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How to Use Twixtor Effect to Create Super Slow-Motion Video?

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Jan 18, 22, updated Jul 17, 24

Twixtor is a plug-in program for the After Effects software that allows you to create slow-motion effects from any video clip by adjusting the settings of the plug-in software. But what Twixtor is and why it is utilized are the topics we will cover in this article.

In addition, we will learn how to manipulate its characteristics to get the best possible outcome for our working composition in the Premiere Pro and After Effects plug-ins. Without any further ado, let's get straight to the business!

Part 1: What is Twixtor and How Does It Work?

Twixtor is a plug-in developed by RevisionFX. It is available for purchase. The plug-in gives users the ability to speed up, slow down, or convert the frame rate of picture sequences, all with special effects. Twixtor can visually estimate what a video is meant to look like in a slow-motion setting using video analysis and interoperability.

Due to the need for unparalleled image quality, RE: Vision Effects developed unique tracking technology that determines every individual pixel's motion. This technology allows Twixtor to synthesize new innovative frames by warping and interpolating frames from the original sequence, resulting in unprecedented image quality.

Reset the clock to a single-speed setting. Always remember that you can customize the retiming on a frame-by-frame basis!

When items are crossing in the scene, Twixtor is more accurate and shows fewer artifacts than other rendering engines. This reduces the ripping and stretching of items when they cross the frame or exit it completely.

But how does Twixtor work is the million-dollar question! While Premiere includes the ability to slow down your film and has a newer, better-quality version dubbed Optical Flow, it cannot zoom in on your footage (called Pixel Motion in After Effects).

The slow-motion quality is undoubtedly superior to that of simple frame blending, but it is not the finest grade slow motion available. The TWIXTOR from Re: Vision Effects has long been the go-to solution for the most excellent post-slow motion. It is pricey, but it is well worth it.

The Pro edition provides you with the opportunity to fine-tune the pitch of the auto track, as well as the option to employ mattes and alphas to enrich your tracks and the ability to deal with motion vectors from a 3D system, among other features.

Part 2: How to Use Twixtor to Create Super Slow-Mo in Adobe Premiere Pro?

As we've already mentioned, we will be analyzing how Twixtor makes slow mos; we will be starting with the Adobe Premiere Pro. The following are the steps you need to learn to perform it yourself.

Step 1: After importing the video to the timeline, do some basic editing such as trimming and removing audio from the video.

nest sequence premiere pro

Step 2: Nest the sequence to convert the video into a new sequence automatically.

Step 3: Go to the Effects tab and search for Twixtor, and then drop the Twixtor Pro to the video clip in the timeline. 

twixtor pro effect premiere pro

Step 5: Right-click the video in the timeline again and scroll down to Show Clip Keyframes to enable the Speed option under Time Remapping. You can now enable the GPU acceleration to fast rendering.

Step 6: Click the Keyframe icon to mark the points where you want to begin with the slow-motion effect, and then mark the end part of the slow-motion effect video.

add keyframes to slow motion premiere pro

Step 7: Now, drag the line lower to add a slo-mo effect to video. 

drag line to slow motion twixtor premiere pro

Remember that your video can sometimes lag if you set the video speed at a meager percentage. To avoid that, utilize settings in a better way to ensure your video works flawlessly.

Part 3: How to Create Super Slow Motion in After Effects with Twixtor?

When working with After Effects software, Twixtor is a convenient plug-in since it allows us to create slow-motion effects from any video source.

We'll look at an example to better comprehend what we're talking about in this post. Before we begin our study of the Twixtor plug-in, let us get acquainted with the software's operating screen to quickly understand the content of this article as we go through our assessment of the Twixtor plug-in.

Step 1: When you launch After Effects, go to File>Import>File to import your footage. Here you can see the actual frame rate of your film. You may drag your film onto the timeline by right-clicking it and selecting New Comp from Selection.

Step 2: Select your video from the timeline in the composition, then go to Effects & Presets pane to search Twixtor, and you will find Twixtor or Twixtor Pro under RE: Vision plug-ins, depending on your version. Drag and drop it to the video in the timeline.

after effects twixtor slow motion plugin

Step 3: In the Twixtor effect controls, enter the frame rate of the film you found previously. The faster and better your slowed footage will become, the higher the frame rate.

For organizational reasons, After Effects employs the "tree-ing" concept, sometimes known as drop-down menus. Click on the yellow number next to Input: Frame Rate under Source Control. It should be set to 29.97 by default. Please set it to the frame rate you discovered previously in the tutorial.

adjust after effects twixtor pro settings

You can then adjust the speed and time remap mode accordingly. For more information, you can watch the video tutorial below to find out how to create smooth Twixtor effects in Adobe After Effects.

Part 4: How to Get the Twixtor Style Effect on iPhone?

It is possible to shoot videos in slow motion and then play them back at average speed using SloPro – 1000fps Slow Motion Video from Sand Mountain Studios, a fantastic video editing effects tool.

Inserting slow motion cues and changing playback speeds without waiting is possible with renderless editing. It allows you to produce slow-motion films and enables you to insert extremely rapid sequences and cycle between various speeds.

SloPro even enables you to edit your films as they are being recorded, allowing you to choose between slow and fast motion while recording.

This program provides complete support for sharing through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, allowing you to show off your impressive video creations to the rest of the world. It has already been established that SloPro is one of the few videos editing software that includes optical flow as a stand-alone effect.

slopro slow motion app iphone

Step 1: After you've imported your video, click on the red Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen to bring up the editing window.

Step 2: Trim the video down to the section that you wish to modify if required using the Clip In and Clip Out functions. It is divided into clips using the speed in and speeds out controls.

Step 3: Tap on the top-left box to bring up a list of fast and slow speed choices. Drag the cursor over the clip to bring up a fast and slow speed options list.

Step 4: If you want to use a slow speed, press the box in the upper right corner and choose Optical Flow from the menu.

This will render the clip with optical flow, resulting in the smooth Twixtor effect you are familiar with. There will be a watermark on your video if you use the program's free version, but you can easily crop it out.


Slow-Mo videos are undoubtedly watch-worthy. They allow us to observe the fine details and appreciate the video content. But creating one isn't child's play. So, we decided to compile this article to inform our worthy readers on how they can get started using Twixtor on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. We hope you had a fun time learning!

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