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Top 10 Intro Maker for Panzoid

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 18, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

Do you want to create an intro video without installing any app? Well, you need to opt for an online intro maker. You will come across several intro maker web apps online. However, only a few truly stand out that enable you to create great intro videos. Intro maker Panzoid is one of the best online platforms to create great intro videos.

There is no need to install any app on your computer or smartphone. You can create stunning intro videos from various templates available. The platform allows you to customize the templates and create full HD intro videos. We have handpicked the top 10 best intro templates of Panzoid to get started. We have also suggested the best alternative to Panzoid.

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In this article
    1. Free 2D Intro Template
    2. Free Red Intro Template
    3. Marvel Avengers Intro
    4. Insane Intro
    5. Vaporwave Intro Template V2
    6. 2D Geometric Intro
    7. Blue and Rainy Intro Template
    8. 3D Cool Gold Intro
    9. Free Storm Intro Template
    10. Blue Intro
  1. Alternative Way to Make Intro Video
  2. Related FAQs of Panzoid Intro

Part 1. 10 Best Intro Templates of Panzoid

The secret to creating amazing intro videos using Panzoid is its intro templates. You need to select an intro template and edit it as per your creativity. Therefore, you should have a healthy collection of great Panzoid templates. Here is the list of the top 10 best intro templates for Panzoid clip maker.

1. Free 2D Intro Template

You can do amazing things with simple but effective animations. This intro template begins with an impactful opening animation. The template should be accompanied by cheerful background music. Besides, the background and the titles should have colorful shades.

The titles zoom in and zoom out based on the beat of the background music. Along with that, the titles rotate both ways followed by a pleasant transition. The title comes with 3D texture and unique color combination. You can customize the texture and background music as per your preference.

free 2d intro template

2. Free Red Intro Template

This is one of the most popular intro Panzoid video templates. The template features a solid 3D title that undergoes several animation presets. The font in the template is Huggable and the style is advanced metal. The animation begins on a slow note and quickly picks up the pace.

The animation is not just applicable to the title but also to its dynamic background. The 3D characters flip over individually followed by a sudden zoom effect. There is also an eye-catching lighting effect on the title. The background music is highly impactful that enhances the template.

free red intro template

3. Marvel Avengers Intro

There is a super craze for Marvel Avengers intro videos among everyone. A similar but modified Marvel Avengers intro animation can do wonders. You will get overwhelming traction and appreciation for your video. This Marvel Avengers intro template gives you exactly what you desire.

The intro animation video looks very similar to Marvel Avengers animation. However, there are lots of modifications that make the template unique. You can edit out the text part and insert any desired text. The intro is definitely eye-catching and attention-grabbing even though it is rather simple.

marvel avengers intro template

4. Insane Intro

If you are looking for a completely unique text effect intro, this is the one for you. The animation begins really small for the screen. Then suddenly it bursts and takes the full frame. The most eye-catching aspect of the intro is the text effect. The text has a 3D effect and crystal texture combined in perfect layers.

There are several animations applied to the text. The dynamic background video enhances the effect. You can put impactful background music to complement the intro animation. Starting from spinning animations to close-up and lighting animations, you get everything in one package.

insane intro maker template

5. Vaporwave Intro Template V2

We have already provided you with an Avengers template. If you have watched Thor: Love and Thunder, you must have noticed the intro video. If you want something similar, this is the template for you. You get similar text effect and background that complement each other.

The text has the retro gradient style which looks amazing. Your viewers are going to appreciate the recreation of the Thor intro video. You can edit the text and add your slogan below the title. The intro video features a slow move forward effect along with a wave effect that comes out gracefully.

vaporwave intro template v2

6. 2D Geometric Intro

If you do not fancy 3D texts and you want a simple but effective intro video, this can suit you perfectly. The text has a 2D texture and the animations are very basic. However, it manages to create an impact in the eyes of the beholders.

There are several dynamic geometric shapes available that enhance the animations and effects on the texts. The text performs twists and turns along with shakes with the beats. The background color is black and hence, the focus is on the text and its surrounding visible objects.

2d geometric intro template

7. Blue and Rainy Intro Template

The base theme of the template is blue and the background is cloudy and rainy. But there is a host of animations and effects put together. There is a touch of black and white and a colourful effect. You can accommodate your logo and title together.

The template shows characters one by one and joins them to form the title. The background and the text are both 3D in texture. The template also has a 2D version that you can use on your video if you are tired of 3D texts and titles.

blue and rainy intro template

8. 3D Cool Gold Intro

There is a craze for gold effects in texts and titles. This is another 3D text-based template but the text effect truly stands out. It is definitely a majestic effect that is a treat to the eyes. Thereafter, there are spins of the entire title as well as the individual characters.

The overall frame animation adds to the animation immensely. The background is dark but colorful that matches well with the text effect. This is enhancing the overall text effect thanks to the dynamic movement of the elements.

3d cool gold intro

9. Free Storm Intro Template

There are certain intro templates you must have in your collection. The lightning and storm effect is one of the most demanding intro templates. The overall effect is somewhat dark but that is what you expect in a stormy environment.

The characters of the titles have the stone texture in 3D mode. They have their individual spinning animation. The lightning effect on the title along with the stormy background is truly impactful. All you need to do is to set appropriate background music to enhance the animation.

free storm intro template

10. Blue Intro

If you prefer an outer space dynamic background with titles floating, this is exactly the same. The title floats in outer space in slow motion. Thereafter, it creates an impactful transition from slow to sudden shock motion. All the while the background has shooting stars that adds to the overall animation.

The title is in 3D texture. A graphical object in the shape of the planetary ring has been used for enhancing the effect. Along with those, there is the light dispersion and blurry effect that makes the text stand out.

dynamic blue intro template

Part 2. Alternative Way to Make Intro Video

To be honest, Panzoid does not have a user-friendly interface. That is why most video creators look for an easier and better alternative. We recommend Wondershare Filmora as the best alternative way to make intro videos. That is because Filmora comes with a wider range of intro video templates. You can also start from scratch and design your own intro video as per your creativity.

Free Download
Free Download

The user interface is super intuitive and easy to operate. You get access to the stock media library for photos, videos, and audio. You can add awesome animations and audio tracks to your intro video. Filmora is available for Windows and macOS users. Here are the steps to create an intro video using Filmora.

Step1 Install Wondershare Filmora on your PC. Launch Filmora and click on Create New Project on the welcome screen. Alternatively, go to File> New Project and select an aspect ratio to start creating the intro video.

install wondershare filmora

Step2 Go to the top bar and click on the Titles option. From the left panel, go to the Openers option for intro video templates. Select any desired intro video template. Finally, drag and drop the template onto the timeline.

drag opener titles to timeline

Step3 From the timeline, double-click on the intro video template layer. Change the default text to anything as per your preference. From the left panel, select any text style that you want to apply to the title.

select text style intro video

Step4 Now, move to the Animation tab and double-click on any animation if you want to change the default animation in the template. Finally, click on the Ok button.

use animation in intro videos

Part 3. Related FAQs of Panzoid Intro

1. How do you make a Panzoid Intro?

Here are the steps to make a Pan zoid intro video. Go to Panzoid website and click on Clipmaker. Choose from the templates on the left menu. Customize them such as changing the texts and titles. Once you are done, go to the Download tab and click on the Start Video Render option to export it.

2. Are Panzoid intros free?

Yes, Panzoid intro templates are completely free to use. You can use them for personal videos as well as commercial videos. There is no limitation and copyright claim. You can download and customize them as per your preference.

3. Can I use Panzoid for YouTube?

Yes, you can use Panzoid for creating intro videos for YouTube. Panzoid comes with a vast community of content creators. They put up their templates that you can use and design intro videos. You can upload them on YouTube after customization.

Wondershare Filmora
Best Intro Video Maker for Vlog, YouTube, Games and More.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 18, 24
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