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Imagen AI: A Comprehensive Review of the New AI Text-to-Image Model

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Oct 26, 23, updated Jul 18, 24

A lot happened quickly since the launch of AI models for people to use. When Google introduced Imagen AI, many people expressed their excitement about the range of possibilities this new product would bring. The text-to-image AI model is now being widely used in creative content generation, image editing and enhancement, education, medical imaging, and more. In this article, we provide a comprehensive review of Google Imagen AI and demonstrate how well it is performing in the AI world.

In this article
  1. Part 1. What Is Google Imagen AI: Background and Capabilities
  2. Part 2. What AI Features Make Google Imagen AI's Standout
  3. Part 3. How to Generate Images with Google Imagen AI
  4. Part 4. Generate Realistic Photos with Filmora AI Image
  5. Conclusion
AI Image Generator
Wondershare Filmora AI Image Generator brings the magic to text-to-image uniquely!
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Part 1. What Is Google Imagen AI: Background and Capabilities

Imagen AI is a text-to-image diffusion model, which has been trained on a massive dataset of images and text to generate images accurately. The tools fall under the growing collection of AI text-to-image generators, including Dream by Wombo, DALL-E 2. And Stable Fusion. It stands out as a strong AI-powered platform for image analysis and recognition. Imagen AI automatically classifies images, segments them, adds captions, and more.

google imagen ai

Background and History of Imagen AI

Imagen AI was developed, and first announced by Google AI 2022. The AI-based diffusion model is a type of deep learning model that generates images from text descriptions. This involves gradually adding noise to an image until it is completely white, and then it reverses the process by removing noise from images until they become clear and recognizable.

As far as the tech behind Imagen AI is concerned, the model was trained on a massive dataset of images and text collected from the web and books. This included a wide selection of images and text descriptions, from everyday items to more abstract concepts. Based on this knowledge, the AI model has become effective in generating realistic and high-quality images from text descriptions.

Expertise and Capabilities of Imagen AI in Computer Vision

One of the factors that make Imagen AI to stands out is its ability to understand of the visual world. The AI model is an advanced computer vision model that has been trained with diverse dataset to understand almost any kind of image. This means Imagen AI by Google can be used to solve new and emerging problems in the field of computer vision. Some of its most successful cases include:

  • Classifying images with a high accuracy of over 95%.
  • Detecting and localizing objects in images with over 90% accuracy.
  • Segment images into different parts with over 95% accuracy.
  • Generate realistic and high-quality images from text descriptions in over 80% of cases.

With such a level of success, Imagen AI is poised to revolutionize the way we interact with images in everyday life.

Part 2. What AI Features Make Google Imagen AI's Standout

Imagen AI offers a variety of AI features for image analysis and recognition. Powered by a deep learning model that understands the visual Imagen AI can perform complex tasks using the following features:

1. Image classification

Imagen AI Google can classify images into different categories, such as animals or objects. This feature is particularly useful in medical imaging to analyze images like X-rays and MRI scans during diagnosis.

image classification

2. Object detection

The AI automatically detects and localizes objects in images. This includes even in objects that are partially obscured or overlapping. With this feature, Imagen AI is effective in moderating moderation by removing harmful content like pornography and hate speech from images.

object identification

3. Image segmentation

The AI identifies and segments images into different parts. It can accurately segment the foreground and the background sections of an image. Do you want to move around objects on the image? You can do that too with Imagen AI.  

object segmentation

4. Image captioning

Imagen instantly generates captions for images to describe what is happening. The features enhances accessibility by providing visual information about the image. Blid people or those with low vision can use this feature to understand the elements in the image.

image captioning

5. Image search

Imagen AI Google will search for similar images in a database, and generate results based on their visual content. With this feature, you can also look for products online using images to search.

image search

6. Image editing

You can use Google Imagen AI to edit and enhance your images, including removing blemishes and upscaling your images.

image editing

Part 3. How to Generate Images with Google Imagen AI

The following steps explain how to use Imagen AI, including the process to access and utilize the platform. The section also explains how you can upload images for analysis.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Google Imagen AI

Step 1Sign up for Google Imagen AI

Google Imagen AI is currently in beta testing. Visit the AI Test Kitchen website to sign up and get instructions for use.

Step 2Upload an image to Imagen AI

Use the "Upload Image" button.

Step 3Select an AI feature

Click on the "Select AI Feature," and from the drop-down menu, select the AI feature you are interested in using.

Step 4Perform analysis

For instance, you may have selected the "Image Classification" feature. In this case, Google Imagen AI will classify your image into its relevant category.

Step 5Receive results

You may view the results on the Imagen AI platform or download them to your computer

Part 4. Generate Realistic Photos with Filmora AI Image

When it comes to AI image generators, the more the variety the more satisfactory the outcome. You can complement Google Imagen AI with WonderShare Filmora’s AI Image feature. Both are great text-to-image tools, but they can provide unique results when used together. But with Filmora, you get 3 resolutions to choose from and images that you can use directly for your video projects. Let’s have a look at the AI image feature in more detail.

Why Use Filmora AI Image

  • Turn Your Words into Art: Filmora AI Image Generator brings the magic to text-to-image uniquely. Use your own words to bring beautiful visuals to life.
  • 3 Resolutions to Choose From: You get to pick the perfect resolution for your AI-generated image, giving you more control of your project.
  • Ability to Use Directly for Video Project: The AI-generated image can be directly used in your video editing project, allowing you to transform your inspiration into visual images using just text descriptions.
  • No Limit to Art Style: You are not limited to several dull art styles when using the AI Image feature. Generate different art pictures based on the unique picture style you are looking for.
Free Download
Free Download

How to Use Filmora AI Image?

Using the Filmora AI Image feature to generate realistic images is as simple as telling it what you want and an image is instantly generated. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1Open AI Image Generator

Once you launch the Filmora Software, create a new project. Click AI Image at the top of the Media panel to start generating your images.

ai image step 1
Step 2Generate Images from Text

In the prompt text box, enter a description for your desired image. Try to be as descriptive as possible, choice the preferred resolution, and the "Start Creating" button.

ai image step 2
Step 3Download and Use the Image

Once the image has been generated, Click on the “Download Icon” to download it to the local folder or start using it in your video project.

ai image step 3

Once you have generated your image, you can further enhance it using the following AI Features directly on Filmora:

  • AI Portrait - Remove video and image backgrounds easily without using a Chroma Key or Green Screen.
  • Auto Reframe – Resize your images and videos automatically to fit different screen sizes of resolutions.
  • AI Smart Cutout – Automatically removes any unwanted objects from the image, including people and icons.
  • Instant Mode – Add multiple images or videos to Filmora, and it will automatically create a video for you with no editing skills needed.


Imagen AI’s AI features are quite useful in analysis and recognition. You can do a lot more than just generate AI images from text descriptions. Imagen AI can identify objects in images, segment them, add captions, and do a lot more for enhancement. When complemented with Filmora’s AI Image feature. The range of possibilities becomes endless. You can now generate more realistic images in multiple resolutions, and use them directly for your video projects.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 18, 24
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