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Denoise a video in Adobe Premiere Pro – audio and video noise removal

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jun 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

What’s the key to our success? And what’s the process that it takes us? How can we attract audiences and guarantee the viewers’ transition to loyalty? – these are the questions that people in the professions connected to the technology should ask. There is no recipe, but at least, we know what NOT to do – DO NOT create bad content! You will never have a desired amount of listeners for your podcasts if the voice of the actor or noise of the whole track is annoying, you will struggle to have success on Youtube if your shots are unpleasant to watch, and the list goes on – there are just too many things you should not do!

But sometimes bad quality just happens. It happens when you know you have a problem and it happens when you think everything is going well in producing. You might come back from the production and find out that every shot you took had bad lightning, or there was an almost naked guy running on the background, or there is a noise on the background that just makes the whole experience of watching and listening not worthwhile! This might be something that sinks your heart...

But the mistakes we make don’t ensure that there has been a verdict cast for our failure. Nowadays, the will is everything – if you are really willing to make something work, you will just have to find the right tools, and learn a little about them, and, Voila! – Maybe you can turn bad into something good? Unacceptable into something acceptable? Annoying into interesting, and unpleasant into enjoyable?

This is called EDITING. And Editing covers different, almost endless days – too many computer programs, too many tools, too many opportunities to modify almost anything you want to make look and sound better - All of this feels like magic!

Among many instruments and techniques, there is one thing called denoising, with two different meaning. You might find noise in two areas – video and audio. Audio denoising means to remove or reduce the background noise, such as air conditioner hum, someone screaming from far away, birds chirping, the waves, etc. the noise in photo and video terms means that the scene we are looking at is grainy and makes watching the scene a little more difficult, with a less clear picture. And whenever these kind of things appear, mostly out of the blue, – because no one wants to take a bad video or record a bad voice-over, - our magical tools and abilities come to play...

One of those is called Adobe Premiere Pro, using for video editing, viewed as the most sophisticated video editor software. So, in this article, we will learn how to handle bot noise-s – in video as well as audio terms, and how to create a better viewer/listener experience in this very program. Lastly, we’ll touch upon an alternative for background noise removal, so, there’s nothing left but tuning in!

Video denoising in Adobe Premiere Pro

Reducing the noise in the video in this software can be achieved through using effect which is called Median. Before discovering it, without any doubt, we need to add our footage into the Timeline in Premiere Pro. Then, we can proceed to finding the Effects Panel, where our wanted Median can be found – just drag and drop the effect to your clip.


In order to make sure that the Median touches the grainiest parts of the whole clip, we need to use something called masks. In the Effects Control panel, we can select the mask shape for our clip –either choose rectangle, circle, or pen tool. Pen tool is something with which we move the Mask around the screen and resize it to include the desired area and cover it.


Changing Feather setting to 100 will make sure that the effect loses a visible edge and there is some smoothness added to those edges.


There might be the need to repeat this process and create several masks, if that means to have covered all of the grainy area of the scene.

Lastly, tom reduce the noise, adjusting the effect settings is needed.


Technically, what the Median effect does is just blurring the graininess, not exactly “taking it away”. And if we play with the Radius settings there, we can find our desired look!

How to remove background noise in Adobe Premiere Pro

Removing background noise in Adobe Premiere Pro can be a pretty simple process and lead to much better results. First of all, of course, import the desired material into your software so you can see the video and audio in the sequence visually. After having the project set up, you will need to find the Efffects Panel, which might be hidden a little, but it must be on the left and bottom of the program layout; or, you can find it on the top, in the navbar.


After having located the Effects panel, go for the search bar and type: denoise, and you’ll see that DeNoise effect is under Audio Effects.


You hold onto the effect, drag and drop it on the audio track in the timeline itself! Then, you just click on the audio in the sequence and on the top right Effect Controls will appear, which we need to concentrate on. You will scroll down a little there and below Audio notice: fx DeNoise, where you hit on the Edit button. This will open the Clip Fx Editor for the Audio denoising.


Basically, it only has one, Amount scale, and if you drag the slider of it to the right at 100%, it will remove the whole noise, but setting it on 0% will not remove any noise at all. So, you need to choose your preferred percentage! Just listen what is acceptable for you, but the general suggestion here would be that you can choose as high percent as you want, but if the effect starts taking out the voice and actually wanted parts, then you will have to stop and keep it that way. So, that’s actually it!

Bonus tip: how to remove audio noise in video with Wondershare Filmora

What we have promised in the beginning in the video, we like to offer now – the alternative to reduce or remove audio noise in the video is called Wondershare Filmora, which functions in a very simple way. So, we can start using these guides:

Drag and drop your video into the timeline. Right-clicking on the video and hitting Detach Audio will enable us to separate audio and video from one another, getting us a chance to work on them individually.


Double-click on the audio track shows the editing panel, where we see Remove background noise – choosing this option removes the noise!


Though, there is another way to do this too. If you don’t want to detach the audio, then first, double-click on the video clip in the timeline and when the editing panel opens, switch to Audio. If you check the box next to Remove background noise, you will see that there are three levels – weak, mid, and strong, which determine the strength of how toe noise is going to be reduced. Choosing one of them is up to you!

In case you find that the voice sounds a little robotics, you’ll need to make it sound more natural, of course. For it, you will need to click Customize, which will take you into the Customize Equalizer department.


The low tunes are on the left, while the highs are on the right. Background noises are often the low ones, so we better lower them even more, but we would raise the middle ones to achieve a natural sound.


And, that’s it – you are done with audio background noise removal!

So, in this article, we learned how to remove the video noise and grain and audio background noise using the software Adobe Premire Pro, while we also discussed how to do the latter using Wondershare Filmora – hope you can start using your new knowledge and tools very soon and create the content you never thought you could have created!

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