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The Ultimate Guide to Slideshow Maker with Music

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
The Ultimate Guide to Slideshow Maker with Music

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

A slideshow maker can also work towards developing an engaging professional presentation. Something to pique the interest of your co-workers at your next meeting or persuade potential clients that you are the best choice for their business.

If the tool you're using doesn't include a simple drag-and-drop feature, extensive formatting options, or smooth transitions, coming up with a customised slideshow can take a long time. As a result, we researched and reviewed the finest slideshow-creating software for Windows and Mac, apps for iPhone and Android, as well as an online slideshow maker with music.

Part 1 Slideshows Created with Music Software

SmartSHOW in 3D

SmartSHOW 3D allows you to combine your favourite photos and music to create amazing presentations to share with friends and family. You don't need to have any technical knowledge to add motion to your still photographs. Fade-ins, wipes, gradients, and 3D transitions are some of the transition effects you can use. Even if you're not tech-savvy, SmartSHOW 3D allows you to create a professional slideshow with music.

smartshow 3d

Compatibility: Windows


Make slideshows from photos, videos, and music.

Effects and templates

Various music tracks

Burn the DVD after it has been converted to DVD format.

PhotoStage Slideshow Creator

 PhotoStage is another software programme for creating slideshows. Thousands of photographs and video snippets can be used to create presentations. Text, effects, music, and voice-over can all be easily added. Brightness, saturation, colour, and other aspects of your photographs and movies can all be tweaked.

Quick Create allows you to quickly create a slideshow, including pans, zooms, and fades. After that, you can burn your slideshow on a CD, upload it to the internet, or save it.


Compatibility: Windows, Mac.


The Slidehow Wizard

Image editing software

Effects and transitions

Optimize for the web and mobile devices, burn to a DVD, or save as a video.

Kizoa-Slideshow Maker Online

Adapt your slides to any screen with up to seven different aspect ratios with Kizoa. No matter what kind of TV, computer, smartphone, or tablet you use, you'll have the standard size slideshow.

The intelligent cropping tool will recommend the optimal cropping option for your photos based on the format you select, allowing you to fill the screen as much as possible without leaving out important details.


Compatibility: Windows, Mac.


Seven different aspect ratios are available.

Slideshows can be viewed on television.

Variety of formats.


There are hundreds of transitions, video effects, and themed slideshow templates to pick from in this free slideshow maker. Instead of generic slides and monotonous text, professionals may use PowerDirector to create compelling corporate slideshows for meetings, professional showcases, and industry conferences.


Compatibility: Windows, Mac.


Interfaces for Storyboards, Timelines, and Slideshows

Overlays, titles, and transitions

The ability to generate a wide range of visual effects

Audio and colour correction software.


The high-quality transitions, filters, and music in SlideLab make it a great choice for beginners who enjoy sharing their lives with their friends. The app also includes a built-in sharing platform that allows users to make and share films on Instagram or YouTube with a single swipe.

SlideLab has the ability to export projects as PDF and PPTX files, which can then be opened in PowerPoint and Keynote.


Compatibility: Windows, Mac


Professional interactive presentations.

Workflow and export are both simple.

Share it with one click.

Part 2 The Top 5 Apps for Creating a Music Slideshow

Here are five of the greatest free slideshow makers with music applications for iPhone users to check out:


SlideLab is a fantastic presentation software with music. According to Vine and Instagram, you can change the start point of your music or the length of the slideshow video.

The programme also includes fantastic features that make your job easier. Awesome photo filters, various transitions, photo zooming, cropping, rotating, and flipping tools, and more are included.

slidelab app

02Pic Music

Pic Music is one of the most popular slideshow, video, and quotation generators for SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr, and Viddy. The entertaining and user-friendly app lets you combine music and images to create a film.

Users can upload music from their libraries or record their own voices, and they can even select which part of the audio/song to play. Slideshow previews will also be available within the app.

pic music


The quick and easy video editor is ideal for mixing video clips, images, effects, and audio into a single film. In comparison to other alternatives, it enables users to incorporate lengthier popular music snippets, and users can choose the right soundtrack for their videos.

After you've downloaded Filmora, you'll be able to take use of its extensive features, which will make your job easier. It allows you to apply filters, reorder your greatest bits, zoom and crop your videos/photos, combine selfies/snaps into a single film with your favorite song, and publish the resulting slideshow video to practically all social media sites, among other things.


04Slide-show video maker

Slide-show Video Maker is an excellent choice if you want to make photo or video slideshows from your Photo Library, Instagram, or Facebook and afterwards add your own music. It allows you to quickly and easily create slideshow videos.

Simply choose your videos and photographs, add transitions and music, choose the slideshow duration, filters, and text if wanted.

slideshow video maker app ios


Animoto lets you create slideshow films with music using various video clips and photographs from your camera roll or iCloud.

The software includes a built-in music library with hundreds of songs, over 50 slick video styles to pick from, a video clip cutter, captions for photographs, intro cards, and several other useful features. Email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter can all be used to share the final slideshow videos.

animoto app

Here are 5 of the greatest video slideshow generator apps for Android users to download for free:

06Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor turns videos and photos into marvelous video stories that you can share with your friends and family. After you've uploaded photographs or videos from your gallery, the app lets you to add music from the Magisto music library or your iPhone to create a stunning presentation. You may then send them to your friends and family via WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

magisto video editor

07KlipMix Free Video Editor

KlipMix is a fantastic, user-friendly tool. In just a minute, anyone can combine several photos/videos, add their preferred music, and make an incredible slideshow presentation. It allows you to change the duration of each photo or video's display, unselect and rearrange photos with touch and drag and share the final slideshow video with family and friends.

klipmix video editor


You can upload 100 photographs at a time and combine them in one video with Slidegram loaded on your smartphone. The slideshow pictures with music consists of only a few stages, including selecting photographs from a gallery, previewing and sorting them, adding your favorite music, setting the slideshow video's time, and sharing it on social media.

slidegram app android


PicMotion makes professional video slideshows and photo slideshows with music that can be uploaded on any social networking platform. After installing the programme, you may build slideshows from photos or videos and enhance them by adding music from your collection or recording and adding your charming voice to the movie. 


10Slideshow Maker

This music slideshow programme is simple to use, and everyone can make beautiful videos from images in under a minute. It's absolutely free, and your slideshows will not have a watermark. Users can add their preferred music to the slideshow and the finished product can be shared with their friends on YouTube or Facebook. The f t Free Slideshow Maker enables you to rotate images, unselect and reorganize them using touch and drag, as well as change the duration of each picture's display.

slideshow maker

Part 3 Online Slideshows Made with Music Maker


FlexClip is a music-and-effects-enabled internet slideshow creator. It's at the top because current video templates allow anyone to make a slideshow by dragging and dropping, and effects like transitions, animations, filters, frames, and extensive music resources can help those who are specialists in slideshow creation realize all of their ideas. Aside from that, all layouts, effects, and music are completely free!

flexclip online slideshow maker


Watermark free

Supports HD resolution


Professional presentation software Renderforest promotes simplicity as well. Choose a stunning template, and then add photographs and music to complete your photo slideshow. It features a lot of 3D effects that make your presentation look more professional. The music selection may be limited.

renderforest slideshow


Beautiful templates are available on.

Making a photo slideshow is quite simple.


Smilebox's slideshow creator has templates for any event, including family gatherings, holidays, and simply for fun. You may need to upgrade to the premium edition of this slideshow generator to gain access to the music collection and some effects.

smilebox slideshow maker


The user interface is simple and straightforward.

Numerous templates to choose from.

All templates are categorized so you can quickly find the ones you need.


Motionden includes a large picture media library and numerous stunning templates. It's also a three-step slideshow builder that you can use to quickly create a slideshow.

motionden slideshow


All of the templates are lovely.

All of the templates have intros so you know where to use them.


Kizoa allows you to make slideshows with images, movies, and music, which you can then distribute via email, blogs, Facebook, YouTube, or even burn to DVD. Its key features include the ability to add text, music, transitions, and effects. Although it has a lot of music and materials, you have to upgrade to get access to them.

kizoa online slideshow maker


Beginners friendly.

The slideshow templates from Kizoa are excellent.

Part 4 How to Create a Photo Slideshow with Music

If you're looking for the greatest free slideshow software, we'd recommend Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. It makes it simple to generate high-quality videos as well as slideshows. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make it suitable for users of all skill levels, allowing anyone to create a video slideshow in only a few minutes.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

The benefits of using Filmora to create a video slideshow include:

The sound effects and music tracks in the royalty-free audio library are suitable for a variety of scenarios.

There are a lot of transitions and filters to make the slideshow look amazing.

There are various text templates to help you annotate more effectively.

Let your imagination run wild with editing tools that are both powerful and easy to use.

Step 1: Uploading Images and Videos to Filmora

Once the video editor has loaded, go to the Media tab's Import menu and select Import a Media Folder. Navigate to the folder containing the materials for your slideshow, select it with a click, then hit OK to import it into your project.

 Step 2: Position the Media Files on the Timeline

 Simply select a file to be added to the timeline and drag and drop it to the preferred location. Repeat this method for all of the images you'd like to include in your slideshow, then organise them in the same order as they'll appear in the presentation.

Step 3: Avoid Hard Cuts Between Slides by Using Transitions

A hard cut between two photographs can break the flow of your slideshow, but you can simply correct this by transitioning gently from one slide to the next.

If you double-click a transition after it's been added to the timeline, you'll be sent to the Transition Setting Window, where you can define the default duration for all transitions you add to a slideshow and choose your preferred transition mode.

Step 4: Enhance the colours in your slideshow with filters and overlays.

The Effects tab, which is next to the Transitions tab, contains a variety of visual effects that desaturate or brighten the colours in your images. Filmora's visual effects are divided into filter and overlay categories, each with its own subcategories such as Lomography, Sepia Tone, and Light Leaks.

Step 5: Incorporating Motion Graphics Elements into Slides

Hundreds of motion graphics templates are available in the Elements tab, which you can rapidly add to the timeline.

Step 6: Creating Slideshow Soundtracks and Recording Voiceovers

Select the Record Voiceover tool from the Record drop-down menu on the Media tab. When the Record Audio window appears on the screen, select the microphone you'll use to record the narration and press the Record button.

You may use Filmora's large library of music and sound effects for free. Simply navigate to the Audio tab and browse the subcategories of Electronic, Young & Bright, and Rock until you select the perfect song for the slideshow's soundtrack.

Step 7: Exporting Slideshows from Filmora

The final step in the process of creating a slideshow in Filmora is to export the project. Click on the Export button and wait for the Export window to appear on the screen. You can then select the output file format, set a preferred frame rate or resolution for your slideshow, or export 

Ending Thoughts

Bye-bye to the limits and restraints of other slideshow creators.

Instead, download the slideshow generator with music that suits your needs and requirements from our revised apps and software today and start producing unique, customized slideshows.

Let us know what we missed and stay in touch with us for more such blogs.

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