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Okay, so I got a lot of questions asking me how to set up a green screen video and also how to film and how to edit a green screen in Filmora 11. Okay, so today, I'm going to show you how to set up a green screen video in my studio, and it is a very small place, and also I have only three lights, and that is not enough for a green screen video. By the way, it is possible to create a green-screen video easily.


Okay, so right here, I have a background which is a green screen. Maybe you can buy it anywhere, and here I have a light, and also here is all the light I have in my studio. This is the first one, the second one. These two lights are the same. And it is a green light, so because it is very dark here, so I have to use a ring light. By the way, if you have a good light, then you need only two lights to light up the green background. And I try to sit here and also rotate my camera to this side; for example, I can make it like this so that I have me at the center of the green background. Okay, and then I can crop the area around me in Filmora and remove the green background to create the intro. Okay, so let's go to Filmora 11, and I will show you how to crop the video and how to remove the green background behind me.


By the way, this is an example timeline. So you see, here I have background music here and also background, and this is my green screen video, and I have some effect here on top. By the way, we don't need to add all these special effects or anything like that. Okay, so let's delete everything first, and the first thing you want to do is to put the green screen video onto the timeline.


Okay, so just go to my "Media," and I'm going to use this one. So just put it here on the timeline and move it to the beginning. Okay, and play the video. Okay, for example, in this position, I start acting like this. Okay, we can cut the video here and delete the beginning.


Now, the next thing we want to do is to crop the video so that we don't have the right side. And the top of the video, we have something okay in the video. To do that, we need to select the green screen video and select "Crop". Okay, and then at the ratio, we can select “Custom,” and now we can freely adjust the area here. Okay, I’m going to adjust the top a little bit also, and let's play it. Yes, okay, I just do some pose, okay, and let's click "OK," and now we have a green screen video here.


The next thing, we want to use a Chroma Key feature in Filmora 11 to remove the green background. Just select it, and we have a "Chroma Key" button here. Just select it again, and now we need to select the color picker. Okay, just select here and then select the green area in your video.


Just like it and the next thing, we want to adjust the “Offset," “Tolerance," “Edge Thickness," and “Edge Feather” to remove all the green in your video. Okay, just play it first. I think it's fine. By the way, we want to adjust the tolerance a little bit, and also I will reduce the edge thickness and increase the feather. Okay, and let's play it.


By the way, if you are not happy with the chroma key feature, you can check this box “Alpha Channel” to double-check. So, if everything is white and then it is good. Okay, something looks like this, and let's click "OK." I'm sorry, we have to disable the "Alpha Channel" first, and let's click "OK."


Now, the next thing you want to do is to add the background. For example, we can go here. In the beginning, we want to have a background, and there are many ways to add background to your green screen video. The first way is to go to "Stock Media," and then you can find a photo or a video. Okay, for example, in the downloaded folder, I can use this one as a background for my video. Okay, just move it here to the timeline, and then I can move my green screen video up 1 track and put the background here down here at the bottom. Okay, and now, we have this video, and let's play it.


Okay, and this is the first background. If you want to change the background, you can just split this video. This background video, and then you want to replace it with another background. For example, you can go to the “Element” and select a background, and I have many beautiful backgrounds here. Just drag and drop it right here, and we can change the background.


Alright! So that is how to set up and frame a green screen video, and also how to remove the green background of your video with Filmora 11. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you.

DIY Home Green Screen Setup | Filmora Edit Tutorial


What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1

Start Filmora to Import DIY Green Video

After opening the Filmora software, you've to import your video and start the editing process as required. To import, click on "Media" from the top-left side of the menu and then press the “Import Media” button.

import the green screen video
Step 2

Move the Imported Video and Other Elements to the Project Timeline

Once you’ve successfully imported your required video, the next stage is to drag and drop it into the project timeline below. You also have the option to click on the "Add to Project" icon on the video to add it to the project timeline.

add videos and elements to timeline
Step 3

Remove Unrequired Part from the Video

If, by any chance, you need to delete some unnecessary parts of your video, make sure to do it right from the start. To delete, simply use the playhead in your timeline and the "Scissor" icon to remove the unwanted part from the video.

shorten clip by removing parts
Step 4

Crop the Video for a Better Layout

Your video may have a distracting background, which needs to be removed. To proceed, click the "Crop" button from the panel. You can also do it by pressing the "Alt+C" shortcut on your keyboard. A crop window will open, and you've to select the "Ratio" as custom. After this, you can crop, minimize, and adjust the dimensions of your video as required. Click "OK" once you are done with the changes.

crop video for improving layout
Step 5

Adjust the Current Background for Editing Green Screen

Now you’ve to adjust the troublesome background in your video with better effects. For this purpose, click the "AI Matting Tools" icon and select the "Chroma Key" option. A window will appear at the screen's top-left side, allowing you to set the background color from "Select Color". After choosing your color, e.g., green, click the color picker and drag the color to your video on the screen.

In addition, you can also adjust other parameters of applied color like "Offset," "Tolerance," "Edge Thickness," and "Edge Feather" on the window available on the left side.

set parameters in chroma key section
Step 6

Add Additional Background to the Video For Aesthetics

If you need a striking background at the start of your DIY green setup video, you can do it easily. Simply navigate the "Stock Media" bar and choose the desired option from the given categories. If you're unsatisfied with the backgrounds, click on the "Elements" tab and see more background choices. Whatever option you choose, drag it to the timeline below.

add elements as background in green screen
Step 7

Preview and Export Your Green Screen Video

Now you’ve edited your video, let’s preview it to see your artistic display. Click on the "Render Preview" icon to see your video's smooth playback. Your video is ready to be used for different purposes. Click on the "Export" button to download and save to the desired location of your device.

preview and export green screen video

Green Screen home DIY videos are a popular form of content creation among many well-known social media figures. Despite all the DIY setup effort, editing these videos to add a professional touch is necessary. With this tutorial on Filmora 11, editing such videos would be a piece of cake because of the easy-to-understand tips.

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