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How to Use GitHub Copilot: Working Through The Details

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 20, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Developers usually get tired of writing the same codes and constant debugging. Then, spending countless hours searching for errors proves hectic for them. With the advancement in AI, many tools have been developed for their help. GitHub Copilot is no exception among AI coding assistant tools. It makes developers write code faster in any programming language.

Now the concern is GitHub copilot how to use this widespread platform. In this article, you will explore the benefits and details of using this AI pair programmer. Moreover, we will highlight tips and tricks to maximize the use of GitHub. Last but not least, there will be a few examples to show GitHub copilot how it works.   

In this article
  1. Part 1. Getting to Know About GitHub Copilot: Basic Details
  2. Part 2. Mentioning the Important Tips Users Need to Follow While Using GitHub Copilot
  3. Part 3. Understanding GitHub Copilot and Its Utility with Some Examples
  4. Bonus Part. Video Editing Made Easy: Wondershare Filmora and AI Copiloting
  5. Conclusion
AI Copilot Editing
Say goodbye to editing roadblocks and hello to a smoother, smarter editing experience with Filmora’s AI Copilot!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. Getting to Know About GitHub Copilot: Basic Details

In simple words, a GitHub copilot is an AI pair programmer who assists in coding tasks. It provides suggestions for code completions after analyzing the context. Programmers can write codes faster and learn different coding languages. GitHub copilot is based on Codex, which OpenAI creates. This Copilot can accept natural language prompts and use context from comments.

Globally, 55% of developers prefer to use GitHub Copilot for several reasons. Now, let's shed light on some of its benefits to know why it is popular among developers.

  • Takes off repetitive coding to focus on more creative coding tasks.
  • Teach you about a new programming language when you input natural language prompts.
  • Translate your code to a less familiar programming language so you can learn from it.
  • It has a perfect memory in case you forget some functions while coding.
  • The auto-complete suggestions enable you to code faster and be productive.
github copilot overview

Part 2. Mentioning the Important Tips Users Need to Follow While Using GitHub Copilot

As mentioned earlier, GitHub copilot contains several benefits for users. Even GitHub can make you understand the existing code with the right prompt. Now, you might be expecting the GitHub copilot and how it works guidelines, but wait for it. First, let's learn some tips and tricks that you should know before using GitHub.

  • The first tip to consider is carefully considering the language you are using. It is suggested to use JavaScript, C++, Python, and Ruby.
  • Provide examples to GitHub so it can better understand the concept you want.
  • Open one or two relevant tabs to help GitHub contextualize the code well.
  • Try experimenting with prompts and learn which input is appropriate for good results.
  • Write descriptive functions and variable names to get consistent coding patterns.
  • Remember to test your code to quickly catch any incorrect code.

Part 3. Understanding GitHub Copilot and Its Utility with Some Examples

If you want to get the most out of GitHub, divide the code into smaller functions. Also, provide meaningful function parameters and names for good results. Using GitHub Copilot requires attention to get appropriate and working codes. Some people better understand concepts through examples. Thus, they should read the given examples to get a clearer picture of how to use GitHub Copilot.

Example 1

In the first example, they use a blank JavaScript file and insert “Pure” functions. They have started with functions like logMessage, addTwoNumbers, and calcDiffBetweenDates.

GitHub can auto-fill the function that is grounded on a comment. Then, the functions expected to be used were APIs like Twitter. Later, with AWS SDK functions similar to uploadToS3, getSignedUrlS3, and insertIntoDynamodb were written.

auto fill javascript code

Now, test the email and validate the URL regex. You should start with an easy one such as binarySearch and then shift to the hard one like longestValidParentheses.

Try some random stuff and enter whatIsTheMeaningOfLife returns back 42. It’s a number that novelist Douglas Adams uses in his science fiction. The number is the answer by the super-computer in that sci-fi. This example might be useful within many contexts of applications.

Example 2

This example is on drawing a white house GIF with a brown roof and red door. To do so, comment on the top stating that you want a p5.js to draw. Then, write comments for each detail of the elements you want and let GitHub generate the code.

white house gif code

Provide specific Details: Copilot retrieves data from API, so tell it the data you want to retrieve. Tell it how to process the data and the endpoint you hope to hit in API. It's more like providing specific details; below is a non-specific comment. There, Copilot generated nothing besides the names, openings, and closing brackets.

Now, look into this example of a specific comment where GitHub provides useful suggestions.

Give Examples: Apart from telling GitHub what you want, show it with examples. This way, you can train the Copilot to generate code that matches your preferred coding style. Now, see the code below with examples and without examples provided to GitHub Copilot.

You can see that, where the example is given, GitHub achieves the right direction.

Example 3

Imagine you are working on Java that requires implementing a hash table data structure. In this regard, you have to create a class to store key-value pairs. As you start typing, GitHub will suggest a code snippet to finish the class.

hash table data structure code

This code implements Hash Table data using an array of linked lists. It has three methods: “put,” “get,” and “remove.” In short, this code provides a good way to store and retrieve key-value pairs.  

Bonus Part. Video Editing Made Easy: Wondershare Filmora and AI Copiloting

Integration of AI in tools has been a real game changer in recent years. Many AI applications on the internet make the daily task easier. Notably, Wondershare Filmora holds the dominance in video editors among any other AI tool. It’s a video editor that equips you with various AI features to expand your creativity.

With its cross-platform compatibility, you can edit and save content on any device. Marketers, influencers, and freelancers are completely relying on Filmora. Like GitHub Copilot, Filmora also offers an AI assistant named AI Copilot Editor. To know about it, you can read the key features of Filmora discussed below:

Free Download
Free Download

1. AI Copilot Editing

Get the best possible tips and solutions related to your videos using this feature. With advanced algorithms, it analyzes your footage and provides tailored solutions. You just have to prompt in natural language, and it will provide suggestions with navigations. Besides making features accessible, it aims to ensure the quality of your projects.

2. AI Text-to-Video

Who needs a camera and a crew when creating an engaging video is possible without it? Filmora offers an AI feature to transform the written script into a stunning video. Apart from converting, you can set the video appearance by changing its font, color, and style. Users can keep audience’s attention by using smooth transitions between text and elements.   

3. AI Music Generator

Create your own masterpiece in search of unique and copyright-free music. This feature enables you to generate a customized soundtrack in seconds. Users have to pick one mood of their choice from the given options. Afterward, you can select the number of music tracks you wish to get. According to your project’s length, it allows you to adjust the music duration.  

4. AI Thumbnail Creator

A thumbnail is the first thing that makes viewers decide to watch or skip the video. Filmora captures the best shot from your video and selects three images out of it. Despite that, you can browse one thumbnail template from available templates. Bring diversity to your content through thumbnails of different colors, fonts, and animations.

5. AI Smart Masking

Sometimes, dim sunlight ruins the natural landscape image. So, editors have to exert extra struggle to make the images attractive. In this regard, Filmora offers an AI feature that detects an object and changes the background. You can perform multi-layer overlay editing after isolating the subject from the background. Also, users can make color corrections and professional gradings through this function.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Filmora AI Copilot

From the above overview, you might know how powerful Filmora is. GitHub Copilot how it works was quite difficult than using the AI copilot editing of Filmora. Thus, read the following steps and use the AI Copilot editor without wasting time and effort.

Step 1: Access Filmora to Enter the Editing Screen

Double-tap on the Filmora Application in your system. Before that, ensure you have the latest version of Wondershare Filmora. Head to the “New Project” option from its main interface. This way, you will enter the editing screen.

start new project filmora

Step 2: Explore AI Copilot Editing Feature

From the editing window, look for the copilot option in the toolbar of the timeline section. By hitting that, you will get the “Filmora Copilot” pop-up screen. Alternatively, you can right-click on your video in the timeline panel.

look for ai copilot editing

Step 3: Get Benefit from Using Filmora Copilot

As you reach the “Filmora Copilot” screen, write your question in the search bar. You can take an example from the existing questions there. Finally, click “Ask AI” and find the answer and navigation.

generate suggestion from copilot
Free Download
Free Download


To summarize, GitHub can process natural language prompts and suggest immediate codes. It's the most useful tool that assists developers in coding. If we talk about AI assistants, then Filmora is a true game changer in the video editing domain. As highlighted above, its Copilot editor is far more effective than GitHub Copilot how to use.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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