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Top 7 Tips to Make Better Videos


For making better videos, it is always best to focus on some essential elements that can make your entire process better. In this video, we will highlight some top tips for making better videos.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:32 Lock the Focus and Exposure on Smartphones

If you are capturing the video from your smartphone, you can make your long videos highly focused by locking the focus and exposure. To do so, you can long press on your phone's screen and adjust the exposure. Doing this will lock your exposure and focus from the manual mood. This way, you can record more professional videos than in the manual mood.

locking focus and exposure
00:50 Use Right Settings

Although there are no right or wrong settings, you can use some effective settings to make better videos. Always try to shoot your videos in 4K resolution. If you have a talking subject in the videos, try to shoot your videos in 24 frames per second, and in the case of B-rolled, you can shoot the videos in 60 frame rates. You can also adjust the white balance of your videos depending on the environment.

using proper video settings
01:24 Use Natural Lighting

To shoot attractive videos, it is recommended to use natural lighting. Try to shoot the videos in daylight or near the window by facing toward the light source. In this way, you can get the finest videos.

try natural lighting
01:41 Do the Planned Shooting

If you plan your shoots before time, you will be able to shoot them in much less time. Planning the shooting spot and time will also eliminate most of your editing time. You'll get the desired light and background for your videos.

perform planned shoots
02:07 Shoot Stable Videos

We know that shaky and blurry videos have a terrible impact on engagement. You can use a tripod to make your videos stable. You can use the 3X stabilizer as well. If you are shooting with a handheld camera, you must ensure that your device's image stabilizer is turned on.

stable video shooting
02:29 Capture Clean Audio

Putting your microphone closer to the subject will help you record the clean audio. As clear voices provide a pleasing experience, you must try to record your videos in an environment with less noise and keep the source closer to the microphone.

capturing perfect audio
02:49 Shoot to Edit

While shooting your videos, you must keep the editing process in mind. This mindset will help you record the videos according to your editing process. When you are entirely aware of your transitions and the story of your video, you can record much better videos.


In this guide, we have briefly discussed the tips and tricks of video recording with perfection. It is known that bad-quality videos can have a very negative impact on your viewers and the engagement of the videos. You can enhance the quality of your videos by following these simple tricks as described.

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