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How to Make an Audio Book with Ease: a Complete Guide

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Our busy lives have made reading a physical book nearly impossible. Although we have enough eBooks on the market, it also requires some effort and time to be invested. Most of the people are bothered by not reading enough.

Maybe that is why we have witnessed tremendous growth of audiobooks in the past three years. And as a result, the development of the audiobook market per year is found to be 30%. That implies the audiobook market is growing almost four times faster than the eBook market.

So, don't you see the necessity to publish your piece of writing in the form of an audiobook, as well?

Are you now wondering how to make an audiobook? It involves no rocket science, but the process is a bit hard than publishing in Kindle. Here are all your queries answered, and you will learn how to make your own audiobook by the end of this article.

Part 1: What Are the Benefits of Making an Audiobook?

The benefits of getting your book published in the format of an audiobook are numerous. You are missing out on audiences and profit if you constrain the publication of your book just into the form of paperbacks or eBooks. Nowadays, audiobooks actually make more sense with a large number of audiobook listeners worldwide.

Here are some potential advantages of audiobooks and why you should learn how to create an audiobook:

1.More profit

According to the latest pieces of research, most Americans prefer listening to audiobooks rather than reading an eBook. And as a result, the audiobook industry has now become very profitable.

Apart from the popularity, the cost of making an audiobook from an existing book is comparatively on the lower side. Therefore, the profit of converting books into audiobooks is pretty high.

2.Larger audience

Audiobooks comparatively have a larger audience. The audience of audiobooks is not limited to those who are capable of reading. For example, a person with low or blind vision cannot read an eBook, but he can effortlessly listen to an audiobook. Likewise, an audiobook takes your piece of writing to a completely different and larger group of audience.

3.No worries about stock

When publishing a physical book, you have to constantly worry about keeping the print in stock and meeting readers' demands. You can avoid such worries when you opt for audiobooks. In the case of audiobooks, there always exists a file accessible for readers to download and read.

4.Easy discovery

Your book will become easily discoverable when you publish it in the version of an audiobook also. Printed books are comparatively least discoverable online unless they have an audiobook version. The more discoverable your book is, the more is its reach to the targeted audience.

5.Save on time and expenses

The creation of audiobooks is comparatively easy and low in cost. You can either hire services like ACX and Audiobook Creation Exchange. Or else, you can nowadays also create audiobooks on your own by using online programs such as Filmii.

Part 2: How To Create an Audiobook Effortlessly?

We have seen the advantages of transferring your book into audiobook format in the last section. Now the question is how to make an audiobook effortlessly. There are actually two ways in which you can create an audiobook.

  1. You can get the professional help of an audiobook production company.
  2. Record the audiobook yourself.

At first thought, you may feel like recording the audiobook yourself will help you save the cost of the process. But actually, recording the audiobook yourself will be more expensive in terms of money and time.

Anyways, let us see the basic steps of the creation of an audiobook.

  • Step One:Prepare the contents of your book for recording. If it is an eBook, better delete the hyperlinks, visuals, and call to action that may cause distractions to the narrator. Ensure that the content or script can be easily read and makes some sense when listened to as an audiobook.
  • Step Two:Find a narrator. It can be yourself or someone hired for the purpose. You can actually hire an audiobook narrator for the purpose. Surprisingly, audiobook narrators are super-affordable, and they will get the task done effortlessly.
  • Step Three:Get the audio files recorded by the narrator mastered or edited by an audiobook producer to ensure the quality of the final production file. You can do it yourself if your technical knowledge is sound and good enough.
  • Step Four: Now, the last step is uploading your audiobook into ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange.

And that is how an audiobook is created. By uploading on ACX, you can make your audiobook available and discoverable on most audiobook platforms, including Amazon, Apple audiobook store, and Audible.

You have to open an account on ACX to upload your audiobook. An ACX account can be easily created by entering your Amazon account and tax details. After signing up, you have to choose whether you need an exclusive publication or a non-exclusive publication for your audiobook.

Exclusive publication of your audiobook allows you to get a higher commission or royalty share of 40%. But your audiobook won't be published on other competing sites. In contrast, your audiobook will get published on multiple sites if you choose a non-exclusive publication. But the royalty share reduces to just 25%. That's all about ACX.

Now let us see how to make an audiobook of your own.

Part 3: How to Make Your Own Audiobook Creatively?

Most people don't convert their books to audiobooks mainly for two reasons. Firstly, assuming that creating an audiobook is going to be an expensive task. Secondly, most of them don't know how to create an audiobook on their own.

So, we are going to discuss how to make your own audiobook.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

First of all, to make your own audiobook, you need a set of equipment, including a USB mic, pop filter, and audible. Then, choose a studio and quiet place for narration and recording. The task is simple and uncomplicated until here. What most people find difficult is in editing or engineering the audio files.

So, here we are introducing Wondershare Filmora for making the creation of audiobooks effortless.

The audio editing tools on Wondershare Filmora allow you to record audio, add audio-video, and edit the audio. With the audio editing tools on the Filmora, you have the options to adjust, fade-in, fade-out, or de-noise the audio.

You can use the de-noise option to remove the background sounds on your audio files. Wondershare Filmora also allows you to adjust the speed of the audio. You can adjust the speed of your audio file by setting up a duration.


You no longer have to stay confused about how to make an audiobook. We have simplified the creation of the audiobook with our stepwise guide. If you want to make an audiobook your own, you can use audio editors such as Wondershare Filmora.

We hope you won't be any more intimidated on how to make your own audiobook. An audiobook is a highly potent form to reach your targeted audience. So, don't allow your lack of knowledge to affect the growth of your book.

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