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A Quick Guide on How to Blur Faces in Windows Movie Maker

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Why would you want to blur faces in a video anyway? The reasons can be endless, but one of the most common would be if you do not wish for people in the background to be identified. To blur faces in Windows Movie Maker, there is a feature that will allow you to blur the entire frame, but not a specific portion. This will make it possible for the subject to be highlighted. You also do this if there are objects or brand logos that should not be displayed. If there is any censored content, blurring can also be done. However, the good news is you can also censor a face with Windows Movie Maker.

Best Alternative to Windows Movie Maker to Blur Face

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If you are looking for a better alternative to blur faces in Windows Movie Maker, check out Wondershare Filmora. Some of the reasons why you should choose this include the following:

  • It is intuitive, making it a snap to use
  • You will be able to add mosaic on the specific parts of a video
  • Various face-off elements are available
  • It supports different file formats
  • Different features will allow you to play with your creativity to develop the desired output.

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How you can blur Faces in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker can't censor a specific region of the video. What you might consider is just adding some text over their face.

  • Open Windows Movie Maker, click on Add Videos and Photos, and upload the videos that you want to edit
  • To censor the specific part of the video, click on Add Caption.
  • Type the same letter several times and change its color into black.
  • Choose a thick border and change the outline of the color to black.
  • Change the style of the font to Windings or Webdings.
  • Have it squared and place it on the face of the person you would like to blur.
  • Copy and paste it if you need to blur more faces.
  • Preview the video and make adjustments if deemed necessary.

Video tutorial on how to blur faces in Windows Movie Maker:

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