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The AI-Powered Image Generation and Bing Image Creator

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jul 31, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Nobody ever imagined that a tool could generate images based on your descriptions before. However, the technology is now advanced enough to create images by entering texts. Just imagine you're entering a text prompt explaining how you imagine a picture in your mind. Consequently, AI tools such as the Bing Image Creator is intelligent enough to create the image exactly how you like it.

The internet market is now stormed with tools that are powered by AI for generating images. And, of course, it makes it difficult for the user to choose a suitable image generator. Do your research and select an image generator like Microsoft Bing Image Creator.

It is a tool that uses neural network technology for image generation, so you can try this. The article primarily focuses on bringing the details into light explaining more about the image creator from Microsoft Bing.

In this article
  1. Part 1: What Are The Potential Use Cases of AI Image Generation?
  2. Part 2: Taking Technology Ahead: Microsoft Bing Image Creator
  3. Part 3: Focusing on Some Alternatives of AI Image Generation
  4. Bonus Part: Creating AI-Infused Video To Perfection With Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
AI Image Creator
The best editor powered by AI can generate images quickly and efficiently.
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Part 1: What Are The Potential Use Cases of AI Image Generation?

AI image generation has been in utility with the proliferation of many unique, AI-infused tools. However, they have set up a diversified set of use cases in the current industry. While the industry is driving toward improvement, there is a need to recognize the potential use cases. So, before using the image-generator Bing, read the potential use cases.

1. Developing Artistic Designs

The invigoration of AI image generators influenced the development of artistic applications. Since original artworks can be recreated through AI, this has led to the exploration of new ideas. The traditional methodologies of creating designs have been pushed away using infusion with AI.

2. Product and Fashion Designing

AI has directly influenced artists and creators. Moreover, product and fashion designing has been another field influenced by AI image generators. This particular field has helped designers optimize their ideas. The creation of virtual prototypes has also been made possible with these AI-assistive tools.

3. Creating Content For Marketing

This particular field has always been a difficult pill to swallow for businesses. Marketing to perfection was a goal that all could not explicitly achieve. Artificial intelligence has made it possible that AI image generators to change the dynamics. Creating images for articles, posts, and ad campaigns has been made easy with AI image generators.

4. Reconstructing Architecture

3D modeling has been among the influenced fields of AI image generators. Various tools have included the system of providing options for reconstructing historical architecture. With the available data, users can generate entire 3D models with AI image generators.

5. Law Enforcement

Forensic investigations have been heavily improved with AI image generators. With the ability to generate facial images of suspects, solving crime has become easy. This has also improved the low-resolution images that made it difficult to suspect criminals.

Part 2: Taking Technology Ahead: Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Microsoft yet again come up with another amazing product to add to their portfolio. This product is called Bing Image Creator, an image creator, as the name suggests. It is an image creator from Microsoft Bing that uses neural network technology for this purpose. It is a very straightforward tool with a text bar to enter prompts and press enter; voila, you're good to create an image.

Did you ever think that you could visualize your words in the form of digital art? With this image-creator Bing, you can easily generate images based on your prompts. You can even command the tool to create the image in a particular style.

bing image creator website

Part 3: Focusing on Some Alternatives of AI Image Generation

Microsoft Bing Image Creator has presented great potential to become this decade's leading AI image generator. However, others sit in the market with their effective features. Some of the top AI image generators have been discussed as follows:


Developed by OpenAI, the renowned AI image generator is among the first to introduce this technology. You can create realistic images and art from impromptu descriptions with DALL-E 2. Users can generate the best AI images with concepts, attributes, and styles. DALL-E 2 has consistently developed its algorithm to present a better image resolution.

dall e 2 ai generator
  • Whatever image you generate from DALL-E 2, you'll have the copyright.
  • DALL-E 2 provides free and paid plans for the user to generate images.
  • If you provide more than 3 attributes to the tool, it might not generate the image accordingly.

Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is another impressive AI image generator with versatile operability. With an online system and smartphone applications, WOMBO provides great artistic results on prompts. The variety of art styles in WOMBO is great, with the option of importing an image as a reference. You can easily share the art through the platform, preventing you from divulging it on different platforms.

dream by wombo ai generator
  • This tool has 6 different prompt options to stylize your images.
  • The best part of this tool is that it doesn't recreate a similar image using the same prompt.
  • One of the cons of this tool is that the tool has too many ads and takes time to generate images.

Jasper Art

Belonging to a known platform, Jasper has also involved their AI art generator in the ecosystem. The image generator features perfection in their results with high-resolution results. Following this, Jasper Art ensures that all creations are available for commercial use with no royalty. The AI image generator does not attach any watermark to the creations, giving users great operability.

 jasper art ai generator
  • Jasper Art provides 6 different styling modes in free mode and more in paid versions.
  • You can describe almost 400 characters to explain how you want to create images.
  • Some users complain that the paid version doesn't provide many features compared to similar tools.

Bonus Part: Creating AI-Infused Video To Perfection With Wondershare Filmora

There are always some imperfections in tools that can be replaced with ease. Microsoft Image Bing Creator brings some great insight into the industry. However, it fails to offer the basic utility, the operations. The platform is neither diverse, nor developed to target images to perfection. Even though it draws them with higher functionality, it still misses out much.

Wondershare Filmora is the tool that helps you to remove all the imperfections in your video, audio, and images. Moreover, it enables you to make your video look even better and more polished. Filmora is packed with some powerful AI tools, which makes the tool even better. You can use its AI features to improve your video and add some amazing effects.

The AI features offered by Filmora are in development and leading results to perfection. When put in comparison with Bing Image Creator, the tool has no privilege in offering solutions for videos as well as images. This is where Filmora brings in the best results, as it features exceptional AI editing tools. From managing video to audio, you can utilize AI technology with Filmora to its roots.

Free Download
Free Download

Guided Instructions To Use the Key AI Image Tool of Wondershare Filmora

As discussed, Filmora offers some great AI tools for enhancing videos. To know more about how it puts a great comparison with the AI image functionality of Bing Image Creator, this part features some exceptional details of it:

Overview Of The AI Image Feature

If you think Wondershare Filmora is only a video editing tool, you're not correct. Wondershare Filmora, other than an excellent editor, is also an amazing image generator tool. Yes, that is a feature of Filmora that is less talked about. By providing a unique or even a simple text description, you can generate images using Filmora. This feature of Filmora is powered by advanced AI technology.

With the ability to create images out of anything, you can define other parameters as well. Select the aspect ratio, and the creation style of the image to generate unique content. Following this, you can easily use the images in generating the best video collages or other content through Filmora.

A Comprehensive Guide to Generate Images Using Filmora

Step 1 After launching Wondershare Filmora, go to the "Project Media" panel and select "Media." From the available options, choose "AI Image."

open ai image tool

Step 2 Continue to the next window and enter your text description in the toolbox. Next, choose the "Aspect Ratio" and image style according to your requirement.

provide a description and other parameters

Step 3 Proceed further by selecting the "Start Creating" button and wait to process your command. The tool will provide you with an AI-generated image; click the "Download" icon to save the file.

download the final ai image


In conclusion, image generators are becoming a buzzword nowadays. There are many good image-generation tools, but Bing image creator is one of the best. It provides you with some amazing AI image results that you'll get stunned by the outcome. However, you can edit your image into Wondershare Filmora if you still have imperfections. Moreover, you can use these images to create a great video with Filmora.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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