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How to Create Sports Intro and YouTube Endscreen?

The background music for exercise helps accelerate the activity. The article presents three recommended apps to download music for exercise videos and procedures to create an epic sports intro.

Are you deep into sports? Have you created a sports channel on YouTube but are still clueless? You do not need to panic. The article has got you covered.

There is an extensive range of sports channels on YouTube struggling and surviving. It includes gaming, exercise, athletics, basketball, hockey, and tennis sports. A promising sports background music in the intro and outro makes it appealing for the audience. Hence, the article will focus on three platforms for exercise downloading impeccable background music.

The step-by-step guide to creating an outstanding sports intro will also be sketched out. So, what are we waiting for? Time to commence this!

Part 1: How to Create an Epic Sports Intro?

Do you own a sports channel? Continue exploring the section to know more!

A sports channel needs a promising intro to keep the audience interested in the content. An exceptional intro to a sports channel with great music enables you to gain subscribers. The sub-section would cover an extensive procedure to make a startling sports intro with yoga background music or other sport. So, let us start? Shall we?

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Step 1: Open Wondershare Filmora from your computer. Now, head to the "Audio" panel to drop a powerful track to the timeline. Use the "Media" panel to import the sports video clips for your intro.

import media track

Step 2: Keep the highlights and trim the clips to be in sync with the music. After the editing is concluded, shift your focus to the "Titles." Move to the Titles panel and use title animations for the "Energy Sports" pack.

use sports title for clips

Step 3: Drag and drop the titles on the top of the footage. It would be best to match the duration of the video clips with the titles. Now, double-click the title to rename it according to your need.

adjust titles of video clips

Step 4: To make the ending more powerful, right-click on the last video clip and click on "Speed and Duration." Enhance the speed to make it engaging. Moving on, navigate to the "Effects" panel.

enhance speed of video clips

Step 5: From there, pick the "Shake" filter and drag and drop the "Chaos 1" to the last clip. Similarly, click on the "Distortion" filter to drop the "Chromatic Aberration" effect onto the last clip.

set the effects for the clips

Step 6: Now, it is time to add transitions to create a smooth connection between the clips. Click on "Transitions" and then "Energy Sports" pack. Drag and drop both transitions in between the clips. A creative and captivating sports intro has been created with solid sports background music.

add transitions across the clips

Part 2: How to Edit a Sport Style YouTube Outro or End Screen?

Communicating with the users about a channel doesn't have to be with words. The background music for exercise expresses the aims of a channel more perfectly. The same goes for a profound sport-style outro which tells the audience that we are ending on a high note.

The sub-section takes the opportunity to offer a step-by-step to edit a sport-style YouTube end screen. So, come with us as we explore it together! Let us go!

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: To begin, launch Wondershare. Import the targeted video clips that you need as an engaging YouTube outro. After that, click on "Split Screen." Please choose your favorite split-screen design and drag it to the timeline.

choose favorite split screen

Step 2: Use the imported videos to drag them on the preview window in the split-screen design as selected. You can adjust the scale and position through the mouse click. Now, drag and drop the video onto the timeline and trim it as needed.

import videos across timeline and trim

Step 3: Head to the "Effects" tab and search for blur in the space bar. Drag and drop the square blur to the second part of the video. Adjust the blur intensity as required. Import another video and add it to the timeline.

adjust blur intensity of video clip

Step 4: Insert dissolved transitions between the first two cuts to smooth the process. Now, it is time to add an avatar image. Import the profile picture to the timeline above the second track. Head to the utility category under the "Effects" tab and drag the "Image Mask" to the image on the timeline.

add image avatar and mask

Step 5: Double click on it to alter the masking width so that the circle mask can fit on the image. Scale down the picture and set it to the center of the frame. Navigate to the "Elements" panel and pick the YouTube subscribe button. Drag it to the third track afterward.

adjust avatar and add elements

Step 6: Place the location on the preview window as you need. Now, move to the social media category in the "Titles" to choose the perfect one and add it to the timeline above the last clip. The user is instructed to add a transition at the beginning of the clip. Rename the social media names of your sports channel, and you are done with the process.

add titles and transitions across end screen

Part 3: 3 Recommended Sites to Download Background Music for Exercise Videos

Sports background music is one of the significant ways to keep the audience motivated for sports and exercise. It helps enhance the subscribers' multifold. Therefore, the importance of promising yoga background music cannot be neglected.


Mixkit is a renowned place to access royalty-free marketplaces, bringing revolution to the market and content creators. It is extremely workable to download background music for exercise in seconds. Based on genre, mood, and tag, you can search for a suitable music track.

The trap sport workout, motivating mornings, positive energy, super strong, and the greatest comeback is one of the most exemplary tracks from Mixkit. The audio can be listened to before making the decision. The genre offers ambient, cinematic, funk, hip-hop, acoustic, classical, and electronica.

mixkit background music


Changing the narrative of music platforms, TunePocket pretty much takes the lead. The filter results make the process flawless. You can tailor the search results by playing with category, mood, genres, instruments, length, and tempo.

The duration of each sports background music is also mentioned to give the content creators an idea. Power dance workout, workout fitness motivation, summer western dance, young gamers, and sports power electro, and techno blast are some examples of outstanding music tracks.

tunepocket music for exercise videos

Envato Elements

The next on the list is Envato Elements making wonders in the business. The search filters are refined as the user deems necessary. Online exercise, motivational EDM, fitness, workout, corporate meditation, and exercise are some amazing examples of royalty-free music. The search results can be tailored according to relevancy and popularity.

envato elements exercise music

Concluding Remarks

There is an awful load of sports channels on YouTube. The content creators are trying their best to beat the competitors. It is crucial to access energetic background music for exercise to make intro and outro engaging.

The article recommended three apps to download sports background music. The step-by-step guide to creating an inspiring sports intro and editing sports style YouTube outro via Filmora.

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