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Runway ML AI Video Editing: Bridging The Gaps Between Creative Expressions

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Originally published Aug 01, 23, updated Jun 21, 24

You're in the right place if you're interested in learning about video editing tools. As in the Gen Z generation, videos have become important for effective communication. Videos can convey your message with ease to your audience. However, creating a good video is a skill everyone can possess with the right tools. You have to pick the right tool and learn thoroughly about that tool to edit your videos.

Video editing tools have transformed the way we produce and edit videos. You can refine your videos by using video editors to get the praise you deserve. There is a remarkable video editor named Runway ML, which has a lot of editing features. You can use the RunwayML video editor and try to get the flavor of its amazing editing options and tools.

This article features details about the Runway ML AI program and a competitive tool that presents the future of video editing.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Introduction to Runway ML Tool and Its Influence on Video Editing
  2. Part 2: Discussing All Reprising Features of AI Provided by Runway
  3. Bonus Part: A Comprehensive Review of The Best Video Editor With Integrated AI: Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
AI Video Editing Tool
The best editor helps you edit videos presenting the future of video editing.
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Part 1: Introduction to Runway ML Tool and Its Influence on Video Editing

Runway ML is an online AI-influenced video editor that helps you edit your videos. In today's fast-paced digital world, videos are undoubtedly the premium version of content. So, having the right tools at your fingertips is essential, like Runway ML AI. It uses the potential of computer graphics and machine learning for video editing. This tool provides you with the opportunity to create some amazing video content.

This tool empowers you to unleash your creativity and unlock the full potential of video editing. Gone are the days of complicated editing software with no direct execution. Runway removes technical barriers and opens doors for more creative and unique edits using AI. With this tool, you can bring your videos to life in a matter of minutes.

Part 2: Discussing All Reprising Features of AI Provided by Runway

If you don't know about all the features of the Runway ML AI tool, no problem. In this section, you will learn about every feature Runway offers. Referring to them as AI Magic Tools, Runway makes video editing easier with these AI-influenced tools for all users.

runway magic ai tools
    • Text to Image

You can generate original-looking images using only words. This AI tool creates visual representations of ideas, concepts, or descriptions.

    • Image to Image

Using this tool, you can transform an image based on a text prompt and make changes to your image. Describe the changes you want, and AI will modify and transform your old image into a new one.

    • Gen-2: Text to Video

With this tool, you can also create videos by providing text prompts. Simply describe the scenes, actions, or dialogue you envision, and AI will generate a video based on your input.

    • Gen-1: Video to Video

This particular AI functionality changes the style of videos with texts and images. Describe the desired style, and the tool will modify the video accordingly.

    • AI Training

Use this AI tool to create custom portraits, animals, styles, and more. Experiment with different inputs to generate unique and personalized outputs.

    • Expand Image

Another amazing feature of RunwayML AI is that it can increase the size of your image. Enlarge the edges of any image. Increase the size of your image while maintaining its quality and details.

    • Frame Interpolation

Transform a sequence of images into an animated video. This tool fills in the gaps between frames to create smooth and realistic animations.

    • Erase and Replace

Runway allows you to redesign and remix any part of an image. You can remove or replace elements within an image to create new compositions.

    • Infinite Image

If you want to increase the dimension and add content to your image, then you can. Generate content that extends beyond the initial canvas. This feature also provides a sense of endless possibilities.

    • Motion Tracking

It also allows you to track any object's movement in a video automatically. The AI feature identifies and follows objects, allowing for precise tracking and analysis.

    • Green Screen

Remove or replace the background of a video. Replace the existing background with a different image or video, or remove it altogether.

    • Backdrop Remix

Give any photo a variety of infinite backgrounds. Experiment with different backgrounds to create stunning visual effects.

    • Super-Slow Motion

Transform any video into smooth slow motion. Enhance the dramatic effect of your footage by slowing down the action.

    • Blur Faces

Do you want to blur faces without adding any keyframes? You can automatically blur faces in videos. Protect the privacy of individuals by applying a blur effect to their faces.

    • Depth of Field

With this tool, you can even adjust the depth of field in any video. Highlight certain areas of the frame by blurring the background or foreground.

    • Scene Detection

Automatically split your footage into clips based on scene changes. Save time by automatically segmenting your videos.

    • Clean Audio

Instantly remove unwanted background noise from audio recordings. Improve the audio quality of your videos with a single click.

    • Remove Silence

Trim silent sections from audio or video files. Remove pauses or gaps in the audio to create a more concise and engaging final product.

    • Transcript

If you don't know how to convert any video to text, then use this tool. It enables you to generate accurate transcripts of spoken content. Furthermore, it makes it easier to search, edit, or repurpose your videos.

    • Subtitles

Additionally, you can even add automated subtitles to any video. The particular feature creates captions that accurately match the spoken words in a video.

    • Image Variation

Create new and creative variations of an image. Explore different styles, colors, or effects of an image to find the one that best suits your needs.

    • 3D Texture

Furthermore, you can generate 3D textures using text prompts. Describe the desired texture, and the tool will create a realistic 3D representation based on your description.

    • Inpainting

Don't want any specific object or element in your video, then simply remove it. You can remove people and objects from any of your videos. The AI intelligently fills in the gaps left behind and blends the surrounding content.

    • Color Grade (LUT)

Enhance the colors of videos using text prompts. Write the desired color grading, and AI will apply the adjustments accordingly.

    • Add Color

Bring black and white images to life by adding colors. Transform historical or monochrome images into vibrant and visually appealing compositions.

    • Upscale Image

Increase the resolution of an image. Enhance the clarity and details of your images without compromising their quality.

Bonus Part: A Comprehensive Review of The Best Video Editor With Integrated AI: Wondershare Filmora

There is quite a lot of information that you have digested about Runway ML in the previous parts. However, there are still things that are lacking in that particular platform. Although it offers much to the ecosystem, it still fails to tackle some basic video editing problems. To counter that jargon, there is another desktop video editor that makes video editing simple and efficient with AI.

We proceed to introduce Wondershare Filmora, a powerful video editing tool. When it comes to a great video editor, Filmora is a fantastic choice for almost every user scale. While it offers a plethora of unique editing features, it combines AI into video editing to perfection. Another great feature of Filmora is the “Adjustment Layer” functionality.

It allows you to apply effects and adjust multiple clips simultaneously. Furthermore, it offers an "Assets Backup & Sync” feature for you as well. This feature ensures your assets are stored and accessible across multiple devices. It's not even a start, as Filmora offers a lot more tools and editing solutions. You can also use this comprehensive video editing tool and turn your imagination into reality.

Free Download
Free Download

Runway ML vs. Wondershare Filmora – AI Features Comparison

Talking about a comprehensive comparison between the AI features offered by Runway ML and Wondershare Filmora, they both offer compelling options. However, there is a clear winner between these two tools in terms of offering quality in AI editing tools. For this, you can look into the table provided below with a comprehensive AI features comparison.

AI Feature

Wondershare Filmora


AI Copywriting

Generate compelling text and scripts with AI-powered copywriting

Not available

AI Image

Enhance and manipulate images by providing prompts using AI


AI Portrait

Create and enhance portraits with AI technology

Not available

Speech to Text (STT)

Convert audio into written text using AI


Text to Speech (TTS)

Transform written text into spoken audio using AI

Not available

Other Prominent AI Editing Features Offered By Wondershare Filmora

Apart from the features discussed above, Wondershare Filmora offers other AI editing features as well. Starting with its AI Smart Cutout tool, you can easily separate the subject from the background in your videos. All you have to do is select the area that is to be kept and the AI technology does the rest.

Following this, Filmora also offers dedicated video editing functions. It comprises of Motion Tracking, a feature that lets you track and follow moving objects in your videos. It doesn't matter if it's a person or any other element because this tool can track it. Amongst other functions that are displayed above in discussion, there are several other unique AI functions that are a part of Filmora’s AI program.

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To conclude, there are so many video editing tools that it gets difficult to choose and which to not. This article has highlighted two of the best video editors you can use to make the decision easy for you. One is RunwayML AI, and the other one is Wondershare Filmora. You can use Filmora and edit your videos into an expectation video content. To use this tool, you don't even need some expertise or skills at all.

Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan Jun 21, 24
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