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Recommendation: Best Websites to Download Funny Ringtones

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Mar 13, 23, updated Apr 26, 24

Funny ringtones and comical music provide a sufficient dose of laughter and enjoyment to your boring life. The rib-tickling ringtones are superb to set on phones to get out of stress just as it rings!

In this article, we’ll share six exceptional sites to download hilarious ringtones and a quick way to create custom funny ringtones yourself for a surprising laugh at any moment. 

In this article
    1. ProKerala
    2. MoboCup
    3. Best Ringtones
    4. Zedge
    5. MP3 Ringtones
    6. YouTube
  1. How to Make Keen Funny Ringtones?
  2. How to Set Customized Ringtones for your Android or iPhone

Websites to Find Funny Ringtones

To find and download the funniest ringtones, visit the 6 websites mentioned below:


ProKerala is a fantastic site to download funny ringtones free of cost! The UI of the site is clean with easy-to-use controls. Moreover, you can create your own account to upload MP3 ringtones for others to download. You can also give votes to the ringtones you opt to download.

prokerala funny ringtones

Richness & Access

The site is rich with several quality funny ringtones and sound effects that you can download without requiring an account. You can also share the ringtones using WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, or email.


  • Funny Voice
  • Screaming Voice
  • Electro
  • Boom Boom
  • Pikachu


MoboCup is a sophisticated website with an option to share the ringtones with your friends or favorite them for later use. The funny ringtones on the site are refreshing and created by following the new trends. Furthermore, you can create an account to upload custom ringtones.

mobocup funny ringtones

Richness & Access

Each day, the site is updated with thousands of the latest funny ringtones you can download for free without creating an account.


  • Hip Hop
  • Ring
  • Remix
  • Crazy Frog
  • Kids
  • Comedy
  • Marathi

Best Ringtones

Best Ringtones is a high-quality website for downloading free funny ringtones in diverse categories. The site’s UI is plain and simple, with ringtones divided into three main tabs; “Top Ringtones,” “Popular Ringtones,” and “Singers,” with a massive focus on the Bollywood ringtones category.

best ringtones funny ringtones

Richness & Access

Every day the site is updated with newer categories you can access without any signup procedure. But ads often popup and make the browsing process a bit annoying!


  • BGM
  • Chipmunk
  • Robot Voice
  • Animals
  • Comedy
  • Fight


Zedge is the most popular name for downloading funny ringtones for free. There’s a dedicated iOS and Android app for further accessing ringtones and sound effects. You can also download premium funny ringtones by watching ads and address downloading issues by reading the tutorial available on the site.

zedge funny ringtones

Richness & Access

The site is rich in funny ringtones and easily accessible without an account. You’ll only need an account to upload your custom content on the site.


  • Comedy
  • Meme
  • Cool
  • Cute
  • Cartoon
  • Animal

MP3 Ringtones

MP3 Ringtones is a rich resource for funny ringtones and detailed tutorials related to setting them on various devices. The site is neat because of its simple UI and fewer advertisements. The sound quality of the downloaded funny tones is excellent, and you can even view the ringtone size before downloading it.

mp3 ringtones funny ringtones

Richness & Access

The site is organized and rich in funny ringtones, and you don’t need to create an account to download any ringtone.


  • Meme
  • Message
  • Troll
  • Spongebob
  • Famous Cartoon
  • Wiggle


YouTube is undoubtedly the most extensive resource for funny ringtones, where independent creators make amazing content. Even you can create a YouTube account, upload funny custom ringtones, and earn money along the way!

youtube funny ringtones

Richness & Access

YouTube is richer in funny ringtones than all the sites mentioned above. However, you can only download these tones if you’re subscribed to YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99/month.


  • Meme
  • Jokes
  • Comedy
  • Troll
  • Cartoon

How to Make Keen Funny Ringtones?

If you disapprove of the funny ringtones available on the sites mentioned above, create your own funny tones by converting YouTube videos to MP3 format using Wondershare Filmora. Filmora is a user-friendly video editor and very affordable. It has various features, including Audio Detach, Silence Detection, Audio Ducking and so on. Please read further to see how these features can help you make your own funny music ringtone.

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 In the first step, download the latest software version of Filmora. However, if you’re using an Android or iOS device, download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Then, launch the software and click “Import” to add two funny video songs to create a Keen funny ringtone.

Step2 Next, drag the files to the “Timeline Panel.” Now, right-click the video files and select “Detach Audio” to extract funny audio from videos, which will show on the audio track.

detach audio filmora

Step3 Now right-click only that song whose silent parts you want to delete and select “Silence Detection.” A window will open with three parameters; “Threshold,” “Minimum Silence,” and “Buffer,” which you can adjust manually or by clicking “Start” to perform silence detection automatically.

silence detection parameters filmora

Step4 In this step, emphasize one audio over the other. For this, right-click specific audio and select “Adjust Audio.” Now, check the “Audio Ducking” feature and click “OK” to make changes to the song.

audio ducking filmora

Step5 In this step, reduce the length of the audio by trimming it. To do this, click on the audio, and a double arrow will appear. Next, drag the double arrow to select a part you want to trim. Finally, click “Split” to delete that part.

Step6 In the end, click “Create” and hit the “Export” button to save the ringtone on your PC. Lastly, if you’re not using a mobile device, transfer the newly made funny ringtone to your phone using a USB cable or sync the file with a cloud service.

export funny ringtone filmora

Now you are done! If you want to know more about Filmora’s fantastic features, please watch the video below:

What is Filmstock & How to Use it?

Filmstock is your one-stop shop for unlimited royalty-free funny ringtones and sound effects. Here are a few simple steps to use Filmstock like a pro:

Step1 Open a browser on your PC, head to the Filmstock website, and search for funny ringtones you want to download. Next, click the “Download” button.

download filmstock funny ringtones

Step2 In the next step, a new window will open, prompting you to log into your Wondershare ID using Google ID, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple ID.

login filmstock funny ringtones

Step3 Finally, click the “Download” button again after logging in, and the download will start immediately, and that’s it!

However, you can subscribe to Filmstock Standard or Premium packages, costing you $7.99 per month and 29.99 per month. The paid packages offer various advantages like a royalty-free license, no watermarks, unlimited downloads, and much more!

downloaded file filmstock funny ringtones

How to Set Customized Ringtones for your Android or iPhone

After creating a customized funny ringtone using Wondershare Filmora, the next order of business is to set it as a ringtone on your Android or iPhone.

To know how to set customized ringtones on Mobile, please read the articles below:

Customize the Ringtone on iPhone:

A Detailed Guidance: How To Change Or Customize Your Ringtone On An iPhone

Customize the Ringtone on Android:

A Detailed Guidance: How To Change Or Customize Your Ringtone On An iPhone


In this detailed article, we shared six exceptional sites to download funny ringtones on your computer, Android, or iOS device.

We also mentioned a simple yet productive method to create personalized funny ringtones from YouTube videos using Wondershare Filmora and introduced you to a rich comic tones resource, Filmstock!

Hopefully, this article guided you well, and you can now laugh out loud on every incoming call!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Apr 26, 24
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