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How to Mute TikTok Audio: Easy Ways to Follow

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 23, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

TikTok provides some enjoyment, comfort, and inside jokes, contributing to developing a sense of community among its users.

However, you probably wouldn't have needed to learn how to mute audio in TikTok two or three years ago, but we're now living in one of the most turbulent periods in human history, so it's a skill that's become more critical.

When you upload specific popular music files to TikTok, you won't be able to publish the video or find it muted because of the copyright restrictions placed on the audio files. So, how will you turn off the music on TikTok and choose a different soundtrack to listen to? Naturally, you may directly alter the audio level in TikTok. When you need to swap for another one and sync it with your audio, you can learn more about the best alternative and how to mute TikTok audio using three different ways.

how to mute tiktok audio
In this article
  1. Method 1: Use the TikTok Built-In Editor to Mute Audio
  2. Method 2: Use Filmora to Remove the Original Audio and Upload it to TikTok Directly
  3. FAQs

Part 1: Method 1: Use the TikTok Built-In Editor to Mute Audio

You should be aware that the music files obtained from TikTok can only be helpful for a personal account, even if you are utilizing the music files obtained from TikTok. If you need to repost the TikTok video or add new soundtracks immediately, you must first learn how to mute audio on the TikTok video using the following method. This is required regardless of whatever option you choose.

Step1 Launch TikTok on Your Device.

Log in to your account, then go to the clip whose sound you wish to mute. To turn off the sound on the TikTok video, you must go to the editing page and choose the Sounds option.

Step2 Modify the Sound.

Choose a sound at random to add to your video, such as "Cold-Blooded," then press the "Loudness" option to change the sound's volume or remix it to create a new sound.

Step3 Mute the Audio.

You can silence the video on TikTok by moving the Added and Original sound sliders until they shift to zero. This will mute the additional sound that you added to the TikTok video.

how to mute tiktok

A Guide to Turning Off the Sound on TikTok Before You Record

Here is a guide on how to mute audio in TikTok before recording.

Step1 Start TikTok App.

Download a video with no sound and save it in your device's memory as the first step. Start the TikTok app from the home screen or the app drawer on your device and access the new video screen by tapping the + sign at the bottom of the screen.

Step2 Choose the File to Mute.

Select the movie to be mute, click the Next button, then hit the Post button once you have tapped the Upload button. After tapping the disc symbol, select Add to Favorites from the menu and produce a Noise.

Step3 Mute the Audio.

Return to the screen that displays the new video. Now, mute audio on TikTok by tapping the Add Sound menu at the top of the screen. Then pick the mute video option that appears under the My Favorites area. Include Noise.

Step4 Record.

Finally, to make a new video, tap the Record button, and follow the on-screen instructions to post the silent video to the TikTok platform.

how to turn off tiktok sound before recording

How to Turn Off Sound in TikTok Clip

Crazy about posting TikTok Clips? Well, read on to learn how to mute original audio in TikTok.

Step1 Visit New Video Page.

Go to the new video page, where you may either shoot a video or upload the one you already have.

Step2 Add New Sound.

Tap the Sound option at the bottom left portion of the screen once the video uploads to the sound screen. In this section, you will find the option to add a new sound to the video.

Step3 Lower Original Sound.

From the bottom, go to the tab labeled "Volume." TikTok users may turn off the original audio by lowering the "Original sound" slider to 0. To silence the video on TikTok, reduce the original sound volume and add sounds until they reach 0 percent.

Lastly, publish the video by clicking the Next button.

Note: after adding a sound to a clip on TikTok, you have the option to silence it by tapping the Cut symbol on the toolbar.
how to turn off tiktok original sound

Part 2: Method 2: Use Filmora to Remove the Original Audio and Upload it to TikTok Directly

On TikTok, you cannot mute the video's sound and then repost it. Instead, you will need to choose new music that works better with the movie and then sync the file. Filmora from Wondershare is a multifunctional audio editor that you can use to handle the sound files of TikTok. This editor offers features that include muting the music on TikTok, syncing the audio with the video, increasing the audio loudness, and many more. You can also modify the audio files, reduce the audio clip, combine several sound recordings, and use other complex capabilities.

Free Download
Free Download

Here is how to mute the original audio on TikTok using Filmora:

Step1 Download and Install Filmora.

Launch the program and import the video you want to add to your TikTok.

You can insert another sound or mute the current sound completely. Adjust the Volume option slider to mute the audio of the TikTok video and go-to export. Click the TikTok Menu option.

select tiktok from filmora
Step2 Log in to your TikTok Account.

Now, log in to your TikTok account and export your video directly to TikTok.

login tiktok from filmora

Part 3: FAQs

1. How do I mute a video in an editor?

You may mute a video by uploading it or importing it from a website like YouTube. Make sure your video has audio since turning the volume down won't do anything if it doesn't. Use the context menu to choose Mute after right-clicking on the video clip. The audio on the video clip will delete due to this action, but the audio will remain for that particular clip.

2. How do you edit sound on TikTok?

If you choose the scissors symbol with your finger, you'll see a waveform emerge at the bottom of the screen. You may go to the song segment you wish to hear using your finger. From that location, you can see the song's time stamps. You may also control the volume of the sound by using the option "Volume," located at the very bottom of the screen.

3. How do I repair a video muted on TikTok?

In case TikTok muted your video for any reason, you try these two options:

  1. Delete the video, reupload it to TikTok, and then add sound to it while editing it so the video may get played. After that, reduce the sound level until it reaches zero, and you will be able to submit the video. You can include any sound in the video.
  2. Ensure you do not reupload the exact video. You can use an external video editing tool like Filmora to add effects and cut the video into shorter clips. Once done, try reuploading the video and follow the TikTok guidelines this time.

Adding a sound to your video and lowering the level of that sound to zero is one way to prevent your video from being removed for violating copyright laws.


Thus, this tutorial covered how to mute your TikTok audio before and after you publish a video. You can instantly alter the level of the music already on the device or any additional sounds by using the built-in Sound function. Besides, we also listed the best tool, Filmora, via which you can generate silent movies for the social platform. In short, if a sound isn't available on TikTok, you can get past TikTok's limited library by producing your film using an additional editing tool like Filmora. This program also guides you on how to mute original audio in TikTok. It will help if you either get stuck composing your music or use the already available sounds on TikTok.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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