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Adobe Animate CC: Everything You Need to Know

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

In this article, we are going to clue you in on the new features of 2D animation maker Adobe Animate CC. So, if you are confused about flash animation tool and you are up to a project, just go for Animate CC.

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What is Adobe Animate CC?

The animation lovers when seeking to serve the purpose, must have used and heard about Adobe Flash, but now we would here inform you that Adobe Animate CC has now replaced the old Adobe Flash.

Along with renaming the tool, the evolution from Flash to Adobe Animate CC has added a wide range of advanced functionalities like support to WebGL and HTML5 canvas.

You will not regret your decision after reading this article and will find that using Adobe Animate CC is a wise choice. Hence, let’s begin to get enlightened on the features.

New features of Adobe Animate CC

1. Adobe Animate Camera

Adobe Animate CC introduces virtual camera functionality unlike other animation software. With the help of this feature, you can easily stimulate your camera’s movement giving your animation a more realistic view.

Making it simpler, you can effortlessly execute panning, zooming and rotating to your animations if you wish. Using the virtual camera in Animate CC, you will be enabling to add more dramatic effects while creating an animation.

For instance, if there’s a fighting scene in our animated movie, you can rotate at the moment the scene shows destruction to give it a dramatic effect or you can zoom in or out and change the viewer’s attention from one point to the other.

animate cc camera

2. Export format

Adobe Animate CC has adapted the web standards for the exporting your animation which makes it easier for everyone to view it from desktop to mobile device.

This tweak has revolutionized the web based flash animation by simply eliminating the annoying “need to install a flash player plug-in” which was in case of Flash Professional Platform. With Adobe Animate, users can export content for WebGL, HTML5 Canvas, 4k video easily.

Moreover, you can generate the keyframes based sprite-sheet and animate them accordingly using the CSS. Adapting web standards doesn’t mean that Adobe Animate CC has entirely abandoned the SWF format.

Users do have a privilege to export their files to Flash Player format. Furthermore, a new OAM packaging is also introduced by new Adobe Animate CC which enables you to package assets in .zip format.

animate cc export format

3. Vector brushes

Another important functionality that Adobe Animate has brought is giving the opportunity to create vector brushes. This is kind of same as that used in Adobe Illustrator. With this update in brushing tools, one can have pressure and tilt functionalities on drawing of lines and strokes with the help of pen or stylus.

This is helpful in creating strokes in touch-sensitive devices. The width can be changed according to how much pressure you apply when creating patterns. So, if you wish to create 2D vector graphics using shapes, patterns, curves etc. Animate CC would be a good choice.

animate cc vector brush

4. Audio Syncing

The timeline feature of the tool will now allow the users to sync audios in their animations and this is a yet another feature that Animate CC has added. This means you can do audio synchronization for your animation series.

animate cc audio syncing

Nevertheless, doing this can be a little demanding as well as time-consuming with HTML5 alone. In addition, you also get enabled for audio loop control with the Adobe Animate CC’s timeline feature.

5. Font

Adobe Animate CC comes now with integration of Typekit where you get countless premium web fonts. These web fonts will be present for HTML5 canvas documents in the tool. Users can pick out from thousands of high-quality fonts via a subscription plan.

Putting in different words, first you can try some selected fonts available in the Typekit library via any level of Creative Cloud plan. Then when you subscribe by spending some money, you can then get access to complete Typekit library where there are thousands of premium fonts for HTML5 canvas.

animate cc font

Final Verdict

Animation industry is no doubt a very interesting one and having the best tool can make it more interesting and fun. After making you familiarize with the top functionalities that are coming with Adobe Animate CC, we feel it would be fair to end the discussion here. Hope you will not give a second thought on Animate CC when need to do flash animation.

Before ending, one more thing that we would like to give the other thought by introducing you Filmora.

No, this is a not another feature, but an interesting yet powerful video editing software created by Wondershare, one of the leading brand in multimedia field. You can use this tool and get your animated videos edited using its extraordinary effects.

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