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Best Screen Recorders for Google Meet

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Screen recorders have been widely used in different sectors, from business to education. No matter what is presented in a virtual meeting, a screen recorder can help you record everything on your screen. Google Meet sessions are no different, and you may need to record your class session or business meeting conducted on Google Meet. However, the in-built recording feature in Google Meet is available for Google Workspace accounts. How to record Google video meetings with breaking limitations?

The Google Meet recorders mentioned below will help you capture all the screen activity and the whole video session. So, you can recall the discussion that happened during the virtual meeting. However, the screen activity you record may be subject to copyright claims. Thus, one should only record content that is not copyright protected and available in the public domain. If you want to know more about the best recorder for Google meet, the following options are considerable.

Join in the Google Meet from a mobile device? Check this article to find out how to record Google Meet video meetings on mobile devices.

Part 1: Best Free Google Meet Screen Recorder Extensions

Although there are numerous recording tools available, we have picked out the best recorder for Google Meet. Read ahead to know more.

1. Fireflies Extension

Fireflies is a Chrome extension that allows you to record video conferencing on all platforms, including Google meet. It also enables to transcribe any meeting session on Google Meet effortlessly.

Key features of FireFlies Extension

  • It allows instant recording of the ongoing Google Meet activity.
  • It comes with a search option to review long meeting sessions.
  • It enables you to capture screen activity directly from the browser. 
  • Users can communicate via comments during calls.

Steps to Record Google Meet Video call with Fireflies

  1. Add extension to your browser by visiting
  2. Join or create a meeting in Google Meet and click on the Fireflies extension icon on the toolbar.
  3. Click on the Start recording button to start capturing screen activity.

Google Meet Video Recorder Extension: Fireflies

2. Scrnli Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

It is another powerful browser extension to take a snapshot or record the web page of Google Meet sessions on the screen. It can be easily added to the chrome, and that too free of cost.

Key Features

  • Scrnli is equipped with a simple user interface.
  • The built-in screenshot tool allows you to take a snapshot of a partial or complete screen.
  • The recorded activity can be further added with texts, comments, and much more.

Steps to record video meetings with Scrnli

  1. Add the Scrnli extension to the chrome:
  2. Enter the Google meet session and click on the added extension. Select which part of the web page you want to record. 

Google Meet Video Recorder Extension: Scrnli Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Part 2: Best Google Meet Screen Recorders for Windows and Mac [Free and Paid]

Google Meet has become the second most popular video-communication application after Zoom. Zoom has a built-in screen recording that allows its users to record complete screen activity. However, this feature is not available for everyone in Google Meet, and only workspace account users can avail of the recording feature. You can find how to record Google Meet video meetings for free here.

So, if you want to screen record in Google Meet without G Suite, an external Google Meet recorder is a must. Several free and paid tools allow you to capture Google Meet screen activity. We have handpicked the following screen recorders and have also highlighted their key features and pricing plan.

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a video editor for all creators which includes a screen recorder for Google Meet with audio. Its screen recorder comes with the latest features: an intuitive user interface, zoom options, record screen, webcam and audio simultaneously, and much more. 

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Key Features

  • Real-time high-quality recording with mouse spotlight feature.
  • Allows you to record from both the webcam and screen at the same time.
  • Built-in recording tool to take input from both the system and microphone simultaneously. 

Supported OS

Wondershare Filmora recording toolkit supports both the Windows and Mac systems. 

Pricing Plan

If you use the record tool in Filmora only, it is totally free to use since there will be no watermark in the recorded video. If you use Filmora to edit the recorded video, you may need to subscribe, which costs $49.99 annually. But if you’re a student, you will find exclusive educational pricing here.

Steps to record Google Meet with Filmora

  1. Join the meeting room in the Google Meet through the invitation link or code.
  2. Open Filmora and click on the Record Tab.
  3. Select how you want to record the screen from the list of options in the record tab, in this case, you should click Record PC screen.

Google Meet Video Recorder: Filmora

  1. And then set up the preference accordingly, such as the areas, frame rate, record timer, show mouse clicks in recording and record the camera stream. Click the Red button to start and stop the recording with F9 by default.

For the detailed steps of recording the desktop screen with Filmora, you can watch the video below.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is a screen recording & video editing tool. It enables users to capture screens in different modes, from full-screen view to cropped screen.

Key Features

  • Equipped with green screen and transition effect features
  • Recorded videos can be edited using built-in captions, annotations, etc.
  • Simultaneous recording of webcam and screen footage.

Supported OS

Compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Pricing Plan

Offers free trial and charges $39.99 for an annual subscription.

Steps to record in Wondershare DemoCreator

  1. Open up the Wondershare DemoCreator application.
  2. Set the desired size and recording volume.
  3. Go to the Google Meet panel and start recording.

Google Meet Video Recorder: DemoCreator

3. Quick Time Player

Quick Time Player is a screen recording app that people use with Google Meet to record their meeting sessions. It is easy to use for everyone, and the recorded video is saved in the download folder.

Key Features

  • Preview option before saving the recorded video.
  • Allows to customize the quality of the output video
  • Custom location for the downloaded file

Supported OS

Compatible with Mac systems only

Pricing Plan

Quick Time Player is free 

Steps to record in Quick Time Player

  1. Click on the file option
  2. Select New Recording from the options
  3. Open up the Google Meeting session and start recording when you want to capture the screen

Find out more details of recording video meetings with audio in QuickTime Player here.

4. iTop Screen Recorder

This is another Google Meet recorder that enables capturing Google Meet video sessions. This is a Windows-based video recording facility with a modern and straightforward interface.

Key Features

  • Supports high-resolution video quality
  • Compatible with popular video formats
  • Unlimited recording time and available for various occasions

Supported OS

Compatible with all Windows systems


Provides free trial and costs $ 32.99 one year for 1 PC.

Steps to record in iTop Screen recorder

  1. Download and install the screen recorder from, and set up the preferences to record.
  2. Join the Google Meet session and click on the Start recording button to record what is happening on your screen.
  3. Press the Red button when you want to stop recording

Google Meet Video Recorder: iTop

5. Jumpshare

Jumpshare is one of the easiest screen recorders which allows you to record, sharee and access the Google Meet video callings on-demand. You can use it to record meetings without worrying about the time and participant limitations. You can use it to record video in MP4 format by default or change it to GIF.

Key Features

  • Customizable screen recording region
  • Allows draw on the screen when recording
  • Lock the recorded Google Meet video with a password

Supported OS

Compatible with both Mac and Windows systems

Pricing Plan

 Provides basic free version, and paid version starts from 8.25/month.

Steps to record in Jumpshare

  1. Download the Jumpshare for Google Meet from here: and then launch the software and select Record Screen in the video button.
  2. Return to Google Meet window
  3. Customize the screen and then click on the Record button to start recording.

Google Meet Video Recorder: Jumpshare

6. ShareX 

 This is a free screen recorder that facilitates Google Meet participants to capture screen activity seamlessly with its vast collection of annotation tools.

Key Features

  • The recording area can be specified
  • Adjustable video and audio recording settings
  • The output video file can be uploaded or shared on all video hosting platforms

Supported OS

Windows supported

Pricing Plan

Free software

Steps to record Google Meet in ShareX

  1. Join or create a meeting room in Google Meet
  2. Launch and select capture mode
  3. Hit the record button

Google Meet Video Recorder: Share X

7. OBS Studio

 OBS studio incorporates a video recording tool for Google Meet with a modern and straightforward interface. The video and audio recording settings are easily configurable with an OBS screen recorder.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy process for recording screen activity
  • Robust noise removing mechanism
  • In and out transition feature

Supported OS

Original bundle only supports Windows systems


Free and open software

Steps to record in OBS

  1. Open OBS and go-to sources.
  2. Click + icon to select the window capture option
  3. Add Google Meet from the list of options.

8. Screencast-o-Matic

It allows to record screen in Google Meet video recording sessions alongside webcam output. The application uses an external microphone to record audio.

Key Features

  • Allows capturing the entire screen during the conference.
  • Built-in music library
  • It comes with an automatic caption feature

Supported OS

Both Mac and Windows

Pricing Plan

Charges $1.65 monthly for the deluxe version and $4.00 monthly for the premium version

Steps to record in Screencast-o-matic

  1. Download and launch software
  2. Open Google Meet and join the meeting
  3. Start recording after configuring application record settings.


9. VLC Screen Recorder

The VLC media player is normally used to play media files. However, it can also help you record your activity in Google Meet through its built-in screen recorder.

Key Features

  • Option to set the preferred frame rate
  • Allows changing the format of the output file
  • Customize location option to save the output file

Supported OS

Both Windows and Mac are supported

Pricing Plan

Free media player

Steps to record in VLC

  1. Open device capture option after launching VLC
  2. Select capture and configure record settings
  3. Press the Play button after opening up the Google Meet window

10. Free Cam

Free Cam can be used to create video lessons and e-learning presentations easily with the recording and editing features. This screen recorder allows you to record the Google Meet videos and share them to YouTube directly. If you want to record the webcam and the screen at the same time, and add annotations, or export to mp4 format, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

Key features

  • Supports high-quality video resolution
  • Cancels background noise automatically
  • It shows no watermark, and it’s also ad-free.

Supported OS

Windows supported only

Pricing Plan

Open and free screen recording tool, Pro version costs $227/year.

Steps to record in Free cam

  1. Download Free cam and Launch it
  2. Open Google Meet window
  3. Start recording the screen by clicking Record Button


You will need to record Google Meet sessions in different situations to look back at them later. External screen recording tools help you record Google Meet activity. Some of the tools are free and require no sign-up, while others offer paid services. However, if you want to enjoy advanced recording and video editing features, Filmora is an excellent Google Meet recorder.

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