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Cyberlink Screen Recorder Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 01, 21, updated Jul 23, 24

For too long gamers, streamers and online content makers have needed to deal with different application answers for web-based, screen catching and video altering. Not any longer! Cyberlink Screen Recorder 4 couples the simple to-utilize altering highlights of PowerDirector. Cyberlink Screen Recorder deluxe offers vigorous work area catch and video web-based across the board application. Online content makers and game casters presently don't have to deal with different applications or administrations to transfer video or alter work area catch to post on YouTube or Facebook. Screen Recorder joins Power Director's not difficult to utilize altering apparatuses with a responsive, excellent screen projecting and catching innovation.

Cyberlink Screen Recorder 4 is a user-friendly stage for catching work area and video web-based. It offers the functionalities for game real time, screen recording, and video altering. It is the across-the-board instrument for streaming ongoing interaction, vlogging, and sharing screen content with a crowd of people on the web. Make content that connects with your Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook supporters. You can incorporate webcam critique into live streams or record and alter interactivity with the resolution that you centre around the greatest aspects. It utilizes top-notch screen catching innovation. It contains the simple to utilize altering elements of PowerDirector. It utilizes responsive and excellent screen projecting and catching innovation. Cyberlink Screen Recorder allows clients to catch a game play, make educational recordings, or record video talks with family and companions at 30 frames each second. With adjustable recording settings, and the capacity to likewise record framework sounds and voice, Screen Recorder adds one more helpful apparatus to a videographer's stockpile.

Part 1. When to Use Cyberlink Recorder

You can decide to record your screen video at the first resolution, 1080p, 720p or 480p, which means you don't need to invest energy resampling it with a different video proofreader. It's likewise conceivable to draw a timetable for your recording, which is especially convenient assuming you need to transfer your video on the web and need to keep inside specific boundaries, or need to try not to make an especially huge document. At the point when you're finished catching there's an essential, however genuinely powerful video manager inside the choice adaptation of the application. It's to some degree suggestive of Cyberlink PowerDirector video supervisor, yet a considerably more fundamental rendition.

Capture Game Recording: Go past spilling in-game activity and begin making content that draws in with your supporters on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. Coordinate webcam editorial into live streams, or record and alter ongoing interaction to zero in on the best pieces.

Record Meetings and Online Classes: Make introductions more intuitive with screen sharing through live streams. Record video gatherings, or make more compelling preparing material by recording your introductions and altering them rapidly with simple to-utilize instruments. Permit staff to audit introductions by recording, altering, and distributing them on the web. Ideal for outwardly disclosing things to associates, making instructional exercises, or intuitive visual preparing guides for your groups.

Adaptive Recording Experience: You can decide to purchase the screen recorder as a different instrument or to get the entire set-up of devices that make up Cyberlink It permits clients to record both the screen and the webcam simultaneously. You can add a lot of embellishments and advances to your recordings, trim, cut and render, and keeping in mind that it's a long way behind numerous other applications, the reality it's even here is certainly not something terrible.

Make Professional Videos: The focus of the Cyberlink application is having the option to catch whichever video you need, be that from your PC or your games console utilizing a catch card. There are different choices for getting video from the PC, including a full-screen which will pull in all things, explicit window choices or on the other hand if you're catching games or applications, Screen Recorder will recognize these and pull it in naturally.

Part 2. How to Record Video with Cyberlink Screen Recorder

With Cyberlink Screen Recorder 4, you can catch your whole screen, a particular application valuable for introductions and video instructional exercises, or a custom region. That is genuinely standard, however, you can likewise record games with equipment speed increase or catch video from an associated gadget like a webcam, all with a few ticks. The product doesn't besiege you with choices from the start, and you can without much of a stretch start recording utilizing the default settings with a solitary snap, however diving into the inclination's menu will open up an abundance of different conceivable outcomes.

Step 1. Launch and Setup the Recorder

To record the screen, you should dispatch the screen recorder. You can do that by double-tapping on the "Cyberlink Screen Recorder" from your introduced programs.

launch cyberlink recorder

Step 2. Customize the Recording Formats

You can pick the region you might want to record, the mouse or pointer shading that you might want to utilize and the perspective proportion of the video that you might want to record.

recording settings

Step 3. Start/Stop Recording

Click on the red "REC" button to start recording your chosen space on the screen. To delay or stop the recording, hit "F10" on your console.

customize recording area

Step 4. Edit and Save the Recording

Cyberlink offers you a wide scope of apparatuses that you can use to effectively alter the recording that you recently recorded. After you have finished the recording, click on "Alter" to open the PowerDirector which is a Cyberlink altering suite

edit cyberlink recording

Part 3. Key Features of Cyberlink Recorder

Cyberlink Screen Recorder is an across-the-board answer for record course of action, vlogging, and share screen. It very well may be utilized by gamers, decorations, YouTubers, vloggers, and for work and business. Its constant Webcam and Mic Preview will assist you with the speedy change of resolution and settings.

  • Regardless of whether you're a vlogger, gamer, or how-to master, Screen Recorder will make them produce superior grade, itemized recordings in close to no time.

  • Screen Recorder 3 performs multiple occasions better compared to the closest well-known choice available.

  • Screen Recorder accompanies an astoundingly straightforward altering interface that permits you to rapidly import and trim your recording, add titles and advances, and add an extraordinary sound sponsorship track.

  • Share your gaming privileged insights, responses, and discourse with your watchers by coordinating webcam and amplifier sound and video

  • Extend your crowd by streaming shows with HD screen sharing and incorporating webcam video to YouTube and Facebook.

  • Record and alter content to furnish your crowd with recordings that are point by point, superior grade, and useful.

  • Ideal for outwardly disclosing things to associates, making instructional exercises, or intuitive visual preparing guides for your groups.

Part 4. Price and Tech Specs

With the cost of only $40 for the standard bundle or $50 for the exclusive which incorporates the video supervisor, Screen Recorder 3 is genuinely strong worth thinking about its one-time instalment. Further developed decorations will not be influenced, yet assuming you're searching for a simple to-utilize apparatus for screen accounts that conveys great outcomes and high edge rates, it's certainly worth a look.

Cyberlink Screen Recorder is your robust answer for catching ongoing interaction and work area screencasting. The streaming perspective is great to have rushed on, and for those simply testing the water it's a slick extra element to have it is likewise a less asset concentrated than other streaming applications.


PROCESSOR: Intel Core™ I-series or AMD Phenom® II or more

DESIGNS REQUIREMENTS: Desktop recording: 1GB VGA VRAM or higher


HARDISK CAPACITY: 600 MB accessible space

SOUND CARD: Windows viable sound card is required

Part 5. Cyberlink Recorder's Best Alternative

There's no deficiency of premium screen recording and streaming applications for genuine gamers and vloggers, however, as of not long ago, there's been a generous hole between these costly projects and free choices that regularly apply watermarks to your recordings or force-time cutoff points, and need to progress highlights like picture-in-picture that have the effect between an expert looking creation and something set up rapidly for the sake of entertainment. Wondershare Filmora is a flexible screen recorder application that supports game and screen catch. The best thing about the product is the 4 HD Ultra UHD game recordings. The product can record up to 144 FPS game videos.

filmora recording settings

Since the full form of the program joins plenty of devices into the very program that it tends to be confounding. perhaps the best option in contrast to Cyberlink is the Filmora, which handily fit the screen recording devices with the altering apparatuses to make one exceptionally valuable program. The product has one of the most outstanding altering apparatuses that permit adding creative energy to recordings. It allows you to add embellishments like haze, mosaic, channels, stickers, and so on This product upholds skillet/zoom, adjustment, and casing by-outline altering. Furthermore, you can streamline the recordings for the survey on both TV and cell phone. You can share the made recordings online to different channels.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


With a responsive, excellent screen catching innovation. Cyberlink screen recorder has finished streaming, recording, and altering answers for gamers, vloggers, and organizations searching for an edge. Even though, if you're looking to record high-resolution catches from full screen, then we recommend going for Filmora as it's the application you are looking for actually. Amongst several feasibilities, it allows you for a particular region on your work area, and add tweaked markers to address mouse clicks. It likewise gives valuable voice recording instruments to record from your microphone or your PC framework. All things considered; Cyberlink comes up short on a space that is being filled by Filmora arrangement as delineated above clearly.

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