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How to Change Your Voice in Free Fire Game? [Free Solution Included]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 20, 22, updated Jun 03, 24

Free Fire is one of the popular games on a mobile phones now. It will always be fun if you can change your voice into another voice while you are playing Free Fire. However, finding a good voice changer app is not always easy. Fortunately, this article will discuss some voice changer apps for Free Fire. Also, how to set up the app. In the meantime, if you wish to play Free Fire on PC, we also tell you about that, plus some of the Free Fire voice changers for PC

free fire illustration
In this article
  1. Part1: Method 1: Use real-time voice changer apps for Free Fire
    1. 1. Xiaomi Game Turbo Voice Changer
    2. 2. Raistar Voice Changer
    4. 4. Voice Changer For Gaming
  2. Part2: Method 2: Play Free Fire on PC and use a PC voice changer
    1. 1. Voicemod
    2. 2. Morphvox junior
    3. 3. All in one voice changer
  3. Part3: FAQ:

Part1: Method 1: Use real-time voice changer apps for Free Fire

Looking for a Free Fire voice changer on a mobile phone is difficult. Fortunately, you can see a list below some of the great apps for Free Fire voice changer

1. Xiaomi Game Turbo Voice Changer

If you are a Xiaomi user, you can easily change your voice when playing Free Fire. Indeed Xioami has Game Turbo, which boosts your phone performance while playing games. However, Xiaomi Game Turbo also allows you to use it as a voice changer while you are playing PUBG Mobile or Free Fire game

Like other voice changers, Game Turbo makes it easy to change your voice because it only takes a few steps. You can see all the steps below if you want to know how to set up Game Turbo to changing your while playing Free Fire.

Step1 Firstly, you have to launch the Free Fire app. Afterward, slide your screen from the Turbo Game icon on your screen.

game turbo step 1

Step2 When you click on the Game Turbo icon, you'll see a list of options from which to choose. Next, you must click "Voice Changer" to change your voice.

game turbo step 2

Step3 You will see a list of voices, including a girl, woman, man, and robot, from which to choose. In the meantime, you can hear your voice by clicking the "blue circle" icon before applying the desired sound effect.

turbo game step 3

Step4 After you choose the sound effect you want to use, you can close the Turbo Game. Then, you can use the sound effect you choose to talk with your friends.

last step turbo game

2. Raistar Voice Changer

Raistar Voice Change is another tremendous Free Fire voice changer app to change your voice while playing Free Fire. Raistar is simple to use, and you can change your voice in just a few clicks. Let's take a look at all the steps below if you are eager to know how to use Raistar Voice Changer

Step1 Launch the app and click on "Voice Changer" once you download it.

raistar step 1

Step2 Choose sound effects you want

raistar step 2

Step3 You will get some of the questions in this part. All you need to do is answer all the questions. Approximately, you need to answer four questions.

raistar step 3

Step4 Once you answer all the questions, you need to click "Activate".

raistar step 4

Step5 After you click "Activate". Finally, all you need to do is open Free Fire by clicking on "Open FF". Lastly, it will take you directly to the Free Fire application, and your voice will change according to the sound effect you selected earlier

raistar last step


du recorder illustration

DU Recorder is a decent, user-friendly stream maker and screen recorder. You can record screen videos with DU Recorder and broadcast them to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Yet not many folks understand that it's also a great Free Fire app for changing your voice.

If you are eager to know how to use DU Recorder as a voice changer for Free Fire, then you have to see all the simple steps below.

Step1 You must first download and launch the DU Recorder application. After that, go to the setting.

du recorder step 1

Step2 You can adjust the settings according to your needs in this section, such as video quality, FPS and many more.

du recorder step 2

Step3 You must scroll your screen until you reach the "Change Voice" option to alter your voice.

du recorder step 3

Step4 You'll see a list of sound effects from which you can pick, like "Lolita," "Naughty Boy," and many others. You can hear all the sound effects before you apply them by clicking the "microphone" icon. Then, if you discover the sound effect you want to use, click "Save."

du recorder step 4

Step5 After that, you can launch the Free Fire app. Now, you can record your screen by clicking on the DU Recorder icon. When DU Recorder records your screen, your voice will change depending on the sound effect you chose before.

du recorder step 5

Step6 When you're done recording your screen, the file will be saved automatically on your phone.

du recorder last step

4. Voice Changer For Gaming

Voice Changer For Gaming is one of the best ways to change your voice in Free Fire. Voice Changer For Gaming has a simple interface. Therefore you will not find this app. However, you can use this app to change your voice while playing Free Fire. See the steps below to find out how to use it.

Step1 You first need to download the app and launch it. After that, you will see various sound effects.

voice changer for gaming step 1

Step2 After finding your favorite sound effect, you can adjust the pitch and noise according to your needs.

voice changer for gaming step 2

Step3 After all is set, click on the "microphone" icon to activate the voice changer. Lastly, Launch the Free Fire, and you can communicate with your friend using the voice effect you chose previously.

voice changer for gaming last step

Part2: Method 2: Play Free Fire on PC and use a PC voice changer

One of the most popular battle royale games right now is Free Fire. Both iOS and Android devices can run Free Fire. But Free Fire doesn't show up with a version of computers. Fortunately, you can use the BlueStacks program to play the Free Fire mobile version on your computer.

So, you will need to get the latest version of BlueStacks on your laptop before you can play Free Fire on it. The software is easy to download from the official BlueStacks website. Indeed, If you want to play Free Fire on PC like you do on your phone, you might want to use a voice changer. Here are three voice changer to play Free Fire on PC.

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a very reliable application if you need a voice changer for free fire on PC It allows you to adjust your voice in real-time while playing Free Fire. There are also more soundboards that you can create and utilize at any moment.

voicemod illustration

How to use Voicemod On a PC

Step1 After downloading BlueStacks on your PC, you must download Free Fire and install it.

voicemod step 1

Step2 Download Voicemod and launch it. Afterward, go to the setting > audio > and choose "Microphone Voice Changer Audio Device (WDM)".

voicemod step 2

Step3 Go back to your BlueStacks > settings > devices > microphone > Microphone Voice Changer Audio Device (WDM)” > save changes.

voicemod step 3

Step4 Turn on "Hear Myself" and "Voice changer," and start trying out the various sound effects. Also, you can try out the different sounds in the Soundboard section.

voicemod step 4

Step5 Pick your preferred voice effect, and then go back to your Free Fire in BlueStacks.

2. Morphvox junior

MorphVOX Junior is free software that lets you alter someone's voice so. So you can talk like a man, a woman, or a baby. This voice changer is so easy to use because it comes with voices and sound effects already built in.

morphvox jr illustration

How to use Morphvox JR for Free Fire on PC.

Step1 Download Morphvox JR on their official website and launch it.

morphvox jr step 1

Step2 Because Morphvox comes with voices and sound effects already built in. Therefore you need to choose between man, woman, or baby voice.

morphvox jr step 2

Step3 Finally, you only have to open BlueStacks and launch Free Fire. You will automatically sound like the character you chose in the beginning.

3. All in one voice changer

Another Voice Changer you can use on PC is an All-in-One voice changer. This tool has a simple interface. Therefore, its easy to use it. Here are steps on how to use All in one voice changer

Step1 You can download All in one voice changer from their official website. After you download it then, you can launch it.

all in one voice changer step 1

Step2 You can adjust the volume. After that, choose the character you want.

all in one voice changer step 2

Step3 Once you choose the character, click on "test" to start to talk with the voice you changed before. Afterward click one play to review the voice. Lastly, if you like the voices you can save it on your computer by clicking "export."

all in one last step

Part3: FAQ:

Is Voicemod on mobile?

Yes, Voiced is also available on mobile as well. You can also use Voicemod on your Mobile phones as well. Voicemod is available with the name "Voicemod Clips" Moreover, Voicemod is available for iOS and Android. On this application, you will not only get the filters for your voice only but there is also an option of filters that are connected to your camera.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jun 03, 24
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