found here. Features:

  • Open source and free, with a plethora of plug-ins
  • For musicologists, archivists, and other researchers, the best audio visualizer.

Price: $0 Cons:

  • Requires you to install plug-ins.
  • After Effects

Supported system: Windows/Mac Introduction: Adobe requires no introduction in the photo, audio, and video editing. So it's no surprise that it's one of the most reliable music visualization tools available. The Adobe Audio Spectrum Effect is simple to utilize if you have some prior Adobe experience. Even though it is a premium-based music visualizer, there are numerous music visualization capabilities to try out. You must first create a new composition and then add the sound file to it to utilize the tool. Then, finally, you set the audio duration and leave the rest to the visualizer. Features:

  • The camera raw image file can be edited or imported.
  • When you connect to a USB, this audio visualizer instantly updates the audio device.
  • Copying media to a shared location is simple.
  • This software allows you to work together on shared projects.

Price: $20.99/month as a single app and $52.99/month as a subscription model for all apps. Cons:

  • Tricky to understand and use.
  • Requires high device configuration for the software to run.
  • Rendersoft Music Visualizer

Supported system: Online Introduction: Renderforest is one of the most versatile music visualization programs available, offering freemium and subscription-based plans. But that's not all; the software also allows users to visualize their music online and even create a website. Users must create an account to utilize the app because it is online-based. Once you've created an account, you'll have access to Renderforest's massive visualization templates, which you can customize with the song title, artist name, and background photo or video. Then you pick your favorite visualization style and color. Then you finish up by uploading the song you want to use in your video. Click the "Preview" icon to have Renderforest email the music visualization video to you when you're done. Features:

  • Each template is tagged with a rating and exported to make it easier for you to compare and choose.
  • You can use free stock photographs as a background or submit your photos. It is also possible to add text.
  • You can share your music visualizer on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Price: $9.99/month, but a free version is also available. Cons:

  • It is necessary to register and log in. The output will be limited to 2 minutes in 360p with a watermark if you merely wish to utilize this online music visualizer for free.
  • Error - In addition to the slow processing and unexpected crashes, there is no OK or Back button after applying a filter during image editing.
  • ProjectM Music Visualizer

Supported system: Android and iOS Introduction: ProjectM Music Visualizer is compatible with Android and iOS devices, demonstrating its versatility. While both the Android and iPhone versions can be used to create powerful audiovisuals for your music, the iOS version is preferred. It has a built-in media player that lets you listen to your recordings to get a sense of how the final product will seem. Both versions, however, feature hundreds of music visualization effects and multi-touch interactive visualizations. ProjectM also supports Chromecast, which is a remarkable feature. Features:

  • It supports Chromecast and offers hundreds of graphic effects.
  • Additional modes are available, such as the Immersive Option for KitKat smartphones.
  • Search and browse visual effects
  • Detects sound from microphones and music players automatically.

Price: Free to use but can be upgraded to a premium account for $2.99/month. Cons:

  • It does not offer any presets in the library.

Nothing rivals the thrill of watching your songs play with gorgeous, real-time animated graphics, whether you're a professional music mixer or just a sound freak. The apps we've evaluated will assist you in choosing and adding graphics to your music.

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