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How to Choose the FPV Drone Propellers

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Let us talk about FPV miniquad propellers! They are actually set of specially designed airfoils that radiates from some strong central hub that bolts into motor or engine of device. When we talk about quadcopters then these propellers work like wings for the aircraft. Types of wings attached to your tiny aircraft are going to make huge difference in its actual flight. So, if you are thinking to buy a new set of propellers for your drone then it is important to go into some deep details before selection. Below are few important things that demand your attention.

Things to Consider when Choosing Drone Propellers

1. Type:

Type Pros Cons
Plastic They are Light in weight You will find balancing issue with this design
Affordable choice They produce annoying sound and too much vibrations
Carban fiber They suffer lesser vibration and produce minimal sound Too costly
Lightweight construction They offer lower thrust as compared to plastic type designs
Highly balanced design Flight time is lesser
They offer high RPM with quick motor speed. If they crash, motor bearing will naturally take most of the impact.
Highly resposnive /

2. Length and Pitch:

Pitch can be defined as total distance travelled by your miniquad or drone with single rotation of propeller. For example, in case if we take 10x3.8 value then it means overall length is 10 whereas pitch is 3.8. Generally, propellers that offer lower pitches are able to produce more torque hence their motor naturally works with lesser current.

Those who are using high pitch type prop with have different results. In this case, more air gets displaced and it naturally caused more commotion. With this effect, drone will face more vibrations and you will observe more shakes while hovering. Hence, it is advised to buy propeller that offer lower pitch.

3. Size:

If you have a drone propeller with small size then it is much easier to control overall speed of your device during flights. This facility is not available with larger propellers. The reason behind uncontrolled speed of larger prop type drones is that they need more time to shift from one speed level to another. But in other case, smaller drone prop are able to offer higher RPM for motors. With this higher RPM rating, blades are capable enough to spin fast and thus UAV can manage impressive flights.

Note that you must buy a motor that has lesser kV rating if you want to operate larger propellers. But in case if kV rating is high then it will suit to small sized props. Prefer to buy propellers with lower pitch values so that drones can stay stable in air.

4. Number of Blades:

There is no doubt to say that you add more blades to your drone then its props will naturally have more thrust nut they actually become less efficient. The result is almost same as that of installing longer propeller. But if you have multiple blades then there is no need to install longer blades. Analysis says that tri blade type propellers are usually much better than that of two blade type props. Generally, tri blades type drone follow torque curve that ultimately makes yaw axis highly responsive.

5. Price:

You can easily buy attractive multicolour type props; they are often available as pack of 4 or 2. While buying a new set, always make sure that your package contains equal number of clockwise and counter clockwise props. Generally, the plastic type props have price tag somewhere between $2 whereas for a set of 4, you have to pay $5. On the other side, the 3 plus bladed propellers use to be more expensive as compared to two blade versions.

6. Conclusion:

After going through all these facts, we drive some important concluding points as:

  • You can speed up a small sized prop with ease but larger ones take much time to shift from one speed level to another.
  • One need to install motor with higher RPM for smaller props as they are able to spin at faster pace and can naturally develop perfect lifting mechanism.
  • Lower kV type motors can easily deal with bigger props. If you require lesser vibration with higher stability then it is essential to move ahead with
  • Those who wish to perform acrobatics in air will demand motor connection with small props as it can offer fast turning motor design. Anything below 8 inches will suit your needs in this category.
  • In case if you want to organize flights with additional payload, like a video camera or gimbal etc then it is important to buy a larger prop with slower turning motor unit. Probably a 8 plus inch design will be best idea.

Best Brand Recommendations:

1. Gemfan:

Gemfan is well known as a classic manufacturer of props; you can buy a unique design for every UAV. You can order a tri blade design for better performance.

2. HQProp:

HQProp is a potential competitor against Gemfan and they are popular enough in the multirotor market. One of the most popular propellers in this market is 5x4x3 Tri-blade prop, you can easily find it with most of devices. Props of HQprop company are usually of higher price and they are also very fragile.

3. APC:

Same as those DAL Props, APC’s 2 bladed props have unique reputation in market as they are rated to be indestructible designs. The specially designed tri blade offerings are highly durable and they stand out against all competitors in market.

4. Luminier:

Recently, GetFPV launched its new quality prop model under Luminier Line. These props are well focused on racing needs and they are also rated high for few specific applications with each variable size range.

You can easily choose any of these big brands to fulfil your needs. Professionals generally recommend a tri blade design as it is powerful enough and can meet most of routine needs with ease. Never forget to consider overall payload at the time of prop selection.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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