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Exploring Siri Voice Generators and Innovations Beyond

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Sep 04, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Siri voice generators are always in need because they can produce AI voices with perfection. AI voices are cost-effective as you don’t have to hire a professional to do voiceover or narration. The artificially created voices can imitate the natural-sounding speech of human beings. Moreover, you can generate multiple other AI voices with different languages and speaking styles with Siri sound generators.

You can use AI voices to promote your business or brand in a professional manner. This article will introduce the best Siri generators to help you in creating male and female voices. By using any of the suggested tools, you can produce AI voices with the best audio quality.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Finding the Top Best Siri Voice Generators in 2024
  2. Part 2: Pricing Plan Comparison of the Top Best Siri Voice Generators
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora AI Audio Editing: An Overview
  4. Conclusion
AI Siri Voice Editor
The best editor is integrated with AI technology to boost audio and video editing speed.
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Part 1: Finding the Top Best Siri Voice Generators in 2024

Are you excited to learn about the top-notch Siri voice generators? Read this part of the article carefully to discover the famous AI voice generators along with their key features.

1. Synthesys

Synthesys is a simple Siri voice generator that can make AI voices of both males and females. This tool allows you to create professional AI voices that you can embed in commercials, documentaries, and presentations. It also acts as a cloud-based application that lets users continue their work from any part of the world. Moreover, it contains a vast library including 370+ AI voices with 40 ultra-realistic voices.

To generate AI voice through this tool, you can type or paste the script in a textual format. Afterward, you can specify your reading speed and the pauses between sentences. Thus, it’s an amazing Siri voice generator to produce professional AI voices.

Key Features
  • You can check their ambassadors in its library to select a custom AI voice. Each ambassador has a distinctive speaking tone, accent, and style.
  • After fetching the results, you can re-render the audio until you are satisfied with the AI voice. This helps you in achieving perfection.
  • It also offers multiple features to create engaging video files with artificial intelligence. An audio song or file cannot stand alone without a creative video.
synthesys siri voice generator

2. Listnr

Do you want to create AI voices in seconds? Along with being a Siri voice generator, Listnr is a vibrant tool that uses text-to-speech technology to generate AI voices. Its library contains more than 900 AI voices with unique tones and styles; you can explore these AI voices to find your desired one.

Moreover, it supports up to 142 languages to help a diverse audience globally. You can also explore the use cases of AI voices in its platform to have some ideas. On its interface, you can also search for the language and accent before creating an AI voice. By previewing the voices, you will be able to choose your desired AI voice tone and style.

Key Features
  • You can distribute your AI voices by utilizing its embedded audio player. This tool provides customizable and efficient audio player widgets that can further enhance your content.
  • It allows you to export or convert your audio files to MP3 and WAV formats. With Listnr AI, you do not need to worry about converting audio to a suitable format first.
  • You can also make voice cloning through this tool within 3 seconds. The voiceover feature offered in Listnr is not only quick but efficient in results.
listnr siri voice generator


LOVO AI has a rich interface containing tons of AI features. Using this Siri sound generator, you can produce over 150 AI voices. To help you with diversity, it recognizes more than 100 different languages and accents. It’s a cost-effective tool that can produce natural AI voices that won’t sound robotic. To constantly improve the audio quality of AI voices, it is monitored by machine learning engineers.

Furthermore, you can utilize its professional features to add pause and emphasis to your AI voice. While writing the text, adjust the settings to determine the desired tone of your AI voice.

Key Features
  • Using this tool, you can emphasize specific words, syllables, or phrases to generate a dramatic effect in your AI voice.
  • With its "Producer Mode," determine the pitch of your AI voice thoroughly. This helps in maintaining the quality of your audio.
  • Moreover, it is not limited to AI voice generation, but it also provides other AI services, i.e., automated writing, art generation, video creation, and basic editing.
lovo siri voice generator

4. Murf AI

Murf AI is a powerful tool containing more than 120 AI voices. You can avail of these AI voices by converting your text into speech. Along with being a Siri voice generator, it supports over 20 languages and provides customizable options. For example, you can specify pitch, emphasis, speed, and interjections while creating an AI voice. Moreover, you can download free AI voices from this tool without paying any cost.

Furthermore, it lets you execute efficient voice editing on its interface. The tool will automatically transcribe your audio content into text. By doing so, you can edit your audio content flawlessly.

Key Features
  • You can also remove unwanted background noises from your audio file with its audio editing options.
  • It also offers an AI voice changer to help you modify your raw audio file with your desired voice.
  • With this Siri voice generator, you can also effectively add voiceover on your Google Slides.
murf ai siri voice generator

Part 2: Pricing Plan Comparison of the Top Best Siri Voice Generators

Do you want to discover the most affordable Siri voice generator? Consider the following section to check the pricing plans of the top-notch Siri generators:

Siri Voice Generators

Pricing Plans (Per Month)


AI Voices: $23

AI Humans: $35

AI Image: $19

Synthesys AI Studio Bundle: $239


Student: $9

Individual: $19


Basic: $25

Pro: $48

Pro+: $149

Murf AI

Basic: $29

Pro: $39

Enterprise: $75 (Billed Annually)

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora AI Audio Editing: An Overview

There is no problem in accepting the fact that the above-mentioned Siri sound generators have been a great addition to content creation. These applications cannot be denied, yet it isn't the voice you want to hear in all types of videos. To add more realistic AI voices other than Siri, we recommend Wondershare Filmora.

It is the best solution that contains every feature to tackle your everyday problems related to video and audio files. Along with being a professional video editor, it does not disappoint us when it comes to its audio editing capabilities. It is integrated with AI technology to boost your audio editing speed. Moreover, it features an organized interface, allowing you to navigate to each option smoothly.

Free Download
Free Download

Potential AI Audio Features of Wondershare Filmora

Filmora has dedicated some of its AI features to audio editing. Here is how you can rely on it to edit your voiceovers, narrations, and other audio files:

  • AI Audio Stretch: This feature lets you adjust your audio track with respect to the length of your video. This helps in giving your video the perfect music vibe you imagined.
ai audio stretch filmora
  • AI Audio Denoise: Tired of annoying background noises? No worries, as the AI audio denoise feature lets you remove disturbing background noises from your audio track.
ai audio denoise filmora
  • Audio Ducking: To make your video file artistic, you can use audio ducking to adjust the volumes of multiple tracks. This will let you highlight your desired audio tracks by modifying their volumes.
audio ducking filmora
  • Text to Speech: Do you want to add voiceover to your video automatically? The TTS feature of Filmora lets you convert your video script into voiceover in up to 25 languages.
text to speech filmora


Siri sound generators are essential for creating podcasts, presentations, and explainer videos with perfect voiceovers. By using the recommended tools described in this article, you can easily produce AI voices in your desired tone and speaking style.

Moreover, these tools can also help you in creating AI voices in your preferred language. For a more advanced tool to edit your voiceovers, you can also try Wondershare Filmora.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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