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How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for Free

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Promoting products, offering educational content or in-depth tutorials on virtually any subject through webinars will enable you to reach new audiences and offer your services on a worldwide market. There are thousands of webinar software products and online platforms, but most of them are quite expensive and they require you to have a considerable amount of experience with the process of setting up and recording webinars.

An alternative solution is available if your budget is tight, but you'd still like to produce a great webinar. We are going to take you through all the steps you'll need to take if you'd like to host a webinar for free and help you spread the word about the products and services you're offering. 

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Hosting a Webinar for Free

The world's largest video sharing platform also features broadcasting options that enable its users to schedule events and thus host webinars free of charge. Previously known as the Google Hangouts on Air, the YouTube Live feature is fairly simple to set up, but before you start your first webinar you will need to choose a landing page and a chatbox. If you already have a website you can simply copy and paste the embed link and create a landing page for your webinar, or you can use landing pages software products such as LeadPages or Unbounce if you don't have your own online domain. For setting up chatboxes for your webinars we recommend using Chatroll or RumbleTalk platforms, although you'll have to pay a fee if you choose to chat with your audience using these computer programs. So here's how you can host your first webinar on YouTube for free.

Step 1. Create a YouTube Event

If you don't already have an account on YouTube, you'll have to create one before you can schedule your first live event. After making sure that you are logged in to your YouTube account head over to the Creator Studio, and click on the Live Streaming tab. Select the New Live Event option and proceed to insert the basic information about the event such as the title, date when the event should take place, tags or a short description of the webinar you're planning.

The Advanced Settings tab will enable you the access to options that will allow you to assign the license and the owner of the webinar. You can also choose the language, set the location or select the category of the event.

Step 2. Copy the Embed Code and Paste it To Your Webinar's Landing Page

When you adjust all the settings for your upcoming event, you should click on the Share button. This action will grant you access to the video's embed link, so you can just copy it to your website, or to the landing page you've created with the appropriate software.

Step 3. Add the Chatbox to The Webinar's Landing Page

Communicating with the audience during the webinar is important, and for that reason, embedding the chatbox link on the webinar's landing page is a crucial step that will allow you to interact with the participants of your webinar. Chatbox platforms for live events such as Chatroll or RumbleTalk offer amazing features, but they cannot be used for free, which means that you'll have to invest a certain amount of money in order to include a chatbox in your webinar.

Step 4. Publish the Webinar's Landing Page and Get the URL

Making the event public a week or a few days before it takes place will provide you with enough time to promote it. Include the webinar's landing page URL in the promotional social media posts and make sure to send out invites for your webinar to your friends and colleagues. Email marketing methods can help you get a larger number of attendees, which is the reason why investing time in the promotion of your webinar can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Step 5. Start your Webinar

Hit the Go Live Now button, when you are ready to start your first webinar and enjoy sharing your skills and knowledge with your audience. Even though YouTube offers a simple way to host webinars for free, it lacks the advanced options that enable you to use the prerecorded footage, keep track of the webinar's analytics or create virtual whiteboards and polls.

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