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How to Create Animation Drawing with 7 Best Software

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

We can’t deny the fact that hand drawn animation is always adorable and will always be, no matter how much 3D animation gets the limelight. The animations have always given us pleasure, not only in childhood but at our adult times too. And, the animation drawing can be so enthralling.

It feels great to think that we can ourselves perform animation drawing process effortlessly via some easy-to-use animation software. So, if you’re a newcomer to this animation field or a skilled one, you’ll always need very helpful software for the purpose. This article will help you in making animation with the help of some animation drawing software ultimately giving that delightful experience.

Recommended animation drawing editor - Filmora

Here we recommend using Filmora. You can use it to make drawing animation video by adding keyframes, so the animation will be smooth and natural. You just need to build a white plane to easily start making animation. Besides, color correction and audio mixer will raise up your video to a new level. Download it to have a try (Free)!

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7 best software to animate your drawing

1. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is one of the leading 2D animation software in this animation industry that many designers use. For better results, it is suggested that you combine it with Capture so that you can capture various interesting color schemes or transforming the image into vector and other things before starting animation with Adobe Animate. This will create an effective hand drawn animation.


  • Always working on new features regularly.
  • Contains powerful timeline showing time and frame numbers.


  • The software requires a higher technical skillset to learn.

Adobe Animate

2. SketchBook Motion

SketchBook Motion is for iPad users to make their animations.With the help of this app, you can drag and drop into a document easily. You can instantly share your animation drawings as iMessage stickers, animated GIFs or MP4s.


  • Available in multiple languages including English, French, German.
  • Can make characters live with applying simple gestures.


  • Many in-app purchases.
  • Up to 3 scenes can be saved without subscription.
  • Full version is free only for 7 days.


3. Animation & Drawing by Do Ink

It is an easy to use and one of the best hand drawn animation apps for iPad users. This app has a large number of features and drawing editing options. For example, you can make frame-by-frame or single frame animations, create motion paths just by dragging fingers, and enjoy custom color palette and more.


  • Offers up to 30 FPS.
  • Show support to HD (16x9), square (1x1) and standard definition (4x3) aspect ratios.


  • Doesn’t work with devices having iOS less than 9.0.

Animation Drawing by Do Ink

4. Animation Paper

Here is the next animation drawing software named as Animation Paper. It is simple to use and offers a lot of features. It can be considered as one of the most effective software to create animations. From layers to cutouts to paint features, it has all that pro software and a pro designer needs.


  • Provides super responsive interface enabling the users to get prompt workflow.
  • Can work with Windows and Mac easily and pencil planned for Linux, Android and iPad Pro.


  • Not suitable for beginners who wish to start off their work with this tool.

Animation Paper

5. Pencil2D

Pencil2D is next in the list and is one of the lightweight software. It is an open source software and completely free to use. You can simply and smoothly sketch, ink or paint by switching between raster and vector workflows. The animated file can be exported to MP4, animated GIF or AVI when using this software. There are many drawing tools given by this animation drawing software like fast hand tool, dotted cursor etc.


  • It is a cross platform software that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Very easy and simple to use.
  • Available in 12 languages.


  • Eraser tool lacks perfection and can’t do detail work.

pencil 2d

6. Toonator

Toonator is an online tool that can help you making your own animations. It lets you draw your own imagination on the screen and turn it into animated effect. It’s an easy to use online platform to help you draw animation online. Here are the positives and negative of this tool.


  • The interface is really simple.
  • People can share their work on this platform and connect with each other.


  • Animated drawing can only be done in red and black color.
  • Functions are limited.
  • No name on the icons making it difficult to understand the functionality of each icon.


7. FlipAnim

Here is the last option you can try for animation drawing. This also lets you draw animation online in an easy way. You get different color options to draw as well as set animation speed. It is fun to use FlipAnim and you can share your work on this tool as well similar to the above one.


  • Interface is really creative to use.
  • Offers a grid area to draw that helps in perfect drawing.
  • Zoom option is icing on cake since it lets you draw everything accurately and in detailed way.


  • You can only create animation of up to 100 frames with this tool.


Final Verdict

Animation drawing is a way to show your creativity and is fun at the same time. We have mentioned you 7 best software through which you can make your own masterpiece and share with your friends and share globally. We hope now you are satisfied with this article and whether you are a beginner or expert, you have started animation with Filmora. Download it now to have a try! Thanks for reading.

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