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Video Copilot in Adobe After Effects: A Story Untold!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 23, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

There are multiple methods of exploring and expanding your creative horizons. Since the era of entertainment, many tools and software have been introduced. The key concept of these tools is to engage the audience through dynamic effects. However, only some tools are professional and accurate in task achievement. One of the renowned and professional video editors is Adobe After Effects.

Nonetheless, the tool alone cannot assist in creative next-level 3D transformations. Hence, the Video Copilot After Effects download came to your assistance. They emerged in 2005 and have been a top editing choice. It offers many plug-ins for After Effects, editing tutorials, and effects. The article will elaborate on Video Copilot After Effects’ features and alternatives.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Discussing the Video Copilot Plug-in for Adobe After Effects
  2. Part 2: How Is Video Copilot Making Things Easy for Users Operating Adobe After Effects
  3. Part 3: Featuring Other Renowned Adobe After Effects Plug-ins and Their Services
  4. Bonus Part: Making Video Editing Comprehensive with AI and Wondershare Filmora
  5. Conclusion
AI Copilot Editing
Say goodbye to editing roadblocks and hello to a smoother, smarter editing experience with Filmora’s AI Copilot!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1: Discussing the Video Copilot Plug-in for Adobe After Effects

As discussed earlier, Copilot After Effects is a website that offers diverse plug-ins. These plug-ins help users with high-quality cinematic video creation and editing. The plug-ins include optical flares, action flares, and a similar preset collection. Each preset has its features; however, some features resemble all. These plug-ins show seamless compatibility with Mac (Intel only) and PC.

The plug-ins in video Copilot After Effects are adaptable to After Effect CS5 and higher versions. There are 3 main subscriptions of Video Copilot plug-ins, offering seamless editing. With the addition of many presets, they have video tutorials for employing them. Moreover, users can set a custom preset option according to their preferences. There are continuous upgrades to integrate modern effects and presets in content.

video copilot after effects plugin

Part 2: How Is Video Copilot Making Things Easy for Users Operating Adobe After Effects

After Effects is a platform with editing tools and built-in video-enhancing effects and presets. However, using Adobe After Effects Video Copilot plug-ins strengthens its potential. This section will provide an overview of using Video Copilot plug-ins below:

  • Innovation and Utility: Adding video Copilot plug-ins enhances Adobe's features. They enhance the existing effects, transitions, colors, audio presets, and more. Some plug-ins introduce new tools and techniques for advanced editing.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Copilot plug-ins increases the productivity of After Effects. Users do not need to look for another tool to add a specific effect or transition. It synchronizes your workplace, and you can be creative without switching software.
  • Custom Options: Every editor edits according to their creativity level and content demands. A standard editing effect or element cannot bring uniqueness to your videos. Hence, video Copilot plug-ins enable personalization options to fulfill that.
  • Platform Support: The plug-ins included in video Copilot are compatible across platforms. Whether you are a Mac (Intel only) user or a PC owner, they support all. In addition, the plug-ins run smoothly with After Effects CS5 or newer versions.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Regarding finances, Copilot After Effects plug-ins are a fitting option. These plug-ins have multiple presets and video tutorials in a plan. A video Copilot plug-in is a better alternative to switching software. This not only saves time but also resources to spend on every software.

Part 3: Featuring Other Renowned Adobe After Effects Plug-ins and Their Services

Video Copilot After Effects download plug-ins are exceptional for editing tasks. One should always keep an open mind when on a creative journey. In this section, we'll introduce some alternative plug-ins for video Copilot.

1. FxFactory Pro

This product of FxFactory is compatible with multiple video editors, including After Effects. It has a diverse range of visual effects, like slideshows, vignettes, and more. Upon reaching this plug-in, it gives instructions on accessing its effects and presets. Moreover, you can find a video tutorial to apply each effect of this plug-in. Users can download its trial version before paying for the plug-in.

fxfactory pro after effects plugin

2. VFX

Created by Red Giant, this plug-in provides a range of light and lens flare effects and presets. With their precision and creativity, these effects add a realistic touch to your creations. In addition, you can also create shadows and reflections of your video objects. Its chroma key and tracking options eliminate the need for blue or green screens. The plug-in effects can also add glow, light, and distortions.

vfx after effects plugin

3. Photo Montage

When creating picture slideshows in After Effects, this FxFactory product is ideal. It has 100+ diverse presets to align with your projects' outlooks. The plug-in offers AI-driven pan and zoom options for enhanced animation views. The HDR support ensures the retention of content quality upon exporting. Besides, it supports multiple image formats like PNG, JPEG, and more.

photo montage after effects plugin

4. DE: Noise

If you are looking for reliable effects and presets to maintain audio quality, use this plug-in. This is an innovation of RE: Vision Effects to preserve auditory details in a video. It detects and eliminates the digital noises from your video frame-by-frame. The plug-in is not free to use; however, users can avail of its free trial for an idea. Along with After Effects, the plug-in is compatible with a range of video editors.

de noise after effects plugin

5. Mocha Pro 2023

This a plug-in specialized for motion tracking, rotoscoping, rendering, and export. Adjusting edges, duplicating snapshots, and maintaining keyframes is easy with its effects. There are limitless tracking options like merging tracks, setting track layer ranges, and more. Users are not required to insert multiple keyframes for precise results. The plug-in shows support for other editors, such as Premiere Pro and more.

mocha pro 2023 after effects plugin

Bonus Part: Making Video Editing Comprehensive with AI and Wondershare Filmora

Video Copilot After Effects is reliable; however, there are certain drawbacks to it. The plug-in can be expensive for those with basic editing needs and is difficult to access. In comparison, Wondershare Filmora is an accessible video editor with built-in effects. Along with that, users can edit and create their custom presets according to their needs.

The tool also offers an AI Copilot Editing feature for organized editing and creation. This Copilot After Effects alternative is more like your guide to using Filmora. Users can ask this personal AI assistant anything about editing in Filmora. It not only directs you towards a specific feature but also provides a CTA button. It can also provide you with valuable options to elevate your content.

Exclusive AI Features of Wondershare Filmora

Being an Adobe After Effects Video, Copilot's alternative is a big deal. However, Filmora proves worthy of that name through its multiple AI editing features. This section will emphasize some of the AI features of Filmora.

Free Download
Free Download

1. AI Text-Based Editing

Locating seconds for cutting or trimming parts of videos can be difficult. Thus, users can incorporate this feature for text-based editing. It analyzes and transforms audio tracks into text, and then allows editing through it. This way, you can easily translate subtitles or text of the video into another language. Moreover, it allows you to export the text that was produced by this feature.

2. AI Music Generator

Are you tired of using the similar songs everyone is for your Instagram reels or YouTube shorts? Use Filmora's music generator to create AI music via a few suggestions. The tool allows users to set preferences such as mood, theme, and duration. The generated music will perfectly align with your video content. Also, you don’t need to worry about the copyrights of music for commercial use. 

3. AI Vocal Remover

Why use manual audio editing options when Filmora's AI can do the trick in seconds? The vocal remover function separates background noise and vocals. Afterward, users can eliminate the background noise track for high-quality audio. You can also make custom adjustments from the right-side panel. Thus, it enables you to add your own vocals in the projects.

4. AI Copywriting  

We all have been through a time when words refuse to cross our minds. Instead of wasting hours on brainstorming, use Filmora's AI writing abilities. It can generate YouTube video titles, AI Scripts, and dialogues via prompts. After getting the script, the text-to-video feature of Filmora will work to create videos. The generated video can enhance audience engagement and interactions.

Steps to Use Filmora’s AI Copilot Feature

Now, you are not unaware of Filmora’s editing interface and features. Without further delay, let’s dive into the process of accessing and employing this tool:

Step 1Initiate Filmora for a New Project

Upon downloading and initiating Filmora, navigate towards the display section. From there, locate and select the “New Project” button to begin editing.

start filmora project
Step 2Access the Copilot Feature

After reaching Filmora’s editing interface, navigate towards the timeline panel. From the timeline tool panel options, locate and select the “AI Copilot” icon. This way, you will find the “Filmora Copilot” screen in front of you.

open filmora ai copilot feature
Step 3Start Editing with AI Copilot

Look at Filmora’s AI Chatbot screen for your personal use. In the text section, start asking questions, and hit the “Ask AI” to get a detailed response.

perform ai copilot operations
Free Download
Free Download


Overall, this article discussed Video Copilot After Effects plug-ins and their importance. It is a universal fact that plug-ins enhance the productivity of a tool. They help with time and resource management creative tasks, and offer custom options. In addition, some other plug-ins were mentioned for enhanced video editing. However, Wondershare Filmora proved to be an economical and accessible tool for this.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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