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2024's Premier Background Music Remover App: Enhance Your Videos

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Today's smartphones are capable of a wide range of tasks. Lossless quality can be achieved with your phone by separating vocals from instrumentals. The choice of the best app for vocal removal can be a hard one when considering the numerous options available. Several apps are now available that allow you to remove vocals cleanly without any distortion. Thus, you can separate vocals from instrumental music and create two separate files. These files can be used either as Karaoke versions or as instrumental music.

Most of these apps allow you to isolate the vocals from a song for free or at least have a free version. Such software also offers really cool audio editing features. To flawlessly remove vocals from soundtracks, this article will describe the best apps.

In this article
  1. Part 1. Top Picks - 5 Best Vocal Remover Apps For Android
  2. Part 2. Top Picks - 5 Best Vocal Remover Apps for iPhone
  3. Part 3. Unveiling Vocal Remover Feature in Wondershare Filmora
  4. Conclusion
AI Music Remover
A cross-platform for facilitating your video editing process by offering valuable benefits!
Wondershare Filmora

Part 1. Top Picks - 5 Best Vocal Remover Apps For Android

Below you will find five Android apps that remove vocals or instrumentals from songs. There are also iPhone versions of some of these apps.

1. AI Vocal Remover & Karaoke

Karaoke Vocal Remover is a user-friendly multimedia tool for removing vocals from karaoke tracks. This program makes karaoke backing tracks from any song in your music library. For beginners, it is an intuitive and straightforward tool. Besides downloading instrumental and audio files, it is also possible to rewrite lyrics and make Karaoke. You are limited to three free trials if you don't buy premium. Also, downloading audio and shows could take a long time.

ai vocal remover and karaoke


  • Backing tracks can be made from any song
  • By adjusting the slider, you can remove the vocals
  • AI-powered separation of vocals and instrumentals from songs
  • Karaoke outputs can be saved to your phone
  • Suitable for beginners, this music tool is simple
  • Designed for high compatibility with multimedia
  • Interface that is easy to use and simple to understand
  • There are no advanced features for altering instrumentals
  • Depending on the song, distortion may occur in the audio
  • Ads are available

2. SonicMelody

Using Sonic Melody, you can turn any music into karaoke for free on Android. The app extracts vocals from MP3 files and other audio files without requiring any manual labor. The user can isolate not only vocals, but also bass, drums, piano, etc. Additionally, SonicMelody includes audio cutters, equalizers, karaoke recorders, audio joiners, and more. TikTok, Starmaker, Make Popular, and other apps offer direct uploading capabilities for edited audio.



  • A system for separating songs based on artificial intelligence
  • Enhance audio with tempo changes, pitch detection, audio cutters, etc.
  • Make a record of the work and share it with others
  • Create a TikTok video and upload it
  • Your phone should contain the Karaoke files
  • AI-powered song separation.
  • Adaptable to most audio formats.
  • Instrumentals, vocals, bass, guitar, etc., can be separated.
  • Share your karaoke recordings with family and friends.
  • Video formats are not supported.
  • There are annoying ads on it.

3. MP3 Vocal Remover App for Karaoke

This vocal remover for Android helps you remove vocals from MP3 tracks instantly. Acapella and voice can be extracted from MP3 and other audio formats with this AI sound extractor. It lacks the necessary audio editing tools to cut, merge, and convert MP3s. Although it's free, it's a useful tool for removing vocals.

mp3 vocal remover app for karaoke


  • Make MP3 music karaoke-ready instantly.
  • Assemble instrumental MP3 files from any song.
  • Beat extraction powered by artificial intelligence.
  • It uses the same audio engine as Song Peel, Phonicmind, and Audacity.
  • Take out the vocals when practicing or doing karaoke.
  • Extraction of vocals and instrumentals using artificial intelligence.
  • It's super easy to use.
  • No subscriptions and sign-ups.
  • The developer updates the app frequently.
  • There are frequent crashes.
  • The vocals cannot be downloaded from the extract.

4. Vocal Remover, Cut Song Maker

A super easy way to batch remove vocals is to use this app that utilizes artificial intelligence. In addition to vocals, drums, bass, and piano tracks, it automatically recognizes instrument tracks. Additionally, multitasking allows you to mix different instrument sounds and separate one audio into multiple tracks. Moreover, it supports converting audio formats. However, you can only use it for three days free of charge before you have to pay. Over 200 MB of songs have ads.

vocal remover cut song maker


  • To practice piano and sing, extract piano sounds
  • Use a backing track to practice singing without vocals
  • Practice skill practice by removing drums from guitar, bass, and other tracks
  • Multi-track songs can be easily created and mixed
  • Karaoke songs and backing tracks can be converted
  • For live rehearsal, separate vocals from instruments
  • Trim, cut, and edit audio easily
  • Customize the sound of different instruments
  • Edit and mix multitrack music easily
  • Extraction of accompaniment from audio tracks in batch
  • A total of 2000+ music materials are available
  • A full-time advertisement for audio files over 200 MB
  • There can sometimes be a warped sound as a result
  • Credit card information is required for a free trial
  • Processes a little slowly

5. SplitHit

SplitHit is an alternative to YouTube for removing vocals from MP3. By utilizing cutting-edge AI capabilities, lossless vocal extraction is possible. The SplitHit software separates vocals and other instruments such as bass, piano, and guitar. In addition, it supports recording yourself singing along to the file once the music instruments have been removed. It's perfect for practicing singing or playing piano.



  • Identify vocals, piano, drums, and harmonics (guitars/keyboards) in any song.
  • To create DJ remixes and mashups, save the stems in top quality.
  • A vocals-only remix isolates vocals and eliminates instruments.
  • For an instrumental remix, remove the vocals from the audio.
  • For a boosted remix, boost the bass or drums.
  • Make vocals and instrumentals from any song.
  • Produce DJ mashups of the highest quality.
  • Make a recording of yourself singing.
  • Instrumentals and sounds should be amplified.
  • Users are limited to one song per day with the free version.
  • Sometimes, it crashes.

Part 2. Top Picks - 5 Best Vocal Remover Apps for iPhone

1. Moises

Are you looking for an app that will remove your vocals completely? Your iPhone's audio files can be edited with Moises without vocals or certain instrument sounds. Music tracks can be edited or enhanced using this professional tool. With this tool, you can enhance voice recordings or audio files for Karaoke or sharing. Instruments can be isolated and remixed as you like, and the song key can be changed. If you want to play originals or covers, Dropbox lets you save clean acapellas for editing later.



  • AI is used to separate vocals, drums, guitars, basses, pianos, and strings
  • Make any song faster or slower by instantly generating click tracks
  • One click controls and changes the key in real time
  • Metronome-enabled audio exports
  • Rehearsal and practice playlists
  • Mix vocals, drums, guitars, bass, piano, and more to create your own song
  • To practice focused music parts, trim and loop them
  • A soundtrack's volume can be easily adjusted using this tool.
  • It is convenient to change the key and itch after removing the vocals.
  • To see which tracks you can edit on this tool, you can browse its built-in library.
  • Using this tool's advanced features requires purchasing its premium package.

2. PhonicMind

By removing vocals from instrumental sounds, this app can create great remixes. In addition to guitar, violin, bass, and drummer, it works on every instrumental sound. This app is well-known because of its enhanced AI technology.



  • Produce instrumentals or karaoke versions using PhonicMind's AI-powered technology.
  • Sing along with your favourite songs until you master the vocals.
  • Using instrumental tracks, you can practice your favorite instrument without the music.
  • To create remixes with DJ software or hardware, download .stem.mp4 files.
  • The edited version of a song can be listened to simply by uploading it.
  • As well as Karaoke, instrumentals can be created using this tool.
  • For final use, you can merge extra audio clips with any song.
  • Sometimes, it fails to fully remove all of the selected vocals, resulting in a poorer quality song.

3. WavePad Music and Audio Editor

Free audio editing software and voice remover WavePad Music and Audio Editor. Vocal rеmovеr can work with various filе typеs and has very powerful еditing and еffеcts.  It is also possible to save your work in Googlе Drivе,  Dropbox,  or on your computеr for future use.  It also has over 1, 000 soundtracks in its sound library.  It can also be downloadеd for Mac as well as Windows vеrsions. 

wavepad music and audio editor


  • WAVE and AIFF file formats are supported
  • Editing functions such as cutting, copying, pasting, inserting, trimming, etc.
  • Voice-activated recording and auto-trim
  • One can upload and download files with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Provide a lot of effects include reverbs, amplify, and noise reduction.
  • A correct sample rate and bit depth are essential for precise audio control
  • A cost-effective app for editing and removing vocals.
  • Working on multiple files simultaneously is possible.
  • Recording is voice-activated and auto-trims.
  • Management of files is convenient with Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Beginners may find it a bit challenging.
  • The option to remove ads for $0.99, and unlock all effects for $4.99.

4. Vocal Remover AI

Using artificial intelligence, this app isolates vocals from audio files intelligently. Music files and vocals can be downloaded on phones with this online tool. With this tool, vocals are automatically separated from background music without the need for manual intervention. Moreover, this tool has been created by professionals so that individuals from different fields can use it.

vocal remover ai


  • Utilizing advanced AI technology, separate vocals from backing tracks.
  • Your favorite songs can be easily stripped of their vocals.
  • Remix or karaoke instrumental versions.
  • Export tracks to other apps or save them as MP3 files.
  • An integrated player allows seamless switching between backing tracks and vocals.
  • You can also extract vocals from video files in addition to audio files.
  • To enhance its functionality professionally, this tool uses a Que-based system.
  • With this tool, DJs can create their own mashups from any audio file.
  • When uploading large files, the processing speed slows down.

5. SoundLab Audio Editor

YouTubers, TikTok uploaders, and music lovers cannot miss SoundLab. A Karaoke version of the video can be created by removing the vocals from the audio and track. Video audio is enhanced by this. Multiple effects can enhance the interest or personalization of a song. Edit and mix multitrack audio, or change the pitch or tempo. Besides its use as a video dubber, audio recorder, and noise reducer, it can also be used as a video recorder.

soundlab audio editor


  • Edit the clip position, add audio effects, and add a multitrack.
  • The audio track should be made Karaoke-free by removing vocals.
  • Change the tone of the clip and trim it from the music file.
  • Various file formats are available for export.
  • Editing and mixing of up to 16 tracks are supported.
  • Video audio extractor with built-in audio extraction feature.
  • A vocal extractor and remover powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Editing in a non-linear manner with precision and the ability to undo/redo.
  • Various filters are used to process a selected portion of audio.
  • During mixing, global effects are applied to filtering in real-time.
  • Multiple waveform export options and a high-performance waveform display.
  • Limited file format compatibility.
  • There are times when bugs appear, such as music edits not being saved.

Part 3. Unveiling Vocal Remover Feature in Wondershare Filmora

Introduction of Filmora

Filmora 13 represents the latest evolution in the highly regarded Wondershare video editing software series. The user interface and strong video editing capabilities of Filmora always advance the video editing world. Filmora 13 comes with several new features and improvements, which makes it a must-have tool for any videographer, be they amateur or professional.

Free Download
Free Download

New Features and Improvements in Filmora 13

Filmora 13 brings a wealth of fresh features and enhancements to the table, enhancing the video editing experience. This latest version introduces cutting-edge tools, including enhanced special effects, transitions, and advanced editing options. It also ensures improved performance and stability, resulting in smoother and more efficient editing. Users will benefit from faster rendering times, greater project control, and access to an extensive library of pre-made templates and assets. Featuring new AI-driven features, Filmora 13 caters to creators of all skill levels. Among the latest additions are:

●  AI Copilot Editing

Enhance your editing process with AI-powered assistance that offers intelligent suggestions and recommendations.

●  AI Text-Based Editing

Easily edit and customize text in your videos with the assistance of AI, saving time and effort.

● AI Thumbnail Creator

Generate eye-catching thumbnails automatically, optimizing your video's visual appeal.

● AI Music Generator

Instantly create original music tracks for your videos with AI technology, adding a unique dimension to your content.

AI Vocal Remover Feature as a Key Addition in Filmora 13

One of the standout features within Filmora 13 is the Vocal Remover. This powerful tool empowers users to effortlessly extract vocals from background music in their video projects. Whether you're crafting a karaoke video, a vlog, or any content where audio adjustments are necessary, Filmora 13's Vocal Remover is a game-changer. Leveraging advanced AI technology, it accurately segregates vocals from instrumental tracks, offering unparalleled flexibility in video editing.

Steps to remove vocals from background music using AI Vocal Remover

The process of removing vocals from background music in Filmora is a straightforward and user-friendly endeavor. Here's a quick overview of the steps:

1. Start Filmora and Create a New Project

 Launch the Filmora application and initiate a new project by selecting the "New Project" tab in the startup window.

2. Import Files and Add to Timeline

Import the video project into Filmora by choosing "Media" from the custom toolbar and clicking on the "Files" icon. This action brings your files into Filmora, ready for editing.

3. Enable the AI Vocal Remover Functionality

In your project's timeline, locate the audio track that you want to modify. Select this track, choose the "Audio" option from the top toolbar, and further select "AI Vocal Remover." Filmora's advanced AI technology will analyze the audio track, effectively separating the vocals from the instrumental elements.

Follow these steps to remove vocals from background music using Filmora.

Try Filmora out Free! Click here!

Free Download
Free Download


In 2023, unlocking the instrumental magic of your favorite songs is a breeze with top background music remover apps for Android, iPhone. From user-friendly options like AI Vocal Remover & Karaoke and SonicMelody to comprehensive tools like Moises for iPhone users, these apps harness AI technology to separate vocals from instrumentals seamlessly.

Filmora 13, with its Vocal Remover feature and AI-driven enhancements, is a standout choice for video editing. With simple steps and creative freedom, you can make your music your own. Explore the world of endless possibilities in audio and video content creation with these premier apps.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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