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Best Free Video Stabilizers to Improve Video Quality

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Jan 12, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Are you having issues regarding your video quality and looking for a video stabilizer to improve it? Guess what? You can create high-quality videos through free video stabilization software, either for your professional or personal use.

It helps to remove the shakiness you get on videos recorded on handheld devices such as mobile phones. It makes your clips and home movies look more stable and standard. Why upload the same boring and shady videos all the time when you can stabilize them and look more professional? This article takes you through some of the best video stabilization software to stabilize your videos and stand out.

Top 10 Best Free Video Stabilization Software for Windows and Mac

1. iMovie

iMovie is a video editing software available exclusively for iOS and macOS users. It is a complete video editing software that enables users to make professional cinematic movies. Additionally, it allows you to smooth out the shaky footage and create high-quality videos. You also get access to a handful of themes and templates that you can use to customize your videos.

iMovie’s user-friendly interface does not require you to be tech-savvy to operate it. It allows any ordinary user to stabilize videos and yield elegant videos.

Key features:

  • It enables easy sharing of movies across mobile devices.
  • You can freely adjust the levels of your audio clip.
  • Easy green-screen control
  • It essentializes professional movie creation

Steps to stabilize shaky clips on iMovie

Step 1: Import the video you want to stabilize into the iMovie application on Mac computer;

Step 2: In the adjustment tab, click on the Stabilization button and turn on Stabilize Shaky Video tool.

stabilize shaky videos imovie

Step 3: To adjust the amount of stabilization, click and drag the stabilize shaky video slider.

2. Windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is another video stabilizer available exclusively for Windows users. It allows you to make personalized movies and incorporate video, still images, background music, and narration. It is also beneficial for stabilizing videos, adding titles and transactions.

Key features:

  • It enables you to add special effects to your videos.
  • Options for extensive audio track selection.
  • Timeline narration options.

If you are using Windows 7, you are lucky to use Windows Movie Maker to stabilize the shaky videos easily. Watch the video tutorial to find out how.

Steps to stabilize shaky clips on Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Open the app and click on the Add videos and photos icon, and select the video clip you want to stabilize.

Step 2: Select the portion of the clip that you want to stabilize. You can do this by selecting the shaky video selection option on the right side of the software’s windows.

Step 3: Click on the Edit tab to access the Video stabilization feature.

Step 4: Under the video stabilization feature, you will see three options, namely Anti-shake, Anti-shake and wobble correction- low, Anti-shake and wobble correction- high. Select the most suitable option.

wmm stabilization

3. HitFilm express

The HitFilm Express is one of the best video stabilization software. It is available for both macOS and Windows. It is an all-in-one video editing software that allows you to import clips and add visual effects and audio to the videos. You can also import your 3D model and create themes like star wars or other animation themes.

Key features:-

  • Advance tracking
  • Lighting effects
  • Muzzle flash effects
  • Masking and layering technique
  • Screen simulation

Steps to stabilize shaky clips on HitFilm Express

Step 1: Import the clip you want to stabilize and navigate to the control panel.

Step 2: Under the control panel menu, select the track option, and locate your tracking points.

Step 3: It will provide you with two options under the type menu, Single-point position only and double-point position scale/rotation. Select the most appropriate option.

Step 4: Under the purpose-tab, select stabilize options and hit apply.

4. FilmForth

FilmForth is a new name in the video editing industry but it allows you to create videos easily with powerful features. If you are looking for free video stabilization software, FilmForth might be one of them for you. It is compact with powerful and easy-to-apply features.

You can edit video, add filters and transitions, titles, record voiceover, or add background music to video. What’s more, it allows you to save the video without watermark.

Key features:-

  • Slideshow maker with photos, videos, music, and effects;
  • Change the video background or make the logo transparent;

Steps to stabilize videos using FilmForth

Step 1: Select the stabilize video option under the quick tool menu.

Step 2: Select the video file that you want to stabilize.

Step 3: Manually fill the video resolution, video quality, and frame rate settings.

Step 4: Give the file an output name, and choose the video to save the video file.

5. Video DeShake

Video DeShake is solely developed for video stabilization. You can easily download it from It is an effective solution for video stabilization. However, it does not provide you with fancy video editing features, but if you are looking for an instant solution for video stabilization, it is one of the best options.

Steps to stabilize videos using video Deshake:

Step 1: Download and install video Deshake software from

Step 2: Select the plus icon from the left-aligned menu bar.

Step 3: Select the video file that you want to stabilize.

Step 4: Select your preferred format for the output video, and click on the stabilize option present at the bottom of the interface.

6. Shotcut

Shotcut is a free video stabilizer. You don’t need to sign up or log in to begin. There is no sales funnel waiting for you once you get addicted to using it. Another reason for its popularity is beginner-focused design. It is easy to learn and use. However, it lacks advanced editing features like iMovie or HitFilm Express.

Key features:-

  • It can load videos recorded in high resolution or above 60 fps.
  • Single frame image extraction options.
  • Video stabilization feature
  • Blurring effect

Steps to stabilize videos using Shotcut:-

Step 1: Drag the video file you want to stabilize into the software interface. Select the timeline feature to select the portion of the video clip that you want to stabilize.

Step 2: Select the filter tab and follow by selecting the plus button. Under the plus icon, select the monitor option and find the stabilize option under the menu.

Step 3: Customize the stabilizations options according to your specific needs and click on analyze to monitor the stabilization. After stabilization is complete, select the file option and click on save to save the video.

7. Blender

The Blender is free and one of the best video editing software for professionals. Besides video editing, it provides you with 3D modeling, rigging animation, simulation, and motion tracking features. It allows you to perform basic actions like video cuts and splicing and complex tasks like video masking or color grading.

Key features:-

  • Live preview, chroma vectorscope, and histogram displays.
  • Scrubbing and waveform visualization.
  • Audion mixing and syncing.
  • Speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, and keyframe options.

Steps to stabilize videos using Blender

Step 1: Begin by going to the motion tracking workspace.

Step 2: Click on open and select the video file you want to stabilize.

Step 3: Select the tracking option from the toolbar and click on the movie to set tracking points.

Step 4: Set the tracking point size and press the right arrow to start tracking.

Step 5: Select the file menu and navigate the save option to save the stabilized video.

8. AVS video stabilizer

AVS video editor is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It enables you to create videos of any resolution and length. It allows you to cut, trim, join, and rotate videos. It also amazes you with the freedom of using over 300 effects. With AVS video editor, you can edit VHS videos and convert them into digital format.

Key features:-

  • Audio capture
  • Brand overlay
  • Customizable templates
  • Easy to use interface with drag and drop features
  • Multimedia format support

Steps to stabilize videos using AVS video editor:

Step 1: Click on the import option under the media library tab and import the video you want to stabilize.

Step 2: Press the video stabilization button present over the timeline.

Step 3: Under the stabilization video, drag the compensation bar to adjust the degree of stabilization.

Step 4: Click on the ok button at the bottom of the stabilization menu to save the changes.


VSDC is a free video stabilizer that allows you to stabilize and edit videos of any complexity. It is compact with advanced features to cut and merge video files and apply visual and audio effects to make a slideshow and add appropriate soundtracks. It also facilitates easy video conversion for playback on specific media devices.

Key features:-

  • Side by side and split-screen videos
  • Videos in the text effects
  • Green screen removal
  • Double exposure

Steps to stabilize videos using VSDC

Step 1: Open the VSDC video editor, and navigate to the video stabilization feature from the Tools tab.

Step2: Select the open file option and export the video file you want to stabilize.

Step 3: In the stabilization, tab adjust the settings that best suit your specific requirements.

Step 4: Complete the process by clicking on the export project to view the outcome.

10. Openshot

OpenShot video editor is an easy-to-use video stabilization and edition software. It is helping professionals around the world with its excellent video editing features. Another factor that makes it different from other software is its compatibility with multiple operating software. It goes with Mac, Linux and Windows and is easily downloadable from its website.

Key features:-

  • Compatible with multiple operating systems (Linux, Mac, and Windows)
  • It supports a handful of video audio and image formats.
  • Video transition along with the real-time preview.
  • Options for creating title and sub-title creation
  • Titles formation with 3D animation

Steps to stabilize videos using Openshot

Step 1: Open the video you want to stabilize using the project file tab.

Step 2: Drag the video timeline tab and locate the shaky part of the video you want to stabilize.

Step 3: Select the effects tab and navigate the stabilizer feature from the menu.

Step 4: Drag the stabilizer feature to your video clip in the timeline.

Step 5: You will see the stabilizer: initialize effect window. Select the degree of percentage as per your specific requirements.

Step 6: Select the process effects option.

Bonus: Stabilize shaky videos using Filmora video editor

Filmora video editor is a powerful video stabilizing software filled with powerful editing features. Unlike other editing software, Filmora is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Some of the above video stabilizers are complex and require expertise. On the other hand, Wondershare Filmora video editor provides you with an easy-to-use interface and easy navigation options.

Key features:

  • Modern and intuitive interface.
  • Video stabilization in one click.
  • Powerful edition features.
  • Rich effects and templates.

Steps to stabilize videos using Wondershare Filmora video editor

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Drag shaky videos into the Filmora video editor timeline.

Step 2: Click on the edit option in the toolbar to access the editing panel.

Step 3: Select the stabilization option from the editing panel.

Step 4: Click the play button to preview the stabilized video clip. It also allows you to stabilize the smooth level to obtain better results.


Videos are the most popular types of content. They instantly convey the message and engage the consumers. However, the quality of your video is crucial from your business perspective. Video stabilizing software provides stability to videos and makes them look professional and smooth.

Even if you don’t use video stabilizers for stabilizing videos for your business purposes, they can still come in handy while stabilizing your private videos.

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