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How to Blur Background in Zoom Easily: An Ultimate Guide

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

You admire family or friends or audience who appears to be sitting relaxed on a beach or in their favorite seat at a football stadium while conducting Zoom meetings.

However, you can also make a fake escape by creating a virtual background for your next conference session by learning how to blur the background in Zoom. Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams are free to use, and although they charge for extra functions, there aren't additional costs for virtual background. We've contributed know-how to ensure your guests only focus on you and not what's behind your back.

zoom blur background

Part 1: What to Consider Before Blurring the Background in Zoom?

Zoom can blur everything in the screen’s background with the tap of a button, which can save you from uploading an image to hide your screen’s background. Here's how to get started before you learn how to blur the background in Zoom.

1 – Here to look for the blue background on Zoom

Primarily, make sure that you are looking at your laptop's Zoom Client. First, open Zoom; tap the Settings icon at the top right corner. From there, select "Backgrounds and Filters” in the sidebar popup. Then, follow our step-by-step guide to blur Zoom background from there.

2 – Update Zoom to get the Blur Background

Ensure that the computer system is up to date and supports the latest version of Zoom. To check for updates, tap your profile picture of your Zoom Desktop Client at the top-right corner, then scroll down and tap where it says "Check for Updates."

If you've already downloaded the latest version, restart your computer and open Zoom again to see if it shows up.

3 – Check Your Computer Requirements

Alternatively, you can check for Client and processor requirements. All the information related to requirements compatibility is available on the Zoom help page for virtual background requirements.

To check the compatibility, go to "Backgrounds and Filters" and uncheck the box that says "I have a green screen" under "Virtual Backgrounds."

Next, hover over your list of virtual backgrounds. In case you get an error message pointing you need a green screen to support virtual backgrounds, your computer doesn't support the blur background feature.

Part 2: How to Blur the Background in Zoom: A Step-by-Step Guide

Given below are the ultimate steps on how to blur the background in Zoom via different sections

Steps to Blur Background on Windows 10 before Zoom call

Steps related to background blur before your Zoom call:

  1. Install Zoom and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the "Settings" gear icon option at the top-right corner.

zoom settings

  1. In “Settings,” select “Backgrounds and Filters.”

select zoom filters

  1. Then select the “Blur” option. Your background will appear blurred straight away.

Steps to blur the background on Windows 10 on Zoom call

  1. Find the "Stop Video" button with an upwards directing icon.
  2. Tap the arrow, then "Video Settings” > “Backgrounds and Filters.”

zoom video settings


  1. Then select the “Blur” option. Your background will appear blurred straight away.

Steps to blur Zoom background on Mac before Zoom call

  1. Download Zoom and log in.
  2. Start with the "Settings" option as done above.
  3. In “Settings,” select “Backgrounds and Filters.”

select filters zoom

  1. Then select the “Blur” option. Your background will appear blurred straight away.

Steps to Blur Zoom Background on an iOS/Android phone

The background blur feature is currently unavailable for any mobile devices. However, for a workaround, you can replace your current background with your blurred image via Zoom's virtual background feature:

  1. Install Zoom app on iOS or Android devices.

launch zoom app

  1. Create a new meeting and make sure the video is enabled.

create new meeting zoom

  1. Select anywhere on the screen once you start the meeting and show controls
  2. Select the "More" button at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Select “Virtual Background.”

select virtual background zoom

  1. Click on the plus sign via scrolling through the right portion.

select plus zoom

  1. Select the blurred photo and, then tap the "Close" option.

Part 3: How to blur the background of any video?

After wrapping up how to blur the background in Zoom, you may be interested in knowing how the background of any video can be turned blue. We know that it's a pretty fascinating subject, especially for the tech geeks. So, here's the section for you with an easy-to-use video editor Wondershare Filmora.

Both Mac and PC owners will enjoy using Wondershare Filmora because its intuitive video editing features don't need you to be an all-pro editor. Its users can cut or trim their videos effortlessly. However, Wondershare Filmora offers much more since its huge library of advanced tools assists inexperienced video editors in creating any creative style they're looking to embellish.

Filmora offers us numerous ways to blur a background in any video. In this section, we'll reveal the quickest way to add a background blur effect.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Import Media Files

import media filmora

Install the Filmora on your computer system. Then, double-click on its desktop icon, and select"New Project" to enter the main interface. Now, select the Import menu and choose the Import Media Files option.

Step 2: Apply Blur Effect

apply blur effect filmora

Now, click on the Effects panel. Choose the "Background Blur" option and go with your desired blur effect. Filters such as Mosaic, Diamonds, or Grey will elicit a visually pleasing background for your portrait video.

Step 3: After applying the effect, adjust the blur level by double-clicking over the timeline.

Modify the background color, luminance, source width, scale level, Alpha for the blurry background.

adjust blur level

Lastly, save and export the video, which is pretty effortless in Wondershare Filmora.


Now that you know how to blur the background in Zoom using a blur effect, videos, or images, have you been swapping between different effects and virtual sets, or have you picked any location and stuck with it? Also, let us know about your thinking on the all-inclusive video editing platform Wondershare Filmora and its blur effect usage.

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