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Top Photo and Video Slideshow Makers for macOS Sierra

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Creating slideshows is a great way to see life with new eyes. It enables you to be more creative, has more fun and expand the way you think about many of the things in your life. However, macOS Sierra did make some unique changes under the hood and as a result, some of the tools that help you do photo and video slideshows don’t work at this time.

What you need to do here is to figure out the right set of tools that can be used under the new macOS Sierra if you want to create a slideshow. We are here to help with that. Purchasing this type of software will help you eliminate the hassle, it will make you more fun and it will even deliver some great experiences to begin with.

4 Best photo and video slideshow makers for macOS Sierra

In a world with so many challenges when you create video and photo slideshows it can be close to impossible to find the time to relax and enjoy your free moments with this type of content.

The apps that create videos from images are very hard to use most of the time and they don’t deliver the experience you might want. There are tools that help you overcome this and macOS Sierra is indeed the app that you want in this regard.

1. DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe is one of the latest solutions on the software market that helps you create video and photo-based slideshows as fast as possible. DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe has a wide range of unique features that make it a very professional and distinct tool that you can use without any problem. One of the main benefits here is that you can create a unique and fun movie from your videos all via using around 480+ different movie styles. This does offer a great experience to begin with and it does help provide some very interesting options at all times.

Thanks to this app you can create a fully unique video story based on your content. You are free to use the voiceovers, videos and photos you want. It’s a great tool if you want to create such a video and it will also help save the content you want to the HD video format. Thankfully, the app also has mobile support so you can also save to mobile if you want which is really exciting.

Lastly, with DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe you have the ability to share your movies online or you can share your content on mobile devices as well. It really is something unique that does manage to provide you with an astounding experience to begin with.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2. Slideshow Maker: HyperEngine AV

HyperEngine AV was known as Montage until not too long ago and it does come with a great set of multimedia editing features. With its help, you can combine videos, texts and sounds as well as videos without any problem whatsoever. The important thing to note is that you get the ability to drag and drop clips from your camera and arrange them into the workshop. It’s fast, efficient and a very good tool. It’s also inexpensive which makes it a great purchase for sure.

3. Slideshow Creator: iMovie

Since iMovie is preinstalled on your Mac, you get this for free and it really manages to capture the features you might need when you create a slideshow maker for OS X Sienna. It integrates video stabilization and themes that make creating a video not that much of a hassle to begin with. It’s actually very efficient, designed to impress and the value that you receive from it is very good to begin with.

There’s no need for a tutorial as the app is deceptively simple but there are a few issues to be had here and there if you don’t use it properly.

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4. Slideshow maker: iPhoto

iPhoto is a great solution for this task as well. The interface that it has is simply stunning and it enables you to access the features you might want very fast. It’s an extraordinary tool and one that does manage to bring in front plenty of rewarding experiences. Overall, it really helps provide you with immense value and in the end, it does pay off really well. You should consider checking it out as it will help you quite a bit.

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People that need a good photo and video slideshow editing experience should totally consider accessing any of the apps presented in this list. They do help you obtain a very good outcome so just try them out right away and you will not be disappointed for sure!

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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