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Radeon Relive Download

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 20, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Radeon Relive software is used as a streaming application for some graphics cards. Live streamers and content creators generally use it for screening and screen recording. It is used to record the footage of games and stream live content; these are done very quickly as the process is modest. Streaming has always turned out to be very generously known. This programming software was built to make the process effortless.

Radeon Relive download is a superb choice for those with a graphics card as it is wholly upgraded, implying that its effect on execution is insignificant. The application is intended to be worked effortlessly and has programmed settings for the most well-known streaming destinations. While it doesn't have the more muddled choices a few content makers will be interested in, Radeon Relive has everything expected to begin an internet gaming local area.

Part 1. How To Download And Install?

  • Radeon Relive Software comes in a packaged rendition with Crimson Relive's later versions and editions.

  • To download this software, first, visit the web and search Radeon Relive Download.

readeon relive software

  • When you reach the site, you can easily download the software. But, check the Radeon Relive Review before downloading.

  • Run the installer by double-clicking the executable file once the software is downloaded.

  • While installing the Radeon Relive by using the custom install in the end, a screen appears with options with the install and restart.

  • After the installation and restarting of the system are recommended for the excellent working of the software.

  • After that, open the software and click on the Relive tab in the settings menu.

  • To activate Relive, turn the button on.

Part 2. How To Screen Record Video?

  • First, press the Windows Key + S and open Radeon Software on your PC.

  • Click on the stuff symbol to see settings in the Graphics Control Panel.

  • Presently, click on General to proceed.

  • Look down a little to find "Recording" and snap-on Record Desktop to empower/impair it.

Part 3. Pros and cons

Pros Of Radeon Relive

  • Eloquent framerates and low-idleness interactivity can distinguish between winning and losing in a cutthroat climate or match between companions. Radeon Software conveys super-low inertness interactivity and customized execution through Radeon Anti Lag, Radeon Boost, and FreeSync. Also, Radeon Boost conveys additional exhibitions and works on game perfection in upheld titles when quick on-screen character movement is identified through client input.

  • Radeon Image Sharpening reestablishes clearness to in-game visuals. In light of a calculation explains inside object subtleties yet leaves high-contrast edges generally immaculate.

  • Clients with a variety of vision lacks can utilize Radeon Software to change settings to assist them with encountering games in more explicit detail, with scenes that help the three essential visual impairments.

  • Catch, offer or stream your games to your companions using virtual entertainment stages, or save ongoing interaction film so you can see it later.

  • The Performance tab found in Radeon Software makes way for gamers, permitting you admittance to observing and execution devices, for example, command over the motor and memory timekeepers, fan bends, and voltages on your Radeon graphics-fueled graphics card. You can tune your GPU to wanted execution levels.

Cons Of Radeon Relive

  • The Radeon Relive review is only designed for AMD graphics cards specifically. Other graphic cards cannot use the software for streaming and screen recording. So, only the content creators and streamers who use AMD graphic cards can get access to this software.

  • When the Radeon relives not recording because it has a minimal operation. Its tasks are viewed as too minor ever to present starting status, whether done independently or in the compound.

  • Likewise, clients ought to be cautioned that this impermanent arrangement could carry unsteadiness to their frameworks; however, none can report any issues until now.

Part 4. Alternative Way to Record Screen

Whenever you've introduced the product the Radeon Relive alternative on your PC, you must double-tap on its work area symbol and open the Full Feature mode. After the product dispatches, click on the Record menu and select the Record PC screen choice. The Filmora Screen Recorder window will show up on the screen so you can change the settings for your upcoming screencasting meeting.

filmora screen recorder

  • On the left counterpart of the Filmora Screen Recorder's window, you'll see a square shape symbol to pick which region of the screen you'll record. You can look over Full Screen, Custom, and Target Window choices.

  • Commune on the Microphone symbol to choose the mic you'll use to record the portrayal. You can tap on the Speakers symbol if you desire to empower or handicap the PC's speakers during the screen recording meeting.

  • Observe the Settings symbol in the window's lower right alcove, and click on it to get sufficiently close to more choices. You can pick the objective on the PC's hard drive where the recording will be saved, change the casing rate or set the nature of the recording from the Quality drop-down menu.

  • Point out the Mouse review box, assuming that you need the mouse communes displayed in the recording. You can set the most extreme term of a recording convention by embedding the favored insolvency screen recording interval into the Record Timer crate.

  • Commune on the Rec (Recording) lever to begin a new screencasting meeting and the product will start recording following a three-second commencement. Press the F9 key on the console to quit recording. The recording will be consequently opened in Filmora's video supervisor so you can alter it before posting it on the web.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later


Why Choose Radeon Relive?

Radeon Relive permits clients to catch, transfer and offer interactivity recordings and screen captures. Detecting interactivity utilizing Radeon Relive is not challenging to arrange and negligibly affects execution, estimated in outlines each second.

Does Radeon Relive Streams Game?

However, relive is better for streaming. It faces fewer crashes while you're streaming, and it doesn't disrupt as many applications. Consider getting a catch card if you desire to utilize these highlights. They additionally have their swaps for vertical coordination.

How to Stream Radeon Relive?

To physically add a game stream, click on Add a Game and select the game by exploring the organizer where the game executable is found. Click on Scan for Games to permit Radeon Software to recognize all introduced games.

Can Radeon Improve Performance?

The product that accompanies AMD graphics card drivers is an excellent method for tweaking and improving game execution, but no one's discussing it. Go through the best AMD Radeon Settings that you want to be aware of. You'll require a Radeon GPU to utilize this helpful asset.

Is Radeon Anti Lag Better To Use?

Radeon Anti-Lag controls the speed of the CPU work to ensure it doesn't advance excessively far beyond the GPU, lessening how much CPU work is lined up. Thus, Radeon Anti-Lag can recoil input slack by just about a full frame1 assisting with reestablishing the reciprocating ability of your game.


Radeon Relive is a good choice for individuals who need to begin web-based streaming yet come up short on a high degree of technical information. Negligible and lightweight, this is a tremendous discretionary extra proposed to AMD clients. Furthermore, when Radeon relive not recording, clients like decorations can change to Radeon Relive alternative Filmora to screen record and stream the content live. Gamers with AMD graphics cards are, for the most part, moving toward Radeon Relive.

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