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6 Types of Animation You May Like

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Playing around with different types of animation can be a great deal of fun and can help you decide which style is most suited to your skills and preferences. There are many computer animation software to help you experiment with, with new forms emerging all the time.

Read on to learn more about some of the most popular types of animated videos around and the steps you need to take to produce them. We will also tell you which software you need to create videos in all sorts of different styles. Let’s begin and look at six different types of animation you might like right now.

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The list of 6 types of animation

1. Traditional animation

As you would expect, this type of animation is the kind of old classic animation drawn on paper. The characters, backgrounds and layout were normally committed to paper by hand, with each drawing being slightly different from its predecessor. The papers were placed on sheets called cels before paint was added to them. Advancements in technology mean animation can be hand-drawn before color is added via software.

Synfig Studio is a popular product for those wishing to produce videos that are traditional in look and feel. It supports a variety of layers and offers a bone system as well as sound support.

2. 2D animation

With 2D animation, movement is created in a two-dimensional environment. Characters and figures can move up, down, left or right but won’t move nearer or further away from the viewer. Many 2D animated video software can be used to make this kind of video. Pencil 2D is a leading solution noted for its simplicity and ease of use.

This type of animation is ideal for animating on the move and runs on various operating platforms. What’s also great about Pencil 2D is that it allows you to switch between raster and vector workflows quickly and is completely free to use, even if you need it for commercial purposes.

3. 3D animation

With 3D animation, you can represent real-world 3D images in a digital space. The main three processes of 3D are modeling, layout and animation plus rendering. There are many reliable solutions for 3D animation on the market, with Autodesk 3DS Max being a market leader.

This product offers simple, robust modeling, allowing you to create a wide range of environments with richly-detailed characters and enjoy high-end rendering. It is used for producing games, product design, architecture and more.

4. Clay animation

Clay animation is also called claymation and has been around for many years. In clay animation, clay pieces are used to create characters and background animation. The pieces are moved or deformed between frames so continuous motion can occur.

One leading solution for clay animation is Adobe Animate CC. With this product, you can create vector animations for apps, games, videos and more. You can publish the results quickly and can animate pretty much anything, allowing your characters to walk, talk, blink and more with ease.

It’s also possible to create illusions of depths via the enhanced camera tool, and new features are being added all the time.

5. HTML animation

HMTL5 allows you to do all sorts of things including elements of video and animation creation. You can create excellent animated content via a fusion of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. HTML5 is essentially the language of today’s most exciting websites and is used to add vast beauty and efficiency to them.

HTML5 Maker is a free solution ideal for beginners and pros that supports various leading text filters and offers a diverse library of images. You can use this tool to produce elegant animations with stunning transitions and create gorgeous Instagram-esque effects.

6. Kinetic Typography Animation

Typography animation as another type of animation enables you to do all sorts of exciting and thought-provoking things with letters and fonts. Kinetic typography is based on the concept of moving text and is often used for advertising purposes and to deliver important information including statistics and more.

Videos involving kinetic typography animation can help you demand the attention of your audience. One very popular tool for creating kinetic typography animation is Renderforest.

This solution is ideal even for those without vast technical expertise and helps you create animations, music visualizations, slideshows and much more in mere moments. Trailers, YouTube openings, logo animations are frequently created with the tool, as are explainer animations and whiteboard videos, to give you just a few more examples.


Once you have found the types of animated videos and tools that appeal to you the most and have created your content, you can put magical finishing touches to your videos by using Filmora.

You may be amazed to see how quickly you can get to grips with these different styles and tools even if your experience is relatively limited, so why wait any longer to start experimenting? More and more people are surpassing their expectations all the time by playing around with different resources for online animation.

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