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How to Automatically Resize Videos for Instagram on Mac?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Just hold on if you lag in using Instagram's all features, especially the new ones, i.e., Reels. Or, it can be simply videos as well. Yes, the video posting on Instagram can offer you significant merits in this digital age of video marketing. The first reason that more and more brands are using video marketing strategies on Instagram is the broad reach. The Instagram algorithm gets activated when reach and engagement on your Instagram account increases. So, why not keep up with what's trending? And, if you're keeping up, you may be confronting the difficulty of switching the same video into different sizes for respective social media channels. Even if your brand is present on at least two social media channels, it's worth considering how to resize video for Instagram.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our instant and automatic solution on video resizing for Instagram as follows.

Part 1: How to Auto Resize Videos for Instagram Stories, Feed, and IGTV on Mac?

Let's first have a brief discussion on Instagram's different aspect ratios for Stories, Reels, IGTV, and so on. Even though 95 million photos are being posted every day on Instagram, the video stats still perform better. The video posts tend to receive two times more comments than other kinds of posts.

For Instagram videos, you've to check around its five minimum or maximum resolution requirements based upon where and how you will post them.

  • Portrait Videos

Minimum Resolution: 600 × 750; Maximum Resolution: 1080 × 1350

  • Square Videos

Minimum Resolution: 600 × 600; Maximum Resolution: 1080 × 1080

  • Stories Videos

Minimum Resolution: 600 × 1067; Maximum Resolution: 1080 × 1920

  • Landscape Videos

Minimum Resolution: 600 × 315; Maximum Resolution: 1080 × 608

  • Carousel Videos

Minimum Resolution: 600 × 700; Maximum Resolution: 1080 × 1080

Given below are different aspect ratios of Instagram Videos.

  • Square - 1:1
  • Portrait - 4:5
  • Stories – 9:16
  • Landscape – 1.91: 1 to 16:9
  • Carousel – 1:1; 4:5; 16:9

So, you need to ensure compliance with the requirements mentioned above of Instagram Videos. We'd now like to introduce our best quick method to resize the video to fit Instagram.

Steps to resize videos for Instagram with Wondershare Filmora for Mac

The auto reframe feature of Wondershare Filmora for Mac V10.2 can help automatically resize videos for different aspect ratios. To do this, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Click the "Try It Free" button above to download its latest version 10.2. It will give you access to its newly launched features, including the Auto Reframe feature.

It’s the foremost step you need to follow in the below-mentioned two ways.

Step 2: Select More Tools > Auto Reframe

auto reframe

Step 3: Import Your Instagram Video

You can now upload the Instagram video by clicking the Import tab as shown below to auto reframe directly.

auto reframe

Step 4: Select Among Different Aspect Ratios

Depending upon the format you’d like to see the video in, select among five different aspect ratios as shown below.

auto reframe

The auto reframe feature of Wondershare Filmora for Mac automatically adjusts the moving object within the Instagram video for resizing. 

Step 5: Adjust the Frame

Hit the Adjust frame toggle, and select the OK tab to adjust changes.

auto reframe

Click on Advanced Settings tab to adjust the Tracking Object and Tracking Speed.

auto reframe

Step 6: Export the Resized Instagram Video

Click the Export tab after all the modifications are over to save the resized Instagram video and upload it to Filmora for further editing.

auto reframe

So, this was all you need to resize a video for Instagram via Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

Part 2: Useful Tips to Optimize Your Videos for Instagram

You have to keep in mind the following expert tips to optimize your Instagram videos.

  • Create an Instagram video as short as possible and capture the audience's attention right at the beginning of the video.
  • Always select the right thumbnail that suits your video content and looks eye-catchy as well.
  • The best video format for Instagram is said to be MP4 always.
  • Use the right and low competition hashtags to rank better.
  • It will look great if you’re following a storytelling approach in your Instagram videos.
  • Use your best SEO practices and try to include keywords in descriptions and titles.
  • Focus your videos on driving traffic to the conversion-optimized landing pages, specifically in your Instagram’s bio.
  • Share valuable information in the first few seconds of the Instagram video.
  • Use simple words in your video script and add overlay texts as much as possible. You can include keywords in overlay text as well.
  • Optimize all your Instagram videos for mobile-specific users. All in all, your videos should be mobile-friendly.


Hence, this was our complete guide on how to resize videos for Instagram, and now it's time to state our final words. Firstly, you have to ensure your video presence on the Instagram platform to increase your reach and engagement analytics. We've discussed a step-by-step guide on quickly resizing videos for Instagram via Wondershare Filmora's new update for the Mac version.

As mentioned earlier, their newly launched Auto Reframe feature is what we've tried to stress upon in the guide. The very first reason that we selected the particular software is its ease of use. Then, the automatic resizing of videos for different social media channels is quite remarkable. In this digital age, it's usual that you have to switch among various social media platforms instantly. Thus, you can solve the difficulty of fitting a single video as per aspect ratios of these platforms via auto-reframing tools.

So, choose the best and effective!

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