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Finding the Best Game Recorder for PC in 2024

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Originally published Mar 08, 24, updated Mar 27, 24

You’re likely familiar with recording gameplays if you’re involved in the gaming community. The desire to share our gameplay adventures has never been more widely spread. YouTube and Twitch serve as popular hubs for gamers to showcase their skills and build communities.

However, with various game recorders, finding the perfect fit for your next gameplay recording can be challenging. We've tested many options to ease your search and made a list to enhance your gaming experience.

In this article
  1. Part 2. Top Best Game Recorders To Consider for Efficient Recording
  2. Part 3. Make Screen Recording Simple and Easy: Wondershare Filmora
  3. Conclusion

Part 1: Discussing the Advancements in Game Recording in the Digital Realm

Game recording has evolved from basic methods to sophisticated tools. In the past, gamers used VHS recorders connected to consoles. Moreover, screen capture software like Fraps became popular in the early 2000s. Afterward, built-in recording features within PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simplified the process.

Platforms like Twitch emerged for live streaming in the late 2010s. Cloud gaming services have revolutionized recording by allowing gameplay on remote servers. Finally, modern game recorders emerged to provide instant replay and webcam integration.

Chronological Understanding of the Advancements in Game Recordings

  1. Users can now capture gameplay in stunning 4K resolution for top-notch visual quality.
  2. Frame rate settings ensure smooth playback of recorded videos.
  3. Bitrate settings let you control recording quality and file size.
  4. Players can use GPU power for faster and more efficient video encoding.
  5. Multi-channel audio recording lets you record gameplay audio, microphone input, and other sources. Also, it separates tracks for easy editing and control.
  6. An infusion of overlays in the webcam adds a personalized touch to gameplay videos, building competition in quality offering.
  7. Network switching within software is possible without any cross-platform shift, from recording to live streaming.


PewDiePie is one of the leading stars in YouTube stardom. His game screen recording is proof of how online entertainment has changed. He earned his initial fame by playing horror games with funny commentary. People loved his infectious personality and unique style. Furthermore, he expanded his content to include games, vlogs, and entertaining stuff. Now, he has a fan base of 111M, positioning him as the most influential figure in online gaming.

Part 2: Top Best Game Recorders To Consider for Efficient Recording

Most of us play games for fun while wanting to share the gameplay with friends. The game screen recorder helps you share the screen with others to enjoy with them. Let's go through the options of tools that can record gameplay screens efficiently:

Best Game Recorders for PC
5.Aqua Demo
7.Action! Game Recorder
8.Wondershare DemoCreator



Movavi lets you do full-screen or custom area recording with various functionalities. Using this tool, you can annotate the screen while recording for real-time experience. For improving viewer’s attention, you can also illuminate mouse cursor and keystrokes within the recording screen. It also features a noise reduction feature to get rid of intrusive voices. Movavi can take scrolling screenshots to capture content that doesn't fit on one screen.

movavi screen recorder for pc gaming


  • This game screen recording tool has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use without the need for training.
  • The tool allows you to capture audio and video simultaneously and separately.


  • It offers limited features when it comes to video manipulation while recording games.

2.OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software is the best screen recorder for games when it comes to finding open-source recorders. This recorder enables you to record multiple scenes at a time. It offers seamless transitions to switch between the scenes. Users can use the audio mixer feature of the tool for noise suppression and gain. The tool also provides the configuration option to add new sources and replace existing ones.

obs screen recorder for pc gaming


  • You can capture multiple windows simultaneously with the help of this tool, giving diversified opportunities.
  • This screen recorder allows you to preview sources and scenes before live streaming.


  • OBS is challenging for beginners due to its steep learning curve.


Gamers can record high-resolution gameplay in 4K UHD and 480FPS with Bandicam. Upon utilizing this tool, they record gameplay and voice to share with friends on YouTube. This Lolio game recorder uses a webcam and mic to record gameplay with the player's live face and voice. Plus, you can also save the audio track of the gameplay record in separate WAV files.

bandicam screen recorder for pc gaming


  • This game recorder compresses high-quality video to save space.
  • Bandicam supports the latest hardware acceleration from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA.


  • It only works on Windows and does not support Mac, Android, or Linux.


Content creators and game players can use this all-in-one streaming and recording tool. This video game recorder allows you to switch from a solo camera to a podcast easily. You can start streaming to any broadcast platform with the native plugin of the tool. XSplit Broadcaster enables you to add multiple animation and broadcast effects to your scenes.

xsplit screen recorder for pc gaming


  • Users can record multiple scenes at the same time with this screen recorder. This helps you in covering more content in similar timeframes.
  • You can do custom transitions of various scenes with the help of this tool.


  • Installing XSplit Broadcaster in your system slows down the running of the PC dramatically.

5.Aqua Demo

Aqua Demo is the best way to record gameplay on a PC to produce high-quality video. You can easily record gameplay as the interface of the tool is intuitive and easy to use. It supports various video formats, including AVI, MP4, and MOV, to save the recordings. Users can do editing while recording to make it engaging and interactive.

aqua demo recorder for pc gaming

Image Name: best-game-recorder-for-pc-2024-5.jpg

Image Alt:


  • This tool allows you to record video using the sound of a PC, microphone, or both.
  • You can easily schedule when video recording should take place with this tool.


  • AceThinker Aqua Demo offers a limited trial version to its users for screen recording.


GoPlay is the best software to record gameplay as it allows you to record yourself while gaming. With the help of this software, users can do basic editing of the video before live streaming. Plus, it allows you to record fast-paced games up to 60fps for smooth results. The software offers the feature to remove unwanted noise in the video.

goplay screen recorder for pc gaming


  • This screen recorder offers you the option to dub your own voice within the video recording.
  • It helps to adjust the audio of each track on the timeline.


  • Unlike other screen recorders, it has a small number of transitions and effects.

7.Action! – Game Recorder

Action! stands out as one of the best screen recorder for games, as it uses low CPU space. Gamers can record smooth HD video of gameplay up to 120fps. You can make 20 times smaller video recordings with the help of this tool. Also, users are able to apply different editing effects to the recorder clips. This tool even enables you to control video recording with a smartphone.

action screen recorder for pc gaming

Image Name: best-game-recorder-for-pc-2024-7.jpg

Image Alt:


  • Action supports the webcam and microphone commentary during recording.
  • It displays current and average FPS while playing games and saves benchmark results.


  • People face usability issues like problems with frame rate drops while recording.

8.Wondershare DemoCreator

Users can use DemoCreator on Windows and Mac to record the screen of gameplay. No doubt, it is a cool game recording software available to users. It also offers lag-free recording for uninterrupted gameplay records. You can plan and automate recording sessions with the help of this software. This game recorder provides a dynamic cursor effect for a visual guide of your audience.

democreator screen recorder for pc gaming


  • Wondershare DemoCreator offers dual monitor recording for an expanded view.
  • User can create their own virtual avatars for presenting the content through video.


  • The tool has limited functionality in the free version, so you have to buy its premium subscription.

10+ Screen Recorder without Watermark

Part 3: Make Screen Recording Simple and Easy: Wondershare Filmora

Gaming has made a significant impact on people as the associated industry keep producing new games with the latest technology. Moreover, the popularity of streaming games online has also increased. In this case, gamers need an effective game recorder software. Wondershare Filmora is the most efficient solution to effective screen recording. This video game recorder tool can capture any area of your selection. 

Filmora also has various built-in editing tools and recording effects. You can also customize the ratio and size of your recording screen by changing the height and width. This tool records the screen and captures the audio from your microphone at the same time. Gamers can schedule their recording with the Record Timer feature. Moreover, you can customize your keystrokes and make hotkey combinations.

Other Features of Wondershare Filmora

  1. Split Screen: The Split Screen feature has up to 250+ pre-made templates that help you create animated video collages. You can have up to 6 screens for gameplaying or live chat channels on your screen. There are thousands of effects and filters you add to each of the screens.
split screen filmora feature
  1. AI Thumbnail Creator: Filmora provides a Thumbnail feature that can generate exclusive thumbnails for your videos. It supports advanced text and image editing tools with 58+ templates. You can get stunning thumbnails for your gameplay in seconds with the help of AI.
ai thumbnail filmora feature
  1. AI Vocal Remover: If you are having trouble with unnecessary background noise, remove it with the AI vocal remover feature. Streamers can separate the vocals from their microphone and gameplay. Also, you can dub videos freely without losing audio quality.
ai vocal remover filmora feature

Steps-by-Step Guide to Screen Record With Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora provides the best way to record gameplay on your PC, as it gives you the necessary features. So, let's discuss the steps on how to record a professional gameplay recording. The following are the steps to record gameplay with Filmora:

Step 1 Launch and Create a New Project on Filmora

After downloading Filmora on your PC and launching the software, go to the “Create Project” tab on the left-side panel. Here, you can click the “New Project” option to open the main editing interface.

create a new project for screen recording
Step 2 Record Gameplay on Your PC

On the main interface, click the “Record” option above the media panel. From the drop-down panel, select the “Record PC Screen” option. After that, a small panel screen with the name “Wondershare Screen Recorder” will appear on your PC.

start recording pc screen
Step 3 Adjust Recording Settings for Gaming

Now, adjust the screen recording settings according to your preference. You can change the screen's dimensions from full screen to target window. Also, choose to turn on the microphone, audio, and camera by clicking on their icons. Now, hit the dropdown menu of “Settings,” and change the frame rate and other video options. Once you are satisfied with the settings, hit the “Start Recording” button to start.

adjust game recording settings


Gamers need to find the best tool to share their gaming moments in 2024. Filmora is a standout choice among the game recording software for PCs. The software is reliable and enriched with features that are easy to use. You can record, edit, and share your exciting gameplay adventures with the audience. If you're on the lookout for the best game recorder for your PC, Filmora is a solid recommendation.

Arvin Alejandro
Arvin Alejandro Mar 27, 24
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