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Best Full Screen Recorder for PC and Mac

There are times when you want to record the entire screen on your computer to make an educational or demonstration video. If you want to record your gameplay and upload it on video streaming platforms, you have to record full screen so that it looks professional. In fact, if you want to record a movie or a video that you are playing on your computer online or offline, you need a full screen recorder.

There are various screen recorders you will come across online that claim to be the best but do not deliver the performance. In this article, we will illustrate how to record full screen Mac and Windows PC with the most popular screen recorders. We will also let you know the best full screen recorder that you can use on your PC and Mac for the best outcome.

1. Best Full Screen Recorder for PC and Mac

You consider a screen recorder the best when it has all the features and functionalities of an ideal screen recorder. Wondershare Filmora is undoubtedly the best full screen recorder for Windows and Mac users. It is a premium and professional screen recorder where all the features and functionalities you need are readily available.

In fact, it is equally popular as a professional video editor. After recording the full screen video, you have to edit parts and add graphical elements and effects to make the video interesting and engaging.  All the tools and options you need for recording and editing a video are available. The user interface is clean and intuitive. Here are the steps to record your full screen with Filmora.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Download and install Wondershare Filmora for Windows or Mac as per your operating system. Launch Filmora and click on PC Screen option to record your screen.

record pc screen

Step 2: Choose the recording screen area as full screen and select the audio sources as required.  You can record system audio as well as audio from external mic. If you want to record your webcam video along with your full screen, enable “Record Camera Stream” option.

recording settings

Step 3: Click on Record button on Filmora to start recording. Press F9 key to stop recording. You can edit the video and click on Export button to save the video in the desired file format.

2. Other Popular Full Screen Recorders

Apart from Filmora, here are the other popular full screen recorders along with the steps to record your full screen.

Windows Game Bar:

Game Bar is the inbuilt full screen recorder Windows 10 and 11. There is no need to install any external screen recorder for Windows users. You can even capture screenshots with the tool. In fact, it is tailor0-made to capture full screen gameplay as it comes with the feature of recording the last 30 seconds for instant replay videos. You can record mic audio along with system audio. Here are the steps to record the record full screen windows 11 and 10 with Game Bar.

Step 1: Press Windows + G keys to open Game Bar on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Get ready with the screen that you want to record. To start recording, click on the Record button on the Capture toolbar. You can press Windows + Alt + R keys to start recording as well when you are on a full screen.  

windows game bar

Step 3: To stop recording, press Windows + Alt + R keys again. You will find the recorded video under Widgets > Gallery section.


OBS Studio is an extremely popular full screen recorder Mac and Windows. It is an open-source software and it is completely free to use. You can record your screen as well as capture video from any external video device. You can also record audio from different sources. In fact, OBS Studio is equally popular for live streaming full screen video on online platforms. The user interface is slightly complicated and hence, you should follow the steps minutely.

Step 1: Go for OBS full screen recorder download as per your operating system. Install and launch the software.

Step 2: Under Sources, click on “+” icon. Select Display Capture option.

obs launch display cature

Step 3: You have to name your full screen capture session and click on Ok button.

obs click on ok button

Step 4: You must see your screen on the OBS window now. Prepare your screen that you want to record. Click on Start Recording button under Controls tab to start recording.

obs click on start recording button

Step 5: To stop recording, come back to OBS Studio and click on Stop Recording.


Bandicam is another versatile screen recorder that can also record webcam video. It is a premium software and you have to pay one-time fee to purchase the premium version. You can try out the free version beforehand to judge the software. You can record your screen up to 4K resolution depending on your screen resolution. The output file formats are MP4 and AVI. Bandicam currently supports only Windows PC. Here are the steps to record your full screen with Bandicam.

Step 1: Download and install Bandicam and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: Click on Monitor icon at the top-left corner and go to Fullscreen option and select your monitor.

bandicam monitor icon select

Step 3: Go to Video tab from the left menu and select the options as per need.

bandicam video tab

Step 4: When you are ready with your screen, click on Rec button at the top-right corner.  

bandicam press f12

Step 5: To stop recording, press F12 key. Go to Home> Videos to check the recorded video.

bandicam home videos


In order to record the full screen of your computer, you will need a screen recorder that can capture the entire screen. If you are a Windows user, you can use Game Bar without installing any external recorder. OBS Studio is a free screen recorder to capture full screen on your Windows PC and Mac. But the best full screen recorder for Windows and Mac users is Wondershare Filmora where you can customize all recording parameters and edit your video like a pro.

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