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Top 5 Free AI Photo Retouching Sites That Can Transform Your Photos

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Sep 07, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Why use AI photo retouching to enhance images? The most obvious reason is speed. AI can enhance a photo in several ways and it only takes a few seconds with highly-optimized platforms. On the contrary, enhancing a photo manually takes a long time, especially for those with little experience.

Free photo retouching sites make editing and enhancing your photos much easier. You would be interested in posting a nice photo on your Instagram page or enhancing your portrait for professional use. Let’s explore the free options available for portrait enhancer online tools.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Retouch Your Photos Like a Pro with 5 Free AI Tools
  2. Part 2. Take Your Photo Editing to the Next Level with Filmora's AI Tools
  3. Conclusion
AI Photo Editor
The best editor helps you edit photo and video without hassle.
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Part 1. Retouch Your Photos Like a Pro with 5 Free AI Tools

Retouching photos online has become a lot easier as new tools are introduced. Here are the top five free online AI photo retouching sites worth checking out:

1. VanceAI: The AI Photo Editor That Automatically Enhances Your Images

If you are looking for a free AI face enhancer online, then VanceAI may be a good place to start. The portrait retouching and face enhancing website improves the quality of an image on click based on AI technology. VanceAI Portrait Retoucher allows you to instantly remove unwanted acne, wrinkles, and blemishes to get a flawless face portrait.

VanceAI Photo Retouching Feature

VanceAI has four distinct AI photo retouching features. They include:

  • One-Click Smooth Skin – Easily smooth skin with a single click by removing unwanted wrinkles, acne, and blemishes on your face.
  • Easy Face Editor – Automatically remove unwanted objects from photo. You can also crop and resize the portrait to fit in a perfect face portrait.
  • Auto Face Enhancement – Automatically enhance face details to beautify face portraits.
  • Date Safe Guaranteed – VanceAI is a safe AI portrait retoucher. All images uploaded to the site are deleted 24 hours after being processed.

Comparative Results

VanceAI is a face-retouching online tool that helps you achieve great results in one click. You can easily remove undesired acne and wrinkles on the face. The tool also helps in getting a white teeth picture, restoring beauty and a perfect smile without any edits.

filmora video editor interface

2. ImageColorizer: The AI Colorization Tool That Brings Your Old Photos to Life

ImageColorizer allows you to retouch and restore old family photographs. The AI-driven tools can enhance and restore old portrait photos to make them great look. Whether your photo has a low resolution or is blurred, ImageColorizer will bring it into clear focus.

Colorizer AI Photo Retouching Feature

Once you upload an old photo onto ImageColorizer, the site will automatically analyze it. Then proper color is intelligently applied to different parts. The app will restore the image to a vivid and fresh look. ImageColorize also works well on blurred and damaged old photos. Key highlights include:

  • Automatic restoration and improvement of old photos
  • Image enhancer with advanced features
  • Accurate Image colorizer to restore old black-and-white photos
  • Face retouching to revive blurred photos
  • Damaged picture restoration

Comparative Results

ImageColorizer uses AI technology to colorize black-and-white photos within seconds. The tool gives you the best look with your old family pictures, allowing you to retouch and enhance your ancestors’ faces.

filmora video editor interface

3. ImgLarger: Enlarge Images Without Losing Quality with ImgLarger

ImgLarger is a one-click AI solution that helps you make photos sharper, crisper, and cleaner. The tool automatically increases the image resolutions without losing its quality. This means that you can enlarge a small image to 4k or 2k without losing quality. You also get to sharpen the details of your image to improve its visuals for sharing and printing.

ImgLarger AI Photo Retouching Feature

ImgLarger is an all-in-one AI photo retouching editor that enhances images using machine learning. The app can sharpen blurry pictures, enlarge images, and enhance photo quality in seconds. Its key features include:

  • An advanced sophisticated algorithm that enlarges images without losing quality
  • AI-based technology that delivers processed images within seconds
  • A simple website where users can upload an image and wait for the tool to work on the photo

Comparative Results

ImgLarger is a powerful AI tool that helps enhance and upscale images without compromising quality. You can make any small and blurry image cleaner, crisper, and ultra-HD automatically.

filmora video editor interface

4. AIPassportPhotos: The AI-Powered Editing Tool That Produces a Perfect Photo

AIPassportPhotos allows you to retouch faces and fix portrait photos. With this AI portrait retoucher, you can improve and enhance your face portrait instantly. Once you upload a picture to the website, use the one-click face retouch and personalize your editing to retouch the photo. 

AIPassportPhotos Photo Retouching Feature

AIPassportPhotos is an AI-driven website that intelligently smooths skin by removing blemishes and acne. The 100% automatic tools will only take seconds to perfect face portraits. The key retouching features include:

  • Face Editor – A collection of photo retouch tools that leaves your photos looking their best.
  • Blemish Remover – Intelligently remove blemishes, imperfections, and skin tone without affecting the skin’s natural texture and beauty.
  • Remove Background from Photo – AIPassportPhotos removes the image background with just one click.
  • Blur Background – This creates a blur effect as good as a camera.
  • Face Cutout – Automatically separate head and background
  • Photo Enhancer – Improve the quality of our photos and make them clear instantly
  • Photo Colorizer – Get natural final results by colorizing your black-and-white photos
  • Cartoon Selfie – Automatically turn your portraits into cartoon selfies

Comparative Results

AIPassportPhotos is a photo retouch editor that enhances your photos exactly to your likes. The tool makes the details in your photo clearer.

filmora video editor interface

5. AILabTools: The AI Photo Retouching Tool That Makes Your Photos Look Flawless

AILabTools is a free online resource for retouching portraits. You can perfect your photos with ease using the site’s advanced image processing technology. With just a click, you can use features such as face slimming, skin tone whitening, and sharpening. Other tools include AI makeup, AI face slimming, and spot and acne treatment.

AILabTools Photo Retouching Feature

AILabTools is based on deep deep-learning algorithm that automatically beautifies your photos. The key photo retouching features include;

  • One-click Online Face Retouch: Easily touch up your portraits in no time
  • Online Makeup: Make your eyebrows look better or put a great lip color with the AI makeup feature
  • Blemishes Remover: Automatically remove blemishes like acne, freckles, and scars in your selfie photos
  • Automatic Face Slimming: Achieve a slimming effect without using an electronic brush

Comparative Results

With AILabTools Retouch Portraits, you will achieve flawless photos in no time. Achieve professional results in your portraits with just a click.

filmora video editor interface

Part 2. Take Your Photo Editing to the Next Level with Filmora's AI Tools

Choosing the right portrait enhancer online tool is the first step to getting brilliant results. With Wondershare Filmora, you get a cross-platform for editing your photos and videos. The editor offers a range of AI tools that you can use to retouch your photos and make them more appealing.

Free Download
Free Download

1. AI-Powered Auto-Enhancement Tools

Wondershare Filmora offers several AI-powered auto-enhancement tools. The AI-Portrait plugin automatically detects humans on your photo or video to quickly retouch on the go. You can remove the background with a click, and choose from the 70+ AI portrait and sticker effects. Since Filmora is a beginner-friendly editing tool, you do not need any professional skills to use the AI features. Simply choose your preferred effect and add it to the image with just a click.

2. AI filters and Effects for Creative Editing

Filmora filters and effects make editing more fun and creative. You can change the look and feel of your photos or videos in just a matter of seconds. Go to the Effects tab on your project, and select the filter you want to add. Whether you are looking for Bokeh Blurs or Faux Film, the possibilities with Filmora are endless.

filmora video editor interface

3. Wondershare Pixcut: Dedicated Photo Editing Tool

Wondershare Pixcut offers more freedom when it comes to photo retouching. The AI-powered tool allows you to automatically remove the image background for free and enhance the look of your photo. You can also bulk remove the background, remove the watermark, and enlarge your images. Other useful features include AI Portrait Generator, PNG Maker, and AI Headshot Generator.

filmora video editor interface


When looking for free AI face enhancer online tools, you will have several options to choose from. This article has shared details about the top 5 online tools, and the features that make each stand out. If you are looking for a more versatile tool, try using Wondershare Filmora and Pixcut. You will get access to a range of tools for retouching your photos and videos. You will also get regular updates to help you achieve better results with your editing workflow.


  • Is there any free online photo editing software for the face?
    Yes, there are many free online photo editing software for retouching faces. The top ones include Wondershare Pixcut, VanceAI, ImgLarger, and AIPassPortPhotos.
  • What websites can I use to retouch photos?
    You can use top online AI photo retouching sites to enhance the look of your photos. Sites such as Wondershare Pixcut offer a variety of photo editing features to help you quickly enhance your photos.
  • How can I retouch photos for free?
    You can retouch your photos for free using sites such as Wondershare Pixcut, VanceAI, and ImgLarger.
  • How do I professionally touch up photos for free?
    The best way to professionally touch up your photos for free is to use online sites like Wondershare Pixcut. The AI-driven site helps you to enhance your photos and make them more professional in just a matter of seconds.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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