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How to Record Skype Video & Audio Calls on Windows & Mac [10 Ways]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

You might be aware of the fact that the paid version of Skype available within Office 365 Suite of Microsoft contains own tools for recording and playback that can handle all your audio/video meetings for business. However, for most versions of Skype, the company advise using 3rd party recording tools that work perfectly on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems. If you are also interesting to record conversations with your family or clients at the office; it is good to choose best software tool that can support high-quality recording for all your audio-video calls.

In this article, we are going to talk about top 10 free and paid software tools that can record Skype calls on Window and Mac devices. Hope, it will help you to make the best decision for your routine needs.

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Part 1: Before Recording:

Before you start recording conversations on your Skype audio-video calls; it is important to understand whether it is legal to do so. If you live in the UK, you cannot record calls without informing your customers in advance that the call is being recorded. It is important to check your local area laws in advance and ask for permission to record calls. Breaking the rules can cause huge troubles with a heavy legal penalty.

Part 2: Free Ways to Record Skype Video & Audio Calls:

Although Microsoft has its own Skype call recording tools in Office 365, it needs an annual commitment from business owners. If this paid plan appears costly to your routine needs, we advise you to look for 3rd party software that are available for free. Below we have highlighted details about 7 most popular free Skype recording applications that can offer unlimited recording services on Window systems:

1. Filmora Scrn:

For: Windows & Mac


  • Free version allows users to record limited calls.

Key Points:

  • Easy to learn and use with interactive interface.
  • Supports multiple file formats for output recording file such as animated GIF, MP4, MOV, and MP3, etc.
  • Allows users to make selections for record screen dimensions, frame rates, bit rates, resolutions, and encoding, etc.

How to record Skype video Call with Filmora Scrn?

Install free version of Filmora Scrn on your Windows system. Open the software and hit “Get started” option. It will immediately take you to the video call recording window. You can also choose quick capture to start recording the on-screen activity immediately. Choose your audio source as computer or microphone. Users are allowed to adjust window size for recording. The recorded calls can also be edited later, and Filmora allows users to export them in the form of GIF, MP3, MP4 and MOV file format.

2. Free Video Call Recorder for Skype from DVDVideoSoft:

For: Windows


  • People report that while installing this software tool, it also tries to install some unwanted additional software. You have to bypass them by unticking the checkboxes manually.
  • This freeware is loaded with lots of ads that may appear annoying to most users.

Key Points:

  • Skype calls can be recorded in Picture-in-Picture mode, audio only and video only mode.
  • Simple and interactive interface.
  • High-quality audio/video recording.
  • Lesser CPU requirements.
  • Users can pause recording in between.
  • Allows live broadcasting of recorded videos.

How to record Skype video Call with Free Video Call Recorder?

In order to start recording Skype video calls with DVD VideoSoft; you simply need to open the software window. Note that it starts recording video only when other party turns on the video mode. So, in case if you want to record audio, you have to manually adjust its mode to “Record audio only.” You can use pause button in between the conversations to skip some parts. Hit stop button on the screen to finish the recording.

3. MP3 Skype Recorder:

For: Windows


  • The free version of this software is allowed for non-commercial and personal use only. If you want to record business-related Skype conversations; you have to switch to the paid version.

Key Points:

  • You can access it for free without any restrictions.
  • Allows users to make automatic and manual adjustments for recording.
  • Output files are saved in MP3 format that requires lesser storage space.
  • Can be used to record P2P and SkypeOut calls.
  • It is capable enough to record multiple calls at once and can save them in the form of separate files.
  • Supports Skype conference calling.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

How to record Skype video Call with MP3 Skype Recorder?

First of all, download the MP3 Skype Recorder from the official website and install this software on your system. It displays all the required settings on the single window; confirm all those settings including speaker/microphone options, recording location, recording quality, etc. Once you are done with all the settings; establish a call from your Skype software, and MP3 Skype Recorder will automatically start recording. You will be notified by a small notification on the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. QuickTime Player:

For: Mac


  • The free version of this software cannot record video from another side of the Skype conversation. You can try turning up the mic volume louder to pick a little bit of audio from the person on the other side.
  • In order to record both sides of conversations on your Mac system, you have to pay $19.

Key Points:

  • All Mac users have this software already built into their systems.
  • It offers a handy screen recording feature.
  • All the essential settings are adjusted on the top bar; anyone can access them with ease.
  • Recorded calls can be easily exported to the reliable file format.

How to record Skype video Call with QuickTime Player?

Even beginners find it easy to use. All that you need to do is open QuickTime player on your Mac and then go to the choose file option. From the drop-down menu, choose New Screen Recording option. Now hit the tiny reveal icon available at the right side of the record button; choose the internal microphone as an audio source to record Skype calls. Hit the record button now and take help from marque tool to select how much screen you want to record. Start your Skype call now, and it will be automatically recorded.

5. Piezo:

For: Mac


  • Free version allows recording conversations only up to 10 minutes. Although you can also keep on recording after 10 minutes, this part will be noisy. In order to start unlimited recording, you have to pay $15.

Key Points:

  • It can start recording your conversations with just a single click.
  • Charming and striking interface.
  • People love it more for its cool vintage-like design.
  • Can record both audio and video with high-quality
  • Supports multiple output file formats including M4A, MP4, MOV, etc.

How to record Skype video Call with Piezo?

To start recording skype calls with Piezo, all that you need to do is simply open Skype and Piezo on your Mac system. Switch to Piezo first and select Skype as your source. Now go to Skype and start your audio/video call. Once you want to begin the recording process, hit the red record button on Piezo window. In the free version, it will give you a pop-up saying you are working in the trial mode; hit Ok. As soon as your conversation is finished, you can hit the record button again to stop the recording.

6. ShowMore:

For: Online


  • You need a high-speed internet connection to record with this online recording tool.

Key Points:

  • It supports multiple output file formats including ASF, VOB, MPEG, FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, and
  • Users can select screen dimensions to the full-screen mode or can add custom settings as well.
  • This software tool allows controlling various action by keyboard shortcuts.

How to record Skype video Call with ShowMore?

To begin recording Skype calls with ShowMore, start by visiting the official website of this software. Hit the start recording button. For first time users, the website will prompt for downloading online launcher program. Once you finish downloading and installing this launcher, the application will start working on your system. Note that the control toolbar is available at the bottom of the screen and it allows users to do all basic settings for recording the calls. Users can also set the screen dimensions as full screen or custom type. Use microphone icon to select sound input as system sound and microphone. Hit the red record button to begin the recording.

7. Vodburner:

For: Mac


  • Free version experiences some glitches.

Key Points:

  • Simple and easy to handle settings.
  • No time limit restrictions on free
  • Can record both audio and video.
  • Support multiple output file formats including M4A, MP4, and MOV, etc.
  • It also allows users to capture video from more than one camera simultaneously.
  • Users can make selections between zoomed and letterboxed view.
  • You can decide whether to record both sides, this side only or the other side only.

How to record Skype video Call with Vodburner?

Install the VodBurner software tool on your Mac system, and it will start automatically; however, if it does not begin automatically, you can open it from windows start menu. Now open the main window of Skype and soon it will ask you to begin recording with VodBurner. Hit “Allow access” option and then start your video call. The software will automatically begin the recording process. In case if the recording does not start in auto mode, you can start it by clicking the record button available on the screen. Once the call is finished, the software will immediately prompt you to do post editing. However, you can also do editing at a later stage as per need.

Part 3: Paid Screen Recorder for Recording Skype Video Calls:

8. Callnote:

For: Window, Mac

Price: $9.95 (Premium), $39.95 (Pro)


  • Free version of Callnote is limited to 30 recording per month.

Key Points:

  • Users can record up to 8 Skype participants at once.
  • Recorded files can be automatically transferred to Evernote notebook.
  • You can edit call descriptions and call titles.
  • This software can automatically save participant names as well as call details like duration and time.
  • Can start and stop call recording manually as well as automatically.
  • Send alert signals to participants for recording.
  • It not only records calls from Skype but can also support call recording function on other apps such as Viber, Facebook, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Hangouts, etc.

How to record Skype video Call with Callnote?

The operation of Callnote is pretty simple; you simply need to install this software on your system and start making a call from Skype. When Callnote is running at background, it can automatically detect Skype calls and will start recording them instantly. The moment when it starts recording, a small window will appear on your screen with few essential control signals such as stop, pause and take a snapshot.

9. Evaer Skype Recorder:

For: Windows

Price: $19.95 only


  • Users cannot choose between different recording qualities.
  • It does not send any notification regarding whether it is recording or not.

Key Points:

  • It allows users to preview videos during calls that are being recorded on Skype.
  • Can also save Skype voicemail and Skype messages.
  • This software tool also has the ability to send an automatic reply to chats. It is very useful for busy business owners.
  • Video calls can be recorded in AVI and MP4 file format.
  • Evaer can record Skype calls in side by side recording mode.

How to record Skype video Call with Evaer Skype Recorder?

Install Evaer software on your system and open Skype. Establish call and hit the start recording button on Evaer window. The software window also contains pause and stop buttons. During video calls, you can choose different options such as local-webcam mode, Picture-in-Picture, separate files, remote webcam only and side by side video recording. Hut play button to playback your call recordings.

10. eCamm Call Recorder:

For: Mac

Price: $29.95 only


  • Free trial works only for 7 days, and it watermarks all call recordings.
  • The paid version is quite expensive.

Key Points:

  • Easy to use and simple interface.
  • This software tool is integrated to
  • One of the most trustworthy recorders in the market.

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How to record Skype video Call with eCamm?

Download Ecamm from the official website and follow instructions on screen for installation. Once the installation is complete, open Skype app on your system. You will find new preferences setting on Skype for recording. Hit the option to start recording, and it will record the audio/video conversation on Skype. Finish the recording instantly by hitting the stop button on recorder window.

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