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Remove Background Noise from Video Online [Useful Guideline]

The background noise diverts the audience's attention. The article shall present three workable ways to remove background noise online with their key features.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 21, 22, updated Jul 12, 24

The primary sound in the video has to be clear. The presence of background noise can affect the user experience multifold. Don't you agree? Background noise is known as irrelevant noise from the environment. Most content creators record in open space for better light. However, it leads to ambient noise.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to deal with background noise. The article highlights the top three websites for this purpose. These online tools remove background noise online. We shall discuss their key features as well. It will help creative professionals make sane decisions. Right? Wondershare Filmora will also be previewed as audio and video editors.

So, what are we waiting for? Time to start!

Part 1: 3 Recommended Sites to Remove Background Noise Online Free

Video recording through devices usually leaves you with background noises that must be removed from the video for perfect results. In other cases, before adding recorded audio across a video, you might have come across some background noise that needs to be treated effectively before finalizing the video for publishing. Under such circumstances, a background noise removal tool comes in handy.

To remove noise from video online free, we have sketched out three websites that offer the potential option of removing background noise. The platforms remove noise from video online in seconds. Let us have a look at what each of them brings to the table! Shall we? background noise remover

The first source to remove background noise from video online is The tool got famous due to its extreme workability in audio and media. The content publishers and streamers use to clean their audios and videos from annoying noises. The "Clean Audio" function works based on the length of the video.

If your file is larger, it might take a couple of minutes. Willing to know more? You can have a look at the features below:

  • The interface is interactive enough for entry-level beginners.

  • The media file can be uploaded from a device, Dropbox, or you can record it.

  • Moreover, you can insert a YouTube link to clean the audio.


audiotoolset noise reducer

Next on the list, we have AudioToolSet. AudioToolSet is a great platform to remove noise from audio online free. You can drag and drop the targeted media file or browse your system. The supported file formats for AudioToolSet include MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG. Also known as Noise Reducer, this online tool is famous as an MP3 noise removal online free.

Are you satisfied with Audio Tool Set? Let us know more!

  • The maximum file size is 50MB for your media files.

  • The dark mode can be used based on your workability.

  • AudioToolSet is designed to clean audio recordings, and no tweaking is needed with the settings. interface removes background noise from audio online free. The online tool takes the concerns of podcasters, vloggers, and creators seriously. Additionally, the noise reduction feature can be tested through the demo files. Isn't that a dream? has a noise model type to choose from. It includes Adapted distribution, Spectral subtraction, and Autoregressive model. The user is free to play with noise reduction and analysis block size. The values can be set according to preference.

Following are some key features of

  • The user can set the temporal soothing of the input by adjusting the playhead.

  • You can alter the noise modulation tracking based on how slow and fast you need.

  • One is free to preview the output before downloading it.

Part 2: How to Remove Background Noise from Video on Windows and Mac

There is no shortage of video and audio editors in the market. Wouldn't you agree? It is the very reason the users can get confused about their choice. It is essential to have a hands-on tool that promises advanced features with high-quality output.

Wondershare Filmora is recommended as it understands the user's needs. Being compatible with Windows and Mac, Filmora can be relied upon for different functions. For instance, Filmora is great for audio denoise. It assists you in eliminating unwanted noise from the recorded content.

Essentially, the audio denoise function has a slider. It is based on Weak, Mid, and Strong that permits you to set the level for noise reduction. You can also trim audio clips, add a voice-over, and adjust the audio volume. The audio equalizer, audio mixer, and audio ducking are among the most exceptional tools of the lot.

Apart from audio editing, Filmora specializes in video editing. From video trimming to rotating and splitting video to cropping, Filmora offers a balanced editor for everyone. You are free to join video clips and create freeze frames. There is nothing Filmora ceases to excel in. Don't you think? Do not hesitate to preview render and change the video playback speed.

Do you wish to remove background noise from the video? Are you looking for proper guidance to do so? Worry no more, as we are in the picture! The steps below are for Filmora to eliminate background noise from the video effortlessly.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Step 1: Launching Wondershare Filmora

First, double-click on Wondershare Filmora's icon to open it. Click on "New Project" as the interface pops up. Now, it is time to import the media. Click on "File" from the top panel. After that, select "Import Media" and then "Import Media Files."

tap on new project

Step 2: Browsing the Media File

Browse the targeted video from your system. The video will be shown in the Media Library. Now, drag it to the timeline of the editor. The program displays a dialogue box regarding the frame rate of the media. You can either keep the project settings or match them to media settings.

choose project settings

Step 3: Using the "Audio Denoise" Function

Moving on, right-click on the video located in the timeline. Click on "Show Properties" from the menus that appear. The properties would appear for video, audio, color, and animation. Head to "Audio" and enable the "Audio Denoise" feature.

enable denoise feature

Step 4: Selecting the Range

Choose the range for noise reduction. Filmora presents Weak, Mid, and Strong. Choose as you desire and hit "OK." The background noise will be eliminated effectively.

select denoise mode

Step 5: Exporting the Video

Click on "Export" to save the final video. Input the file name and output location. You can also pick the quality you need. Hit "Export," and you are done!

export the video

Wrapping Up

A raw video doesn't have a visual or sensory impact. Don't you agree? It is crucial to perform necessary edits to make it viable. The removal of background noise is important for a creative creator. Hence, the article featured three workable ways to remove background noise audio online. Wondershare Filmora was also introduced as the perfect audio and video editor in the business.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

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