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Copywriting To Perfection With Sudowrite AI Features

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Aug 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

We have come a long way, and humans have improved themselves in almost every aspect of life. Historical disasters never paralyzed this quest for improvement. The continuous struggle has opened doors of invention that we never thought existed. To be more specific, one of these doors is artificial intelligence and Sudowrite.

If the quest for invention ever peaked, it would result in AI. With the help of AI, hours of workload are now a matter of minutes. One of its most recent and innovative products is copywriting tools. is one such copywriting tool aiming to make writing easy for its users. In this article, the comprehensive Sudowrite reviews will be utilized to bring some great utilities to highlight.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Are The Uses of AI Copywriting in the Digital Industry?
  2. Part 2. Sudowrite and Its Proficient Features: An Aid to Writing
  3. Part 3. How To Utilize The Copywriting Functions of Sudowrite?
  4. Bonus Part. Assisting The Content With Video Generated Through Wondershare Filmora AI Tools
  5. Conclusion
AI Copywriting Editor
The best editor makes writing easy for your video content.
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Part 1. What Are The Uses of AI Copywriting in the Digital Industry?

AI copywriting has become a crucial tool in education and digital industries. It is significant in content creation, product marketing, and audience engagement. Some of the ways it is used in the media industry are:

1. Content Creation

The AI copywriting tools are cloud-driven and operate on NLP systems. These two factors have made them contribute to content creation. They can generate blogs, articles, and product descriptions with accurate instructions. When you need to generate content at a larger scale, such tools save both time and cost. Not only do they generate the content, but they also proofread the existing one.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an emerging trend in the marketing sector. The core purpose of email marketing is to enhance traffic to websites and product promotion. It is a personal form of communication between the brand and the customer. Hence, it requires personalized messages. AI copywriting can help a business design personalized messages for email marketing campaigns. It analyzes customers' data and generates messages according to customers' preferences.

3. SEO Optimization and Social Media

AI copywriting tools can boost your SEO by suggesting the right keywords. This feature is important for both video and written content. The SEO-boosted content and titles will improve your website's ranking and traffic. It can also suggest suitable hashtags or captions for your social media posts.

4. Online Customer Service

AI-based copywriting tools can assist chatbots. This will improve the online services of a business. These chatbots can assist in queries related to products, guiding and engaging the customer. This unique feature of customer care will be of great benefit when utilized properly.

Part 2. Sudowrite and Its Proficient Features: An Aid to Writing

You may get exhausted by your role as a content writer because you can run out of ideas. is an online tool for generating automated content. We all know that online copywriting tools do not generate diverse content, but Sudowrite can generate 100 different drafts of the same prompt simultaneously.

It has been trusted by editors of popular magazines to write articles. Sudowrite Free has the best features to make your content broad and unique, along with personalization options, which include online vocabulary.

Key Features of Sudowrite

Sudowrites generate content and allow you to mold it as you like. With its variety of features and variations in words, it doesn't generate plagiarized content. Below is how you'll never run out of ideas with Sudowrite with its key AI features:

1. Describe

With Sudowrites' Describe feature, you can express your scenes better. If you're writing a book, it will add details other than dialogues. For example, it will describe how the weather was during the dialogue between characters or connect the intensity of the weather with the character's feelings. These minor factors add clarity to the reader's imagination. The reader will be able to connect better with the book.

describe sudowrite

2. Expand

On, you can expand your content; however, isn’t expanding and describing the same? No, as describing refers to creating whole scenes. Meanwhile, Expand feature will rewrite or add content to the existing scenes. Sometimes you finish sentences quickly, and they may need to be clarified. The reader may yearn for details. Sudowrite's Expand feature will resolve that emptiness.

expand sudowrite

3. Write

This feature is for content writers when they are out of words. You may be trying to brainstorm ideas, but it just doesn't work. Sudowrites' Write feature will auto-analyze your previous content and generate the next 300 words for you. This feature will give you both content and ideas.

write sudowrite

4. Canvas

Sometimes you have a plot in mind but must learn to add twists and suspense. Don't stress over it because Sudowrites can assist you with this. Once you add your idea in the text box and enable the Canvas feature, it will auto-generate 3 plot twists and 3 character suspense. This will increase the reader's interest and make your job simple.

canvas sudowrite

Part 3. How To Utilize The Copywriting Functions of Sudowrite?

Unlike other AI Copywriting tools, Sudowrites offers content creation and editing options. It is the perfect tool for writing content or context. Provided below is a guide to how you can utilize it:

Step 1Log In To Sudowrite

Although it is a free AI copywriting tool, you are required to log in with your Gmail or Facebook account. Once you log in, it will give you a tour of how to use Sudowrite.

log into sudowrite
Step 2Write Your Content or Upload A Document

Once the tour is done, you'll see a new window where the editing process will start. Go to the description box and copy-paste your content. You can also upload a document from the "Import" button on the left side panel.

add or import content
Step 3Start Editing Your Content

You can access the editing features once the content is added. Use the appropriate editing tool from the upper toolbar according to your content. If you want to generate entire content on a topic, go to the "Write" tab. The tab will take you to a new window asking for the context, such as writing an “Article.” To edit your content, navigate to other tabs like "Rewrite," "Describe," and "Brainstorm." from the toolbar.

start ai editing of content
Step 4Other Features and Finalizing Your Content

You can even customize the format of your content from the options above the writing box. On the right side panel, you can find your copywriting history and access to Chatbot. You can also write poems with this tool. Once you've selected editing options, click the "Generate" button on the top right corner of the textbox.

perform chatting and export

Bonus Part: Assisting The Content With Video Generated Through Wondershare Filmora AI Tools

Are you an emerging content creator or an old one looking for someone to edit your videos? No matter the case, save yourself the struggle. Like Sudowrite, Wondershare Filmora is an AI-driven software offering automated services. These services dominate the world of video editing on a large scale. You can start video editing without any skills.

Sudowrite provides explicit AI copywriting capabilities that make content generation easy at its roots. However, there is always a need for something better and more diverse. Filmora not only provides AI copywriting to its users but also gives a platform for creating video content.

Free Download
Free Download

AI and all other fields have impacted the media industry the most. These modern editing tools connected with AI technology have fast-tracked the job. Let's see some of these AI features in Wondershare Filmora:

1. AI Copywriting

The association between Filmora and ChatGPT has aided video creation in two ways. First, it saves you the hustle of switching windows and tools. You can utilize AI copywriting straight from Filmora. Another benefit of this collaboration is that it will auto-generate video scripts on any topic. Its text-to-generate feature can self-generate video titles for your online platforms.

2. Instant Mode

Some days you need more energy to edit a vlog. Filmora's instant mode is here for you on those days. You need to import your video file, and it will auto-edit everything. You can customize the enhancements as well. It offers 115 context-based video templates for your vlogs or business.

instant mode filmora

3. Remove Video Background

There is no need to stress over messy backgrounds. Filmora's AI video background remover can auto-remove your video BGs for free. It doesn't require any green screens to do the job. You can customize the background with your creative skills. If not, Filmora offers 4 types of video backgrounds, including basic colors, gradient colors, creative images, and animation videos.

remove video background filmora

4. Auto Reframe

When you have an audience on all social media platforms, it may get hectic to adjust the layouts of your videos for every platform. Filmora can help you adjust your videos for all platforms. Be it vertical or horizontal. It offers many ratios in both orientations, making it a diverse tool.

auto reframe filmora


Now that you have read how you can brainstorm ideas through, why not make it of use? Whether you want to write a book or a blog, it can assist in both. However, the tool is only available for copywriting, but what about AI audio and video editing? If you are looking for more creativity options, we recommend you use Wondershare Filmora for that purpose.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Mar 27, 24
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