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Best 9 Amv Makers for Computer

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

Anime music videos, or AMVs, have become increasingly popular over the years. They allow fans to showcase their creativity and love for their favorite anime series through the use of music and video editing. However, creating a high-quality AMV requires the right software. In this article, we will introduce you to the best AMV maker software available on the market.

Best AMV Maker for Computer

If you would like to create the AMVs on your computer, the following are some of your best options;


Best For: Vloggers, teachers and social media users

Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

filmora video editor

Speaking of the best AMV video maker, I would recommend Filmora as the first choice. It is easy to learn and use for beginner, and come with rich video editing features: split screen, key framing, motion tracking, speed ramping, instant mode, speech to text, audio ducking and more.

Meanwhile, it also helps teachers or business people to record tutorials, files or PowerPoint from their screen wit no limit. For vloggers and other advanced users, Filmora provides green screen, AI Protrait, colorful video effect templates, color match and so forth. You can directly share the video to YouTube, Vimeo and other social media platforms.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Adobe Premiere

Best For: Animators, professional cartoonists, and marketers

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

adobe premiere pro

Adobe Premiere is a video editing program that can be used to create and edit all types of video projects including AMVs. It has numerous features that can make it very easy to come up with the most professional video that you want to create. Because of these very many, but very useful features, using Adobe Premiere can be difficult at first. But once you gate a hang of it, it is one of the best ways to create any video including AMVs.

Adobe Premiere can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems and it is compatible with most video and audio formats. But like most Adobe software it is not a free solution. You do get a 7-day free trial that you can use without limitation, but you will need to pay a subscription fee to continue using it.

Apple iMovie

Best For: Marketers, freelancers, YouTubers, Bloggers

Supported OS: Mac

apple imovie

Apple iMovie is one of the best video editing programs for Mac and is therefore one of the best tools to choose if you will be creating your AMV on a Mac. It has all the basic video editing features that you need for a project of this magnitude including the ability to merge videos and apply filters.

This makes it the most ideal tool for creating AMVs since you typically need to break a file into various sections for your AMV. You can then add audio to the video and choose one of the effects and filters to add to it. Once the video is complete, you can then export it in 4K resolution or upload it to YouTube directly.

Sony Vegas

Best For: Animators, Marketers, Video Editors and Bloggers

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

sony vegas

If you are looking for a program that is designed with AMVs in mind then Sony Vegas might be a good choice. Its main purpose is to help users create stunning anime videos and it has all the necessary features to make that happen.

Sony Vegas comes with a universal editor that allows you to create your video using the multi-cam editing feature or crossfades. You can also add various effects to the video including various colors and other special effects. But as you can probably guess, Sony Vegas may be a bit complicated for the beginner user, although there are numerous tutorials to help you through this process.

Final Cut Pro

Best For: Marketers, Animators, YouTubers, Freelancers, and Professional video editors

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

final cut pro

Final Cut Pro is another professional and highly effective video editor that you can use to create AMVs. It has very many video editing capabilities, allowing you to edit your video in numerous ways including cropping, rotating, blending, and more. It also has over 100 different transitions and more than 149 different visual effects to create your video any way you want to.

But perhaps the best feature that Final Cut Pro has when it comes to creating and editing AMV videos is the ability to organize and crop videos easily. The “Compounding Clips” feature, in particular, will come in handy when combining footage, soundtracks, and effects into one perfect AMV.


Best For: YouTubers, Freelancers, Bloggers, and Marketers

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

lightworks video editor

Lightworks is an easy-to-use solution that you can use to create stunning AMV videos. The drag and drop interface makes it the most ideal solution even for beginners and it offers a lot of options for designing and customizing the videos. One other major benefit of choosing Lightworks is that it does come with a free version that is not as limited as you would expect.

The timeline is easy to use, allowing you to create AMVs from scratch or merge clips to create the video. You can also use numerous effects on the video and even add music to the video.

Windows Movie Maker

Best For: Freelancers, bloggers, marketers, and YouTubers

Supported OS: Windows

windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is one of the most popular video editing tools on the Windows OS and it has all the necessary editing features that you will need when you want to create AMV videos. On this free video editing tool, you can cut, split and crop the video or even add audio files and subtitles as needed,

It can work with numerous video and image formats, offering a wide range of options when it comes to video editing. Some of the functions that you can expect to use include video trimming, which can easily be done by simply dragging the slider to the desired location. But you will find that Windows Movie Maker lacks some of the features that can make your AMVs truly stand out.

Best AMV Maker for Mobile Phones

If you want to make AMVs on your mobile device, the following are some of the best options;


Best For: Professional Animators, Marketers, YouTubes, and Bloggers

Supported OS: Android and iOS


Filmora is one of the best video editing apps that you can download. It somehow manages to offer tools and video editing features that can otherwise be found only on desktop tools. Some of the features that can you can expect when using Filmora include reverse play, transitions, cropping, rotating, adding voiceovers, audio mixing, color tuning, and even picture-in-picture.

Filmora further simplifies the editing process by providing you with premade templates and themes that you can use to customize your AMV in many ways. It will also let you add music to the video from a huge library of licensed audio tracks.


Best For: Professional Animators, Bloggers, Marketers, and YouTubers

Supported OS: iOS and Android


KineMaster is a video editing app that is designed for professionals but is easy enough to use that it can be useful to you even if it is your first time using it. It has a lot of very useful video editing features including frame-by-frame editing, instant previews as well as support for up to four audio tracks that you can add to the video project.

This app also allows you to work with two video layers that you can animate in various ways including chroma key compositing, precise color adjustment, speed control, and keyframe animation.


Best For: YouTubers, Freelancers, and Marketers

Supported OS: iOS and Android

viva video

VivaVideo is another very easy-to-use app that you can install on your device to create AMVs. It has hundreds of features to choose from including stickers, filters, special effects, and animated clips. It also features slow/fast motion control, a huge library of background music that you can add to the video, and premade templates to make everything easier.

It allows you to share your creation with more than 200 million users of the app or even directly share the video on social media platforms.

Related FAQs

1.Is Making AMV illegal?

If you don’t have permission from the copyright owner of the song you are using to create the AMV, then you violate the law. And considering that it can be very difficult to get permission from the copyright owner, usually the record label, most AMVs are not exactly legal.

2.How Do You Make an AMV?

It depends on the kind of AMV that you want to make. But several steps are common to all AMVs. The first thing you want to do is pick the subject of your video, which usually means choosing the character or characters that will make up your video. Then, you will want to pick the song that you will use for the AMV, and finally, choose a video editor that will allow you to put the two together.

3.What Program is Used to Make AMVs?

AMVs are made using video editing software with the necessary features to put together different video components and animate them. We have provided you with various options above.


Creating AMVs can be a fun experience, but only if you have the right tool for the job. The solutions we have discussed in this article can all help you create a great AMV. Choose one that suits your project

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