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Top 10 AI Tools for Students to Ace Their Exams and Projects

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Originally published Oct 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

When you mention the term AI, most people tend to think of the impact it has on businesses. However, AI websites for students have been on the rise, drastically improving our educational systems. The machine learning and language tools behind AI sites for students are now a game changer when it comes to academics. Students now have the option of individualized tutoring or even intelligent study aids to help them succeed in academics. In this article, we explore the top 10 useful AI websites for students, including their features and usability.

Part 1. The Best AI Tools for Different Student Projects

The top AI websites for students offer a wide range of solutions from writing assistants to creating professional headshots. The best AI websites for students make learning and writing quicker, as well as reduce errors in your work. Some of the tools will check whether your assignment is your own original work while others will guide you studying.

In this article
  1. Caktus AI –Best AI Writing Assistant for Students
  2. ChatGPT – Most Popular Chatbot
  3. Grammarly – Best AI for Proofreading and Editing
  4. Copyscape – Best AI for Quick Plagiarism Check
  5. Turnitin – Best AI for Producing Original Work
  6. Gradescope – Best AI for Grading Assignments
  7. Aragon AI – Best AI for Professional Headshots
  8. Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition – Best AI for Transcription
  9. Ivy Chatbot – Best AI for Completing University Processes
  10. Knowji – Best AI for Audio-Visual Concepts

Let’s now have a look at each of these AI sites for students and find out what is each best known for. Learn how to use these tools at your fingertips, and achieve a lot more in your school work with less time.

1. Caktus AI - Best AI Writing Assistant for Students

Caktus AI is an AI writing assistance that automates school work, allowing students to focus more on what they love. The AI website for students requires you to give it some input and it takes care of the rest.


Main Features

  • Code writing
  • Paragraph writing
  • Essay writing
  • Math problem-solving

Pricing Model

  • Pay yearly - US$8.33/mo. or US$99.99 billed annually

2. ChatGPT – Most Popular Chatbot

ChatGPT is a popular and sophisticated free chatbot that students use for learning and preparing their schoolwork. Students can use the chatbot to get answers to difficult questions or prompt it to provide answers in a certain tone.


Main Features

  • Generate outlines for essays
  • Compose essays
  • Have philosophical conversations
  • Create AI Art prompts
  • Code writing


  • GPT-3: Free
  • GPT -4: US$20/mo.

3. Grammarly – Best AI for Proofreading and Editing

Grammarly is an AI-powered AI writing tool that ensures that your essays are absolutely perfect in term of grammar and spelling. The tool can suggest style improvements, and alter the tone of your text to appeal to your audience. This helps writing assignments without the worry of having errors.


Main Features

  • Grammar and checker
  • Essay checker
  • Citation generator
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Ai writing tools
  • Tone detector and brand tones
  • Style guide


  • Free – US$0
  • Premium – US$12/mo.
  • Business – US$15/member/mo.

4. Copyscape – Best AI for Quick Plagiarism Check

Copyscape is an AI-powered plagiarism checker that ensures your assignments are originally written. The tool will check your essay or assignment against published texts to make sure they are not plagiarized.


Main Features

  • Duplicate Detection
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Full Text Search
  • Monitoring and Filtering
  • Problem Area Alerts


  • 3c per search up to 200 words
  • 1c per extra 100 words

5. Turnitin – Best AI for Producing Original Work

Turnitin is an AI-powered solution that promotes academic integrity by deterring plagiarism and streamlining grading and feedback. Although mostly used by teachers to ensure the work was originally written, students can also improve their outcomes by running their assignments on this website before submission.


Main Features

  • Detects plagiarism by marking content as “similar” and leaving the judgment to the instructor
  • Protects papers and prevents access to the student database.
  • Provides information about the source named in the Originality report


  • Offers institutional licenses for schools and universities starting from $3 per student
  • No individual licenses are available

6. Gradescope – Best AI for Grading Assignments

Gradescope is the best AI website for students to assess each other and provide feedback. The website relies on a combination of AI and machine learning (ML) to make it easier to grade school work. Students can use the tool to gauge their progress while teachers find Gradescope useful in grading paper-based exams and online homework.


Main Features

  • Manual and AI-assisted question grouping
  • AI-assisted grading
  • Student-specific time extensions
  • Increased efficiency and fairness


  • Offers customized prices for basic and institutional plans

7. Aragon AI – Best AI for Professional Headshots

Aragon AI allows you to turn your selfies into professional headshots. With this AI-powered website, you can create stunning realistic AI photos of yourself for use in your school projects or social media.


Main Features

  • Multiple professional headshots with different styles based on personal photos
  • A secure tool with industry-standard AES-256-bit encryption
  • Automatic deletion of your AI headshots within 30 days of creation


  • Individual – Starts from US$29/mo.
  • Team – US$750 for at least 25 members

8. Nuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition – Best AI for Transcription

This is one of the best ai sites for students providing speech recognition. The AI-powered website is useful to both students and faculty by transcribing up to 160 words per minute. This makes it helpful for student who find it difficult to type or write their assignments. It also supports verbal commands that help students with accessibility requirements navigate documents.


Main Features

  • Dictate class work with 99% accuracy 
  • Accessibility features supporting verbal commands
  • Voice to assess student work


  • Dragon Anywhere – US$14.99/mo.
  • Dragon Professional Individual – US$500/license
  • Dragon Legal Individual - US$500/license

9. Ivy Chatbot – Best AI for Completing University Processes

Ivy Chatbot is a set of AI tools that assist in various university processes. This includes application forms, deadlines, enrollment, tuition costs, and more. The chatbot also has the ability to plan recruitment camps using gathered data. Students can use the tool to get details on scholarships, loans, tuition payments, grants, and more.


Main Features

  • Integrations for ERP, Facebook, CRM, and SIS
  • Live chat and SMS nudging
  • Become smarter over time through interaction with used


  • Basic plan - US$59/mo.
  • Essential plan is $99/mo.
  • Unlimited plan is $149/mo.

10. Knowji – Best AI for Audio-Visual Concepts

Knowji is a top AI website for students that offers audio-visual vocabulary applications. The website leverages current educational research to help language learners understand concepts faster. It tracks progress on every word and predicts when users are likely to forget.


Main Features

  • Common Core Alignment 
  • Customizable and adaptable
  • Multiple learning modes
  • Images and example sentences


  • Purchase – US$9.9

Part 2. Explore the Benefits of Wondershare Filmora's AI Features

Students can achieve a lot with AI tools. Wondershare Filmora also offers various AI features that students can use with video editing for presentations, showcasing their projects, or creating educational features. The versatile video editing tool is easy to use and offers all these tools in one place. The good thing is you can use these features on the go, straight from your mobile phone

Smart Editing Tips with Filmora Mobile's AI Features | Wondershare Filmora 12

AI Features
AI Features

Let’s have a look at some of the features students may find useful:

AI Copywriting

AI Copywriting allows you to instantly generate text for your projects. It could be for your next presentation or video. You can get inspiration through AI-generated script or simply add text when editing a video. The feature also allows you to generate titles and descriptions for your videos.

AI Image

The AI image is a transformational feature that automatically generates images from your text. Simply prompt Filmora what you want to see, and it will instantly generate 3 resolutions of the image to choose from.

AI Smart Cut Out

With the AI Smart Cut Out features you can easily select and edit out any unwanted background or objects in your clips. If you are making a presentation and do not like a certain object appearing, simply select it and cut it out from the clip. This could be anything from people, items, to even merchandise and icons.


This article has reviewed ten important tools, from free AI websites for students to the best AI sites for students. Each tool is unique, but they all help in making the life of a student a little bit easier. Along those lines, Wondershare Filmora has stood out as a useful editing software for students alike. With several AI features readily available, you can create better school projects and complete various tasks. We recommend student explore these features and use Filmora to improve their learning outcomes and productivity.

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Mar 27, 24
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