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How to add a green screen to zoom

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 11, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

If you are a regular user of Zoom app because you have to attend meetings and video conferences every now and then, you should know how to create a green screen for Zoom calls. There are going to be times when you would not want to show what is in your background because it might look distracting. Besides, changing the background from time to time breaks the monotony of your Zoom calls.

Zoom app allows you to change your background and set any available virtual background. However, the effect of virtual background may not be accurate and smooth unless you have a uniform background color. If you use green screen background for Zoom, you can replace it with any virtual background that will look very realistic to your audiences. We will illustrate how to create a green screen background for Zoom.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to add green screen to Zoom on computer?
  2. Part 2. How to add green screen to Zoom on mobile?
  3. Part 3. Tips to use green screen on Zoom video

Part 1. How to add green screen to Zoom on computer?

Regular Zoom users prefer arranging and attending video conferences from their computers. Zoom desktop app makes it more convenient to attend Zoom conference with a wider screen and better visibility. Make sure you have a uniform green screen in your background before attending Zoom call so that you can replace it with any available virtual background on Zoom. Here are the steps on how to create a green screen for Zoom app on your computer.

Step1Open Zoom app and make sure you are logged into your account. Adjust the webcam so that only you and your green screen should be visible in the frame.

Step2Click on Settings (gear icon) located in the top-right corner.

click zoom settings

Step3Once Settings window opens, click on Virtual background option on the left panel.

Step4Turn on the option “I have a green screen” located at the bottom. Thereafter, choose a virtual background with which you want to replace the green screen in your video.

visual background on zoom

Step5Apart from the present virtual background, you can add photo or video to replace green screen background.

apply green screen video zoom

Step6Close Settings window and you will see that your green screen is replaced by your selected virtual background.

Part 2. How to add green screen to Zoom on mobile?

If you are an occasional Zoom user, you are more likely to use your smartphone to attend Zoom conferences. If you want green screen effect on your Zoom call, make sure you have a sizeable green screen in your background. This is because even if you happen to move your phone during the meeting, green screen background should come in the video frame all the time.

It is recommended to use a tripod to keep your smartphone fixed in one spot for better and consistent green screen effect. Here are the steps to answer your question how do you add a green screen to Zoom app on your mobile phone. The steps are the same for Android and iOS users.

Step1Open Zoom app on your smartphone and make sure you are signed into your account.

Step2Start a Zoom meeting and tap on More option located in the bottom-right corner.

tap more zoom app phone

Step3Tap on Virtual background and you can select any preset virtual background.

zoom visual background phone

Step4If you want to replace green screen with a customized background, tap on “+” icon and select any photo or video from your phone.

change bg photo zoom

Step5Tap on Close option and the selected virtual background will be applied to your Zoom video.

Part 3. Tips to use green screen on Zoom video

Here are some important tips to use green screen on Zoom video for a better outcome.

Buy Large Green Screen - Since you are going to invest in buying green screen, you should buy a large green screen instead of buying two. Firstly, when you have one large green screen, you can set it up without any wrinkles or overlaps.

Secondly, a large green screen means greater surface area, and even when you slightly change the angle of your camera, your background will still have green screen instead of the exterior wall showing up and ruining virtual background effect.

Buy Green Screen Stand - Along with green screen, you should buy a sizeable green screen stand. A regular green screen stand contains two vertical supports at both ends and one horizontal support where you hand the green screen.

You can buy it according to the size of green screen you have bought. And you need to buy stand because you cannot fix the green screen on the wall properly. If you use any other means, there are going to be wrinkles and uneven virtual background effect.

Green Screen Quality - You can purchase any shade of green screen, but we recommend you opt for vibrant green color for a better outcome. Most importantly, the color should be even across the surface, and there should not be light and dark patches to dampen the virtual background effect and make it look unrealistic. That is why you should not compromise with quality.

Avoid Green Objects - You should not wear anything green. If your green screen has a lighter shade, you can wear deep color dresses and vice versa. Most importantly, you should not keep anything that is green while attending Zoom attending as it will disturb the green screen effect and it will look embarrassing. If you need to keep any green objects in your Zoom meetings, you should have blue screen instead of green screen.

Focus On Lighting - Lighting is extremely important when you want to use green screen. You should place the light so that it spreads evenly across the green screen. Otherwise, there are going to be light and dark patches, and the effect can get disturbed. Make sure you do not cast any shadow on the green screen by positioning the green screen accordingly.

Select A Proper Background - Last but not least, when you change your green screen to any virtual background photo or video, make sure you keep your audiences in mind. If you are attending a meeting, you should keep a professional-looking background. The background should not be distracting and match the theme of your meeting.


We have answered your question, “How do you add a green screen to zoom?” You can use green screen on your Zoom desktop app as well as smartphone app. This will help you to make your usual background cover up with green screen and replace green screen with any virtual background. Keep in mind all the tips we have provided you so that the green screen effect is perfect.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Nov 27, 23
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