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How to Make a 3D Cartoon of Yourself

Turning yourself into a Disney or Pixar inspired 3D animated character is now easy to do with AI powered apps like Voila AI artist and other apps.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 14, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
How to Make a 3D Cartoon of Yourself

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

From among the several trends that emerged on Social Media, making a 3D cartoon of yourself is probably the most popular.

Learning how to make 3D cartoons may just be in the height of demand in the near future.

Part 1 What is AI Artist? Plus how to cartoon yourself with it

We all remember the Cartoon filter challenge on Facebook, right? Everyone was excited to transform themselves into a cartoon.  The options of making personalized cartoon representations of yourself was pretty limited back then. With the Voila AI artist app you can choose at least 3 different cartoon variations of yourself.

voila ai artist

The Voila AI artist app can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Android Play Store. You can use the app for free but for faster editing and an ad free experience, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. Other than just creating a cartoon of yourself, you can also create renaissance portraits and caricatures.

Step 1: Download the Voila AI artist App for your device, and complete the installation process. Allow the app to access your Phone's Camera rolling permission.

Step 2: Select the style option you want to use. What we are using here is 3D cartoon (other options: 2D Cartoon, Caricature & and the rest). Touch the arrow and start.

Step 3: Now, with your camera roll open, click a new one or choose from your gallery. You can also find a celebrities option where you can search for celebrities. This generates a four-grid choice. If you are using the free version, then be prepared to encounter one or two ads. After a few seconds, you can exit out and get back to your images.

Step 4: You will receive a composite grid of four options; your original image, plus three cartoon representations (Royalty 3D, Baby 3D & Cartoon 3D). Here, you can select the option you like the most and start editing. Locate the up arrow button to immediately share on your preferred social media or simply save a copy in your device.

If the AI artist app has any paid and premium version, upon subscribing you will get ad free & watermark free animated representations.

Part 2 How to Create a 3D Cartoon of Yourself for Meta

Facebook only recently rebranded themselves as Meta. This has now started the rush to create a live virtual interaction space, and big companies like Microsoft and Nvidia are now competing with each other to bridge the gap.

Soon, activities like convening meetings, attending live events or even dating online would take place in virtual environments. So best be prepared for the future by creating a 3D avatar for yourself.

Your virtual avatar would be able to interact with the real world through a virtual platform by using VR headsets and other tech. Sensing your virtual presence would be almost the same as the real world for your peers and colleagues. You can attend a meeting without ever having to travel.

The process behind creating a 3D cartoon of yourself for Meta platforms starts by establishing a facial rig which is like a framework for the cartoon animations to sit on. These days, most apps come with automatic FACS facial rigging which is why certain Instagram filters like the Puppy nose filter was possible.

Presently, creating a complete 3D virtual model of yourself is a bit complicated to do on your own but soon this service will be automated in an app for you.

Part 3 How to make 3D Cartoon From a Photo

Photoshop is no doubt one of the most influential digital assets that allow you to do virtually anything with your photos. Of course, this includes turning your photos into 3D cartoon.

There are advanced techniques and tools you can use to retouch your image to achieve an animated like look for your portraits.

Of course, you can find multiple Photoshop hacks online but the following guide can give you an easy to follow idea of how to go about creating your own 3D cartoon out of an image.

create 3d cartoon photoshop

Note; These steps are to be perceived as a simplified overview of your objectives when editing on Photoshop;

To start out on turning your image into a 3D character, you need to learn how to create layers and then stack them on each other.

You can then ‘liquify' these layers to form a mould for your image.

Apply skin softening techniques to take away the realistic features of the photo before working on turning it into a cartoon.

Now you can start focus on applying the details to features like eyes, hair, nose and facial lines on your cartoon image.

You can also change the colour of any individual features on your image. This method is applicable in making caricatures of your photo as well.

Part 4 Five 3D cartoon Disney-Fied yourself apps

Vibrant colours, gorgeous large eyes and shiny hair – pretty much sums up every Disney character you have ever seen. Now, everyone is obsessed with making their own Disney avatar and for good reason. You can use it as filter or upload it on your profile. Here are some of the most in-trend AI powered 3D Disneyfied apps you can use;

01Voila AI Artist

Voila AI Artist

The Voila AI Artist app was released back in March of 2021 and has been the rage among Disneyfied apps. To clarify, the app has nothing to do with the Disney animation company but is perceived by users as the most successful app for disneyfication. Its on-board AI can create 3D and 2D renderings for your image along with hand drawn caricatures. You can download the app on App Store and Google Play.



The next best app on our Disneyfied list is ToonMe. It also uses AI to turn photos into Disney Characters. The app keeps updating new cartoonish filters which you can use over your images. There are various other features which you can try as well like recreating your photos into classic vectors. The results are of extraordinary quality and can be uploaded on Instagram. You can download the app for free from Play store and App store.



Snapchat has been around for some time now so you might already have it on your phone. Snapchat offers a vast range of filters and effects that of course includes Disneyfied filters and 3D cartoon images. You can look for them on the Snapchat search bar. New filters keep popping up every day which you can apply over your own images.



Prisma is a notoriously well know pop photo editor – which means it makes your photos ‘pop'. You can use it to edit photos on both Android and iPhone. It also comes with its own range of filters for turning your photos into cartoon images. There are hundreds of variations to choose from so you will definitely be spoilt for choices.

05Clip2Comic Cartoon

Clip2Comic Cartoon

This app is only available on the App stores and is well known among iPhone users for turning photos into cartoons and caricatures. It is not exactly a Disneyfied app but it has a plethora of filters and a combination of editing tools to help personalize your 3D photos and comics. You can also directly upload these photos to your Social Media Accounts.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

With the help of AI and other amazing features, you can use your everyday pictures to make a 3D cartoon of yourself.

The Metaverse is her and soon we all will be interacting in a virtual space. So best learn how to rig your face with an animation filter.

Apps like Voila AI artist, you can disneyfy your images quite easily. Explore dozens of such filters and effects with Disneyfied apps.

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