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How to Create Split Screen in Premiere Pro

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Split-screen videos are trending and you can find them in a wide range over streaming sites. Most of the time these videos are used by marketing experts to compare different products on the same screen. But these days, people are also creating other adventurous video projects with this feature. If you are also interested to develop a split-screen video where two videos can be played simultaneously on the same screen as each one of these will share a 50% portion then Adobe Premiere Pro can assist you better. This software platform possesses interactive tools for the split-screen feature. The article below contains step by step guidelines about tricks to create Split Screen videos.

If you are new to the video editing world then the steps described above in the Premiere Pro section may appear a little complicated to you. Most of the beginners wish to work on a system that is handy and can provide fast editing services. Here we recommend Filmora Split Screen Video Editor for your split-screen editing needs. It can get your job done within a few seconds and the end preset results use to be awesome.

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For detailed information, you can check our guide about How to Make a Split Screen video with Filmora

Filmora provides several ready-to-go split-screen presets, so all you need to do is just preview the built-in split-screen style and drag it to the timeline, and then add videos to the split-screen preset.

 Filmora Split Screen effect

  • Filmora further provides easy sharing abilities that mean users can directly update their edited videos to social media platforms or they can be saved to external storage devices for future access.
  • It is good to start with the free version of Wondershare Filmora as it is also a feature-rich tool and once you learn the basics then go for a complete package that is affordable for beginners too.

How to make video side by side with split-screen effect in Adobe Premiere Pro:

The Internet can show you the wide range of plugins that can be added to the Adobe Premiere Pro platform for using the split-screen effect with ease but the tutorial below will help you to work without additional plugins. It is possible to do things manually using the built-in Split screen tool in the Adobe Premiere Pro platform. Here are a few important steps that you need to follow:

Note: we will take examples of this video to illustrate the position settings.

1. Import Videos and Create New Sequence

First of all, you have to import both videos on Premiere Pro. Use the drag and drop feature to get them from any folder located inside your computer and place one over top of another on the timeline to create a new sequence. To make a split-screen effect video, it is important for both videos to share the same length. So you need to adjust their alignment to make sure that the videos have the same period.

Note: If you don't need the video audio, please remember to remove it before going ahead.

2. Adjust Position in Effects Controls

It is time to highlight your first clip in the timeline and then move towards the Effects Controls Panel. Here you will find the Motion option; adjust settings for the position of videos. In case if you simply need to get them to spread in the fifty-fifty portion then update the number 960 to 1920 in the position category.

Go to the preview window and check the changes you made recently. It will show you both the videos occupying 50-50 percent space on screen and the screen is well split in the middle. But note that these settings will not display your video information correctly as most of the objects will be hidden due to the available 50% screen coverage.

3. Apply Crop effect to adjust the Center position

Now you have to move to the Effects panel and search for crop effect over there in the search bar. It will be under Transform in the Video Effects section. Simply drag this Crop option to the timeline window and place it on the top of the first clip.

4. Crop the videos

Move to the settings of crop effect and then crop right and left side of video in such a manner that it can be fixed inside the split screen. Use the position slider to make desired adjustments and save results once get satisfied with its alignment.

Click to check the detailed information about How to crop videos in Premiere Pro.

5. Split screen

Now follow the same step to adjust the position of the second video and apply crop settings to the second video on the screen. You can always check the result in the preview window and adjust the settings to get a better split-screen effect video.

Also, you can create a black bar between this side-by-side video if you need it. To apply a black bar, just move the video clips away from each other. You can also adjust the bar color or style of the split-screen effect in Premiere Pro. 

As you have learned the split-screen effect now so it is possible to add more than two videos to a single screen by splitting it into multiple sections. Premiere Pro assists users in fast adjustments of all settings.

Once you are done with all these steps, your split-screen video will be ready and now it can be shared on social media sites with ease. Adjust the audio information for all video clips and you will definitely get a great response from viewers.

I hope the information above is useful for you to put videos side by side and make a split-screen effect in Premiere Pro. With the split-screen effect, you can empower your imagination with more creativity. If you are looking for an alternative to Premiere Pro to make a split-screen video in a much easier way, don’t forget to give Filmora a try.

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