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How to Do Screen Record Snapchat on Mobile Phone?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Oct 19, 22, updated May 20, 24

Snapchat has 306 million users daily worldwide. It is considered the fastest way to share a moment and make a memory out of it. The article reflects upon screen record Snapchat and covers ways to do so via Android and iPhone devices. Let us commence this, shall we?

Part 1: Will Snapchat Know When You Do Screen Recording?

Snapchat was designed in a way that it protects the privacy of the users. According to this social networking software policy, the messages and snaps disappear after 24 hours. It creates an urge to screenshot the snap or screen record the chat without getting noticed. The section reflects the answer to the concern if you screen record on Snapchat, does it show?”

The answer is yes. Snapchat sends a notification to the other person if you screen record on Snapchat. It plays a vital role as it helps steer clear from the stalkers and people who have no sense of boundaries.

For taking a screenshot on Snapchat, the following notification show with specific colored arrows.

The red arrow displays that the screenshot was taken of snap without audio.

The purple arrow signifies that the screenshot was taken of snap with audio.

The blue arrows represent that a screenshot has been taken of chat.

screenshot icons on snapchat

It clearly shows that Snapchat takes the privacy of its users seriously. Therefore, to protect oneself from disappointment, it is crucial to avoid taking screenshots or screen recordings on Snapchat. You can use another phone to carry out the sneaky operation or download third-party software to screen capture and record safely.

Part 2: How to Screen Record Snapchat on Android Phone?

The Android users pretty much enhanced in the last decade exponentially. It is mainly because the workability of Android is more straightforward than that of iPhone. If you are a Snapchat addict on an Android phone, this section is designed for you.

Screen recording on Snapchat via Android phone is easy. There are no complications in the process, even for a beginner. For starters, make sure that the in-built screen recording functionality of Android is enabled via Settings. It will help initiate the recording immediately from the Action Center.

So, let us jump right into the step-by-step procedure to screen record on Snapchat.

Step 1: Enabling the Airplane Mode

Open Snapchat from your Android phone. Refresh all the chats so that all new snaps can be accessed easily. After that, launch the “Action Center” and hit “Airplane Mode” to switch it on. It is shaped like an airplane.

turn on airplane mode

Step 2: Start the Recording

Now, start screen recording by opening the “Action Center” again and clicking on “Screen Recorder.” As soon as the recording initiates, open the snap that you wish to record.

begin android snapchat recording

Step 3: Stop the Recording

After you are done, stop the recording. Disable the Airplane Mode and close the tool. The screen recording can be accessed from the Gallery.

Part 3: How to Screen Record Snapchat on iPhone?

Bringing more features and traits to the house, people have gone insane with every new model of the iPhone that is announced to the world. If you are an iPhone user looking to screen record on Snapchat, follow this section vividly.

Instead of using third-party software like AZ screen recorder Snapchat, the in-built tool of the iPhone is equally workable. There is no need to install new software on the device and play with the system’s memory. To initiate screen recording on Snapchat via iPhone, let us discuss the procedure extensively.

Step 1: Activating the Screen Recorder

Before starting, the user should make sure that the in-built screen recorder tool has been downloaded. Navigate to the “Control Center” and scroll down to find “Screen Recorder if it is not installed.” Hit the green (+) icon beside the tool to make it easily accessible.

add screen recording to control center

Step 2: Accessing the Feature for iPhone Versions

The accessing of Screen Recorder in-built tool varies from one iPhone version to another. For instance, if you have iPhone 8 or older versions, swipe down to tap the “Screen Recording” icon. However, if you own iPhone X or advanced versions, swipe up from the top right corner of the screen. Find the relevant icon to continue with the targeted process.

find recording icon on your iphone

Step 3: Starting the Recording

Launch Snapchat from your iPhone and refresh the feed. Now, open the Screen Recording tool and initiate the recording. You have to turn on the “Airplane” mode as well before recording the snap. Now, the user is expected to open the snap that needs to be recorded.

launch snapchat on iphone

Step 4: Stopping the Recording

Stop the recording by clicking on the red icon on the screen. The screen recording is performed successfully. You can find the recording in your Photos in seconds.

stop the screen recording

Part 4: How to Make Screen Record on Snapchat without Notice?

It looks pretty embarrassing if you capture a screenshot and the other person receives a notification. The screen recording on Snapchat makes you awkward. To get rid of this embarrassment, one should use tricky and workable methods. Luckily, the section covers some of those methods. Let us have a look at each of them!

Switching off the Internet Connection

The first method revolves around disabling the internet connection of your device. For starters, reload and refresh your Snapchat feed. Disconnect the Wi-Fi or data network, and then screen records the snap. It helps you get the task done without getting noticed, as the app doesn’t know what is happening without internet connectivity.

Enabling the Airplane Mode

One workable method is to enable the Airplane Mode before you plan to screen record Snapchat. What happens is that the app doesn’t respond to the operation occurring as Airplane Mode is switched on. The process doesn’t send the notification to the targeted person; thus, it always works.

Using a Third-Party Software

You can access the third-party screen recorder and then perform screen recording on Snapchat. The market offers numerous apps for a similar reason. Their usage is simple as well.

Mirroring Phone on PC

Another tricky method revolves around mirroring phones on PC. The Snapchat user can connect the device to the computer and then play the snap story. As Snapchat cannot read the computer’s activities, you can use the recorder to screen record Snapchat stories in seconds.

Using Another Phone

You can pick a phone of your sibling or a friend to record the snaps of the targeted person. It might not be a high-resolution output, but it would surely get your task done without getting noticed.

Final Remarks

Snapchat has become one of the most favorite software in the world. People like to capture the stories and screen record the chats that they find amusing, engaging, and other sneaky reasons. The article offered users a screen record on Snapchat via Android and iPhone. The tricky methods to screen record without getting noticed were also a part of this write-up.

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