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Best Free Ways to Remove Static Noise from Audio in Seconds

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 23, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

It will be challenging to remove static noise from audio since the language is often muddled by ambient noise, such as the dreaded whirring of an air conditioning unit or fans. This can make it challenging to get good audio. It is common practice to eliminate background noise before recording and mixing sound effects or working on other areas of the video's design.

You are lucky since the Internet allows you to choose a few strategies for removing noise from audio. You may lessen the amount of noise in your video or audio recording by including some background music or by utilizing software that edits audio or video. This article will significantly assist you in searching for a method to remove static sound from audio, so keep that in mind as you read it. Let's get started!

remove static noise
In this article
  1. How to Remove Static Noise from Audio Files with Only & Free tools?
  2. How to Improve Your Audio in the Best Way?
  3. How to Record Noise-Free Audio?

Part 1: How to Remove Static Noise from Audio Files with Only & Free tools?

Consider shaky or unclear video to be a problem. Audio noise may damage your video just as fast as poor visual quality. It may be tricky to remove static sound from audio, however. Additionally, it might be difficult to capture clear audio, particularly in busy areas. There are occasions when you get hissy or otherwise noisy audio, whether because of background noise or less-than-ideal equipment.

1. Audiodenoise

The tool lets you change many things, like the time smoothing of the noise reduction filter, the noise model based on tracking noise modulation, the size of the analysis blocks, etc. So, how do you remove the static audio in the background?

Here are the steps to take.

How to use Audio Denoise to get rid of static noise

Step1 Click on the "Choose File" option to start. You can also choose the video from the list of "Demo files."

upload audio to audiodenoise online

Step2 Press the Process button after you've uploaded the file to eliminate the noise in the audio.

remove noise from audio with audiodenoise

Step3 After the audio is done being processed, click the Download button to save your video to your PC.

2. Wondershare AILab

You may remove static from audio by using Wondershare AILab. There is no need to specify any settings since the AI will identify and eliminate noise on its own automatically. To improve audio quality, use a noise reduction technique based on AI. No more noise will be from the breeze, the crowd, or another unwelcome sound. AILab gives you access to various free online tools that make creating images, sounds, and videos simpler and more enjoyable.

How to use Wondershare AILab to remove static sound from audio

Step1 First, choose or drag your audio file to start uploading it.

choose an audio file

Step2 The AI will analyze the file automatically and eliminate the static sound.

remove noise automatically

Step3 Finally, at this moment, download the revised audio file.


With VEED, you can simultaneously record your computer screen and camera, making it simple to produce instructional films for professional or personal use.

VEED is one of the most straightforward online video editors that can remove static from audio with just one click of the mouse, making it an excellent choice for people who are just starting. You don't need to re-record your audio or purchase expensive microphones that block sound. It can help you eliminate background noise from MP3, WMA, and other audio files, but with a watermark.

How do I remove static sound from the audio file using Veed online?

Step1 To upload your audio file, click the "Choose Audio" button to upload your audio file.

remove background noise from audio veed

Step2 Click on the audio track to open the Settings menu, then choose "Clean Audio" from the list of options. The background noise will vanish on its own in a few seconds.

clean background noise from video audio veed

Step3 That's it; you're done. When you click "Export," you will make your new file in a few seconds.

Part 2: How to improve your audio in the best way?

Wondershare is the company that has produced the Filmora family of video production and editing apps. Filmora offers software that may be used by various skill levels, from novice to intermediate. A timeline, a preview window, and an effects library are some of the standard elements of Filmora. These features are accessed and controlled by a drag-and-drop user interface.

Free Download
Free Download

The Filmora software collection may run on machines running either Windows or macOS operating systems. It is possible to get free product samples to test them out before buying them. On the official Filmora website, you can see pricing choices for each program.

The Filmora Video Editor is easy to use and delivers various features superior to those provided by other video editors. Because of this, it is considered one of the best audio editors to answer how to remove static from audio and video.

Here is how to remove static noise from audio with Filmora.

Step1 Upload Files

Open Wondershare Filmora and load your video into the timeline window. You can get a video preview, cut it up, and remove the bits you don't want to preserve.

Step2 Edit Audio

Select "Edit Audio" by using the context menu after right-clicking the movie in the timeline. You will see four options: silence detection, modify audio, disconnect audio, and mute. Choose the "Audio" option from the drop-down menu if you want to separate the audio from the video.

Step3 Remove Background Static

Double-click on the audio track to eliminate the background noise directly, and pick "normal denoise" from the Edit Panel. You may also double-click the video clip in the timeline to reach the Editing panel without first separating the audio from the video. Once there, you can edit the audio and eliminate the noise by clicking on the Audio tab in the Editing panel.

denoise in filmora

Step4 Fine Tune and Export

Lastly, with Equalizer, fine-tune the sound to make it more natural. For a better effect, adjust the audio frame by frame until it fits perfectly with the video. After the result, you can click "Export" to save the less noisy video on your PC or directly post it to YouTube or Vimeo.

Part 3: How to Record Noise-Free Audio?

So, that was how to remove static sound from audio. But what if you record noise-free audio instead?

If you record with a microphone and continue to hear static noise, the problem most likely lies in the cable. Most microphone cables consist of one or two conductors (wires) braided together inside a metal. This is the function that protection fulfills. It prevents the hum or static created by signals coming from outside from interfering with the signal flowing via the internal conductors.

If one of the shield connections at either end of the wire is only sometimes present or isn't there, this might produce static electricity. If you can access the connection, check that all cables and shields are connected safely and securely.

Near a stable electromagnetic source is another possible explanation for static, which may be industrial motors or high-power radio transmitters.

Another characteristic of microphones is their impedance. It would be best to use microphone with the same impedance as the recording device.

One last step is to test the static using a different microphone to determine whether the problem persists. If this is the case, the recording device can be the source of the issue.


Do you believe that a grainy or unsteady video is a problem? Video quality is vital, but audio noise can quickly damage your film. However, removing static sound from audio may be a pain in the neck. In addition, capturing clear audio may be challenging, particularly in areas with a lot of background noise.

Now you have an audio file with less or no noise and want to learn how to remove static noise from audio. With the above suggestions, I hope you'll find eliminating background noise from the video easy. If you want to be more creative in removing static noise from audio, try the Filmora video editor to give your mind a boost.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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