Resources for green screen effects

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Once you've captured your green screen footage, you'll need to remove the green backgrounds of your video and replace it with your own background. It means that you select a color and remove every instance of that color in the video. Then the parts that placed "behind" the image become visible. This is the process to apply a green screen effect. If you have no idea how it works, check out the video tutorial below to get an instant overview of the process first:

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Resources for green screen effects

Part 1: Video editing software for green screen effect

There are many different products available to make green screen effect. However, most of them (like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere) require a long learning carve and are associated with a high price tag. So here Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is highly recommended. With it, you can easily import screen captures and other media to your project and make green screen effect process in just a few clicks.

Video editing software for green screen effect

Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor)

The easy-to-use home video editing software which enables you easily apply green screen effect:

  • Supports virtually any video formats you shoot.
  • Easily chroma key the background of your video.
  • Seamlessly blend your video with new backgrounds.
  • Different methods to share your video with the world.

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1. Import media files to the program

Launch Wondershare Filmora and import your media files to the program. Then drag and drop the desired background picture or video to the video track of the timeline and your green screen video to the PIP track of the timeline.

how to make green screen

2. Add green screen effect to your video

On the PIP track, double-click the green screen video. In the pop up window, click "Advanced"> "Effect" to access the green screen tool. This tool makes the solid background of your file transparent.

Then just tick "Make parts of the clip transparent", and use the picker tool to get closer to the color you need. After that, drag the slider to adjust the Intensity Level. As you drag, the background of your video file becomes transparent and automatically be merged into the new background video or image you've placed on the timeline. You can preview the result in the preview window and do some settings if necessary.

green screen effects

3. Save or share your video

Click the "Export" button and choose the output method that most suits your needs: saving as a video, converting for your mobile device, uploading to YouTube or Facebook or burning to DVD.

how to make green screen

Part 2: 40+ essential green screen effects

However sometimes you've got such amazing ideas for your movie, which could not come true by your own shooting. Don't worry, you can find so many green screen effects online, and then apply them to your movie within several clicks in Wondershare Filmora video editor.

Let's check the 40+ essential green screen effects in the following video:

For more resources, check the ressources for green screen footage and green screen backgrounds.

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Same here. I am going to try downloading an older version to see if that works.
I downloaded the most recent version of filmora and am not finding these features in the version, especially step #2. Can't find the option once its on the PIP track. Can you advise?
Filmora is a great video editor that just keeps on getting better. I hope you introduce motion tracking as part of new updates in the future, as this will literally squeeze out most video editors from the market.

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