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FREE 8 Best DAW for Chromebook to Make Music

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

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As a beginner, you must first fully understand what a digital audio workstation is doing if you are going to decide which DAW is the best for you.

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. Initially, DAWs were designed to find an alternative to tape recording. The computer-based DAWs and digital audio tracks are recorded.

A DAW is a virtual studio within your computer. There are many platforms on which you can create DAW because of technological advancement, be it Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or even your phone!

Out of all, the fastest and most economical way is through Chromebook. Below you will find a list of the best DAW for Chromebook, supported by Chrome OS to create music.

Part 1: 8 Best DAW for Chromebook


Soundtrap is a sleek, easy-to-use, efficient DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that runs on your computer. You will need to create an account to start using the browser app, which will also give you a trial of their premium features. Once the trial is over, you will be downgraded to a free account with certain limitations.


  • There are several instruments and loops that you can play with and make music.
  • You can also connect a MIDI-compatible device and record music to the app.
  • Soundtrap even has networking and collaboration apps that encourage you to share your music ideas with your mates, and they'll be able to listen to and also edit your songs.

Best DAW for Chromebook - Soundtrap


If you are a novice or a skilled musician, the music composition app offers you all the resources you need to create your sheet music. You can compose, read, upload, and discover music scores on any computer right in your web browser. Chromebook sponsors it, so the core concept behind this app is that you can quickly exchange your music with your peers.


  • Just as multiple people can edit a Google Doc at once, multiple people can edit a score in Flat at the same time.
  • Create your score, choose "Share" and invite people with "read" or "write" permissions to score.
  • Your staff would have synchronized, real-time exposure to the ranking.
  • Hangouts integration is designed to allow people to take part in a video conference while collaborating on a score.

Top DAW for Chromebook - Flat

3. Music Maker

Magix is well known for a variety of music tech products: Music Maker, Samplitude, Acid Music Studio / Acid Pro, and Sound Forge. Music Maker is a Windows and Chromebook DAW built for beginners and hobbyists, rather than severe semi-pro or advanced consumers. It comes in 4 versions to have a range of apps to match your needs.


  • There are four different versions of Music Maker:
  • Music Maker Free
  • Music Maker Plus Edition
  • Music Maker Live Edition
  • Music Maker Premium Edition
  • MAGIX Audio Remote – a second screen application that allows you to control live pad mode, tools and conveyance functions
  • Live Pad mode with 30 Live Sets for EDM, Trance, Hip-Hop, etc. Live Pad mode gives you the pads you can set up and play live.

music Maker - Top 8 DAW for Chromebook

4. BandLab

BandLab is a free browser DAW for Chromebook that you would expect to be a straightforward DAW. Bandlab DAW only works in Chrome, and your phone has a version. While other Digital Audio Workstation manufacturers are starting to incorporate some of the simple cloud functionality, BandLab is a DAW designed in the field.


  • There are some pretty high-shelf functions, such as tap-tempo, magnetic timeline, lyric editor, and tracking version.
  • The sound is pretty basic, but again you cannot expect a 25 GB piano library to hold it against.
  • You can create a 'band' with other users; everyone has access to the same set of songs, works together on songs, and even uses' fork.'

8 DAW for Chromebook - BandLab

5. Song Maker

Google started a free sequencer on the occasion of the Music In Our Schools Month: Chrome Music Lab's Song Maker. The idea is that everyone can create loops with up to two tools. Others can then share the loop.


  • This simple exercise is for notes to perform and for musical compositions to share.
  • The midi trigger or machine keyboard functions and is web-based, so no installation is necessary.
  • You have to access the Chrome OS program or visit the Windows website and start playing songs.

Best DAW for Chromebook - Song Maker

6. Splash

Splash is the free music and beat-making app that's guaranteed to help you create your awesome music from your browser or downloaded on Chrome OS from the google play store.


  • Music is free to copyright! Whether you are interested in showing your music to families or friends, downloading it to Spotify, or building a song on your Youtube channel, Splash gives you free control. You did it, after all!
  • 100 % free, no ads! 100 % free! Please invest your energy and wait for less.
  • New frequent updated sound packages-never run out of ideas, with fresh products delivered regularly.

Best 8 DAW for Chromebook - Splash


With JAMBL, you can compose tracks, mix and play without ever having to break a sweat, and all of this is 100 % original tracks of your own. With this unique toolkit, you won't believe how fun it is to become a master designer.


  • What you need is to pick a jam pack of the theme you like is to get over 100 recordings accessible from sound designers and incredible musicians.
  • Looper system Smart-note
  • Simultaneous jamming in games
  • Last creative check.
  • Manage the volume, tempo, impact, and combine sounds in various styles and genres of the instrument.

JAMBL - Top DAW for Chromebook

8. FL Studio for Chromebook

FL Studio is a full music development or digital audio workstation (DAW) program system. It reflects over 20 years of creativity and has everything you need for writing, designing, filming, cutting, mixing, and mastering songs.


  • Connect and play In seconds, create patterns and sequences.
  • In your production, add melodies and harmony.
  • Quickly enter the step sequencer input patterns or switch to performance mode for live playback and recording of notes and starting patterns.

FL Studio for Chromebook

Part 2: Why is Chromebook better at making DAW than iPad

There are many reasons why making DAW on Chrome OS is better than making it on an iPad with Mac OS. Here are a few of the main reasons mentioned below:

1. Reasonably Priced

By comparison to iOS, Chrome OS is an open-source operating system — which ensures a lot of businesses will utilize it to build a wide variety of Chromebooks with infinite pricing choices. On the other side, Chromebooks are sold in a larger and more economical variety. One of the easy computers is available for as low as $149. Although some special models can have a high price tag, most models will not get more than $300 in price. Often Chromebooks are less expensive than an iPad to repair or replace.

2. Easy Accessibility

The iPad is a 100% touchscreen experience first and foremost. Since Chromebooks are available as notebooks and tablets, whether you've got a trackpad/mouse or a touchscreen, you can connect with them. This additional versatility encourages you to use a Chromebook precisely what you like and often allows using a mouse easier and more effectively for other activities, as are the powerful keyboard shortcuts available for Chrome OS.

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