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Zoom Effect: Working On The Effects With the Best Video Editors

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Sep 13, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Effects are like a breath of life for videos, adding an extra layer of creativity and engagement. They play an important role in making a great video. Video effects add visual interest, capture attention, and add a touch of professionalism. Your videos can use transitions, color grading, or zoom-in effects. However, amongst all, video zoom effects hold a special place in making a video better.

Using this effect, you can highlight something or draw the viewer's attention to a particular subject. They can be used to emphasize a specific detail or create a sense of intensity in a video. These zoom effects find utility in various video genres and contexts. Fortunately, you can use these effects in your videos using different video editing tools.

In this article
  1. Part 1: Why Is It Important to Partially Zoom In or Out in a Video?
  2. Part 2: The Best Video Editor With Great Options: Wondershare Filmora
  3. Part 3: How To Create Partial Zoom Effect Using Wondershare Filmora
  4. Part 4: Partially Zooming In and Out Through Adobe Premiere Pro
  5. Conclusion
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Part 1: Why Is It Important to Partially Zoom In or Out in a Video?

A partial zoom effect in a video can serve several important purposes and benefits. Here are a few reasons why a partially zoom-in effect can be important:

1. Focus on Specific Details

The zoom-in effect allows you to highlight and draw attention to specific details in a video. Additionally, it makes certain elements within the frame more prominent. You can emphasize important visual elements by bringing the viewer closer to the subject. Moreover, you can highlight relevant expressions or objects to your video.

2. Create Visual Interest

Zooming can add interest and dynamic movement to a shot in a video. It introduces a change in perspective and scale in your video. Furthermore, the video zoom effect can enhance the viewer's overall visual appeal and engagement. These effects can also prevent shots from becoming static and monotonous.

3. Convey Emotion or Intimacy

Zoom in effect video can be used to convey a sense of emotional connection with the subject. By getting closer to the subject, you can create a more personal experience for the viewer. This technique is often used in interviews, documentaries, or emotional scenes. So, by capturing the expressions on people's faces, you can add emotion to your video.

4. Establish Context or Scale

Video effect zoom in and out can be beneficial to establish the context or scale of a scene. Pulling back and revealing more of the surroundings helps your content. You can provide a broader perspective of your video content. It can also help the viewer understand the setting or environment in which the action is taking place. This is particularly useful for wide shots or scenic views.

5. Smooth Transitions

Partially zooming in or out can serve as a smooth transition between shots or scenes. It can be used to bridge different locations and timeframes. It also adds perspectives by creating a seamless flow and improving the narrative of your video.

6. Enhance Cinematic Look

Strategic zooming can give a cinematic look and feel to a video. It can add the style and techniques used in movies, adding a professional touch to your video. When you watch a movie with such effects, those movies keep you engaged. Similarly, if you use these effects, your audience can be hooked to your cinematic content.

Part 2: The Best Video Editor With Great Options: Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a tool that is fun and easy to use but has all the advanced functions. It is a tool that is packed with some unique features, including some powerful AI tools. Even this tool offers tons of free effects, presets, and templates to use. Simply drag and drop your favorite effect and make your video like you always wanted.

You can create a zoom-in effect video with Filmora. Not only this, but you can also pan & zoom effect video from still pictures in this tool. Consequently, you can apply LUTs and other filters to make your videos look great. Moreover, if you feel like creating your color grading preset, Filmora can help you with this, too.

Key Features To Keep Note Of

There are some effective video editing functions that make Filmora special. Following is an overview of some important features that can be used to create a perfect zoom-in effect video:

Free Download
Free Download

1. Motion Tracking

With the motion tracking feature, you can track moving objects or subjects in your videos. This tool enables you to apply different effects and graphics to your moving object. These effects stay aligned with the tracked object throughout the video. You can even highlight a specific element or add dynamic text to your video.

motion tracking filmora

2. Speed Ramping

This feature allows you to create dramatic effects by changing the speed of your video clips. You can transition between slow-motion and fast-motion segments. Moreover, you can emphasize key moments or add a sense of energy to your video. The speed ramping feature lets you control your videos' pace and temperament.

speed ramping filmora

3. Auto Reframe

You can adapt your videos to different aspect ratios using the auto reframe feature. This amazing tool automatically detects the key elements in your videos. Using these elements, it intelligently reframes them to fit various aspect ratios. This feature ensures that your videos look great on different platforms and even screens.

auto reframe filmora

4. Add Text to Video

Wondershare Filmora offers comprehensive title editing capabilities for you. It allows you to create amazing and professional-looking titles for your videos. You can choose from various customizable title templates, fonts, and colors. Moreover, you can add animations to match the style and theme of your video. You can also position and resize your title as per your preference.

add text to video filmora

5. AI Smart Cutout

The AI smart cutout feature in Wondershare Filmora uses advanced AI algorithms. This technology smartly separates foreground subjects from the background in your videos. Moreover, this feature makes applying creative effects and replacing backgrounds easier. By detecting subjects, AI smart cutout streamlines the editing process for you.

ai smart cutout filmora

Part 3: How To Create Partial Zoom Effect Using Wondershare Filmora

If you don't know how to add a zoom effect to a video, you're at the right place. This section will discuss and teach you how to use the zoom effect in a video using Filmora. Follow these guided instructions and learn to add zoom-in and out effects to your videos.

Free Download
Free Download

Method 1: Using the Magnify Effect

Step 1Access the Tool and Import Your File

Access the Wondershare Filmora editing tool and import your videos in the "Project Media" panel. After that, select and drop your video file in Filmora's editing timeline.

add video to timeline

Step 2Select the Magnify Effect

Go to the "Effects" option and search for "Magnify" effect. Then, drag and drop this zoom effect on top of your video. By doing so, a new window will pop up on the top section of the screen.

add magnify effect

Step 3Adjust the Video Effect

Next, change the "Radius" of your magnifier using the slider. After that, change the values of "Center X" and "Center Y" to adjust the position of the effect. You can also change the "Zoom Rate" by moving the slider left or right. Add a "Border Color" by clicking the switch available on the provided settings. In this way, you can create a video zoom effect using Wondershare Filmora.

change effect settings

Method 2: Using the Crop Tool

Step 1Accessing the Crop Tool

To begin, locate your video in the timeline and select it. Press the "Alt + C" key to access the "Crop and Zoom" window swiftly. Within the window, you will find a selection of options. Select the "Pan & Zoom" feature located at the top of the window.

access crop tool

Step 2Adjusting the Start and End Points

Now, adjust the start and end points of your video. Begin with the start point adjustment by clicking the frame labeled "Start" to select it. To modify the aspect ratio, you can either use your mouse to adjust it manually or change the value from the "Ratio" section.

After completing the adjustments for the start frame, repeat the same process for the "End" frame. Once you are satisfied with the adjustments, click the "Apply" button to save the changes.

apply pan and zoom effect

Part 4: Partially Zooming In and Out Through Adobe Premiere Pro

You can add zoom-in video effects to your videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Here are some simple steps that will help you learn this technique.

Step 1: Launch Adobe Premiere Pro and import your video file into the tool. Select the video and drag it onto the timeline.

add video to premiere pro

Step 2: Select the video in the timeline and navigate to the "Effects" panel. In the search bar, type "Magnify" to locate the effect. Once found, drag and drop the Magnify effect onto your video clip in the timeline.

add magnify effect to timeline

Step 3: Go to the "Effect Controls" panel to make adjustments to the "Magnify" effect. Here, you can customize the settings to achieve the desired result.

access settings of effect

Step 4: In the "Effect Controls" panel, locate the "Shape" option and set it to "Circle." It will define the shape of the zoom effect.

change shape of effect

Step 5: To change the anchor point, adjust the values of "Center" in the "Effect Controls" panel. This will determine the focal point of the zoom effect.

change the focus point

Step 6: Control the amount of zoom in your video by adjusting the "Magnification" parameter. Increase or decrease this value to achieve the desired level of zoom. From the same panel, modify the "Size" parameter to control the size of the magnified area in your video.

Increase the "Feather" parameter in the Effect Controls panel for smoother edges in the magnified area. This will create a gradual transition and avoid harsh edges. In this way, you can create a partial zoom-in video using Adobe Premiere Pro.

change other effect settings


Effects are the lifeblood of videos, elevating their quality, impact, and engagement. Zoom-in effects hold particular significance as they emphasize details in your videos. You can also use different tools to add this zoom effect to your videos. However, using Wondershare Filmora will make you add this effect more simply and easily. So, unlock your full editing potential with this tool.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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